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Premier League Fixtures 2013/14:Who will lambos lions get 1st game?


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The fixture list will be confirmed on Wednesday 19 June at 9:00am, just over 24hrs


So who do you want 1st game? I hope to god we dont get chelsea away first or 2nd game as that will be a absolute nightmare 1st game for us!


Wouldn't mind getting United away first game out the way 1st as we always lose that one be nice to get idi as soon as. Fulham or Swansea would be my ideal choices


Choice: H vs Swansea

Nightmare: A vs Chelseaa

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no doubt we will have spurs, arsenal and chelsea come december as usual, every year we get thrown a tough december. coincidence i think not


Probably true. The fixtures aren't drawn from a hat - there's obviously a matrix which gives us a tough Christmas every year. No reason to think it won't happen again this time out.

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Hull away

Newcastle Home

Chelsea Away

Southampton Home

We always get hard games around Xmas and new year though.

Guarantee Liverpool or Tottenham away will be either Boxing Day or New Year's Day

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