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I know we havn't had the Man City game yet, but my mind keeps drifting towards next week's clash at Reading as I feel it is without doubt the biggest game of our season. Not expecting any points from the City game which makes this so important. We usually play better away from home although Reading have picked up their home form - and seem to enjoy scoring late goals, whilst we seem pretty good at conceding late ones. 


Did Pogrebnyak get a red the other day for dangerous play? If so is he out for our clash?


We're going to have a full away end rocking and getting behind the boys. I just hope we can get the 3pts. 



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The biggest game we have played in a number of seasons not just this one


Dont want to build it up too much but there you have it


As to the result,  god knows but if anything is a must win this is it for me

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CI you miserable bastard. I'll bet you £10 to this website that it's not that score. In fact if it is I'll pay £20. 


Real shame that Delph is missing this one. KEA is such a liability defensively but for me he has to play because at least he can link with the front 4. We'll need a big, strong and mature performance from Westwood alongside him though.


Bennett has been better recently so I'd keep him in and drop Clark for this one, assuming Vlaar is fit. 




















I think we'll win - but draw or lose against QPR.

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Yes you can say that cousens but I am so **** off with this season.

It's wank and it's not acceptable and it ain't getting any better

Oh and you call me a bastard I will call you a happy Clappy' delusional fool.

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Thanks very much. I've probably been called delusional before but never for so slight a sin as thinking we can beat Reading. I think 'happy clappy' is a first.


I'll ask you again if you're prepared to put your money where your mouth is on 4-1 Reading?

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Reminiscent of the west ham away game under houllier for me. Whatever happens against man city, lose against reading and its curtains

I thought of that exact comparison too. Seems similar except beating West Ham pretty much guaranteed our safety. I was at that game and will be there Saturday so hope it's a good omen

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Its an overused term but this definitely is a must win.

I don't think it's necessarily a must win. But it's certainly a must not lose.


4 points out of the QPR and Reading game is acceptable. Obviously 6 points would be ideal.


But, picking up the win against Reading would take a certain amount of pressure off the QPR match.


In conclusion, I feel sick already.

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