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(The Villatalk Meme Thread)


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Gareth has just suggested this in another thread, and I thought it was a mighty fine idea for us to post (and hopefully, mods willing) sticky some of the ongoing Villatalk memes that have come about. I for one am still stuck on a couple (sorry, voinjama, yours instantly springs to mind but I suppose we don't want to particularly keep it poster on poster etc. and by the sounds of it I don't want to know) so it would be good to collate them.

A few to get started...

Gary Gardener's herp derp. Bit self-explainatory this one, but meme of the season so far!

Bin Dunne.

Rory Delap, who apparently has a bit of a secret weapon...

Ethan Moore, legend.

There must have been one on the honeytrap thread...

Tesco, ITK hotspot

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