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  1. Preach! It seems to be very fashionable at the moment to blame our fan base / crowd for the lack of team success and I'm getting bored of hearing it. The vast majority of Villa fans are class and I can't believe that the rest have a big enough voice to negatively influence the team in such a way. Next excuse
  2. Still no video of the hand to mouth incident then?? Not seen it yet
  3. Wasn't he more suggesting that maybe in the future Xia might own a chinese football club and then it would be more likely that he would sign a player like Drogba for the 'Chinese Villa' ? Edit: Just noticed someone already replied basically this on previous page
  4. Makes the odd mistake but it's refreshing to have a midfielder who surprises you and tries to make things happen. Really like what I've seen so far.
  5. Yeah really doesn't make any sense to me either - think it's just ignorance as De Laet would be class for us at this level. When they won the championship that season all my Leicester supporting mates raved about him, he really was one of their best players that year.
  6. Understand both arguments regarding The Doc's antics and the seeming lack of transfer activity. However I do know that the feel good factor is quickly being replaced with anxiety for me personally, which is worrying. Whatever happens in August will be massive for the near future of the club IMO.
  7. Will there be a way of watching the press conference live does anyone know?
  8. No hyperbole to say he is one of the worst I have ever personally seen play for the club. Absolute con artist. How did he play for England and United? Either a perfect example as to what happens when you stop putting the effort in or he just literally forgot how to play football.
  9. Bought my first ever season ticket today
  10. Yeah I'd take him to be fair - decent player who knows the league.
  11. myko

    Kevin Toner

    99% of the time it's just an excuse for manager's to cover their own arses and look for the very short term, not the long. Fair play playing Toner today but Eric Black is still a spineless coward in my eyes
  12. True but he is not a premier league quality starting right back so I guess it depends on whether he wants to start games. I extremely doubt he'll even have the option of being a bit part player at Leicester next season, he may do at Boro but I suppose it depends on if he wants to start games - if he does then coming to us would make complete sense for him IMO.
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