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Next England captain


Who should be captain?  

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  1. 1. Who should be captain?

    • Rooney
    • Gerrard
    • Lampard
    • Barry
    • Cole
    • Parker
    • Hart
    • Milner
    • Other

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Terry has gone (reasons for which are in his own thread)

so who's next? gerrard is the early favourite, rio has said no already on twitter, capello is going after the euros so a new blood idea might be pointless, he also IMO has a thankless job in appointing anyone who has been in the squad for a while -

rooney - should be a shoe in by now but banned for 1st 2 matches, loses temper and form, off the pitch loves an older prostitute

cole - grade a rocket polisher, absolute gobshite and despite probably being the only best in his position player we have has never looked captain material, plenty of affairs

gerrard - only just started playing again after injury hasnt found form yet, charged with assualt last year

lampard - cant hold down a spot at chelsea or england, patchy england form for a while, seems half decent off the pitch (as long as you forget 9/11)

the only others i can think of is barry or parker for a short term stint with then hopefully another captain coming in with the new manager (milner anyone?) i put hart on the poll because he's the only other one who holds down a place

capello really is spoilt for choice

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Wayne Rooney. He leads by example on the pitch. He's the star of the side and he's of the right age now. Despite being banned for the first 2 games, he'll still be present, he'll still be an influence in training and he's the right man for the job. Also has avoided any criminal trouble, which given the footsteps he's following in, might actually count against him.

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Milner's my favourite out of that list but he's too quiet, not a leader. Voted for Hart. This "golden generation" of Terry, Lampard, Gerrard and Ferdinand can't retire quick enough for me.

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yep, lampard plays every other game for chelsea, has been booed and slated by england fans for "not turning up" for years (rightly or wrongly) and hasnt been a regular for england this campaign

rooney IMO should have it absolutely nailed this time and the last time but he's too much of a dick and it might be seen as putting pressure on the enxt manager to keep him (which lampard and gerrard wont because they should be gone after this)

id like to see parker get a go but he's new to the set up and then milner get a go under the new manager

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A very difficult choice, mainly because I have no idea what the starting 11 will be in June.

But I also think it's a choice that's not as important as the media hypes it up to be. I think it's more about the honour of being 'England Captain'. I've always believed if you're a leader on the pitch, inspiring in training etc. then it doesn't really matter if you have an armband on.

Although an international captain is perhaps more vital than a club captain.

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Rooney seriously? No way is he captain material, he's a thug and has only ever let England down. If Parker is going to be a regular I'd suggest him, but long-term I'd go with Joe Hart.

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He is also out for majority of Engalnds 2012 tournament

2 out of 6 isn't majority... :winkold:

Even the more probable 2 out of 4 isn't either :P It's close though :)
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