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Which Academy player will be a regular this season (2012/13)


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Perhaps a poll:-










Clark looks the most likley - I can't see him not starting the season. Then closley followed by Herd \ Lichaj . Think Bannan may get a few starts early on .

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Carruthers will make his mark this season.

Yea hope so. Liked the look of him last season, wasnt afraid to be flamboyant which is something we lack. Remember when he came on at our annual Old Trafford mullering and actually took players on. Promising prospect. He looks a bit like the other Samir too :shock:

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I'd like to see all of them coming in, (Hopefully) playing well and getting valuable experience.

I'm finding it hard to pick one :lol:

Bannan, Herd and Clark are the ones I think will feature regularly, and the ones with the most pressure on them. Albrighton has pressure on him too but the other three play in the spine of the team and our spine will have to be strong and resourceful.

I'd also like to see another striker coming in but for Weimann to be getting 15-20 minutes and amassing a decent goal tally.

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Agreed, has to be Clark, given our frailties in the CB area.

Personally I dont think Clark is a very good centre back. Too slow and too weak, I think its his worst position. I can see him becoming a Gareth Barry type midfielder but not as good

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Its the rate of improvement which is the key.

At present I would be unsure as none of them can really command a position in the Premier league with any comfort, they don't impose themselves enough.

However, some youngsters come from nowhere in terms of their rate of development, so I'm hoping I see some of this from one or two.

ps some start off improving quite well then plateau.

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