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  1. why is villa always that club that signs all the awful players that the footballing world doesn't want on a stupid high wage? its been going on for years and doesn't look like itll ever end, I stopped investing my money into villa through match attending and merch when oneill left as there has been nothing worth investing in, Richards, from day 1, was always questionable, another high paid piece of dross that had no motivation in coming here and helping villas cause.
  2. AndyBM

    John Terry

    i'm not yet convinced, not that it should matter to us fans, but its a lot of money for a 36 yr old, say, he plays well and gets us promoted this season, he will be off to another club as he wont want to face Chelsea, yet, say we don't go up, does that mean he signs the contract extension so we end up having a 38 yr old in defence? and therefore keep yet another promising youngster out of the side (villa is good at doing this) wouldn't it be more suitable to find someone younger for a more long term plan? a while back when there was rumours of him going to small heath, majority of villa f
  3. who ever of you updated this guys wiki page, you need to re-edit it, you made a small mistake.
  4. another thing thats just cropped up this morning, when the car in front of you throws out their cigarette butt out and it hits your car, this morning i had both the driver and passenger do at the same time.
  5. god damn, yes, I understand that completely, you don't spend time making your hair look nice for some cretin to run their hand through it, its not an invitation, I used to do bar work part time with college, one Saturday afternoon I made my hair really nice, the style that was a messy spikey sort of style, within 5 minutes of being behind the bar, a pissed up regular saw how much product was in my hair then ran his hand through it, messed my hair up for the whole night, since that night, Ive always had a skin head now, I shave my head every 2 weeks.
  6. AndyBM

    Gym Routine

    I started gym beginning of last year, and been fairly motivated through out, didn't need to set it as my new years resolution and I'm on course, going 4 times a week and already spent a small fortune on supplements, concentrating on mostly upper body for that beach body that ill need. I did consider looking into deadlifting, but then I watched a video of a guy completely snapping his spine in a lift and collapsing to the floor, so ye, that's put me off.
  7. one thing that pisses me off, is being pulled or pushed, let me explain: if say for example I'm standing on point a, let this be at the bar for example, and someone comes over to me to tell me to go to point b, this being the dance floor, and I say no, they then proceed in pulling me towards the floor against my wishes, this pisses me off more than anything in the world, the fact that I'm on 5ft 5 and 9 stone means I don't have much resistance. the reason I say this is because I'm getting married in a few weeks time and me and my lucky half have decided that we wont be doing a first
  8. c'mon brucey, all the managers before cant be wrong, gabby is beyond awful and shouldn't be anywhere near the first team.
  9. although I'm in agreement with many of you so not really offering a difference of opinion, my contribution is that I wonder what bruce even sees in gabby to pick him above the clubs next striking talent. this season is the perfect opportunity for rhm to get game time and build confidence, and lets be honest, whatever he does, even a little, will still be more than what that fat waste of space, thick as sh*t excuse of a footballer gabby does. lets flip the coin, he may sign the contract if he actually gets to play, he cant be happy seeing gabby being picked ahead of him.
  10. half way through the window and its been very disappointing so far, how there's many factors to accept, a: its always tough buying in January as clubs want to keep their players until the summer, and b: were sh*t and nobody wants to play for us, not even the players already here. on that note, at least bruce (who I'm still not rating) and the board are working hard in changing our fortunes, its clear more effort than the last regime, that was a waste of a late night watching sky sports news.
  11. AndyBM

    Graham Taylor

    another loss to the football world, has been one of my favourite villa managers, certainly a character, I was hoping villa and wolves were going to do a minutes silence the other day for him, but a minutes applause is just as good and just as thankful to him. on all my football manager games ive tried to sign him as my assistant manager, but a lot of the time hes played hardball, typical!
  12. Who were the lads on SAM today? i recognise one of you, shame about the penalties, would good see Deano on there as well, he was at Villa when i first started supporting Villa.
  13. im amazed at how many villa fans now like bruce just because hes here, considering there probably wasnt even 1 villa supporter not so along ago that liked him at all, you could say he was one of the most hated, up there with hitler and robbie savage. ok, so hes got the club into winning ways, but can it continue? i doubt it, can he get us a win against small heath alliance? i doubt that also, considering hes got so many fond memories there and is considered a fans favourite.
  14. two things... earlier this week i read an article, most of you have probably also read it, from some delusional small heathean that villa are trying to copy small heath by signing an ex-manager and backroom staff of theirs, well we might be in the shiit at the moment, but never will we ever need to look to them for inspiration. also, i've recently read another article that they will be resubmitting their bid for a new olympic stadium to be built on wheels park saltley to b'ham city council in the hope that they, us tax payers, pay for it, typical of small heath to expect hand outs
  15. its depressing watching match of the day and not waiting till the end of the programme to watch villa
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