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Next England Captain


Who Will McClaren Make Captain?  

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  1. 1. Who Will McClaren Make Captain?

    • Wayen Rooney
    • Michael Owen
    • Frank Lampard
    • Steven Gerrard
    • John Terry
    • Gary Neville

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Its a two horse race between Terry and Stevie G.

Both would make excellent captains, but i prefer to have a centre half as the captain. Generally the game is being played in front of them and they can see more of what is going on rather than a box to box midfielder who can get bogged down in personal battles.

John Terry for me.

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Ill give my comments on all suggested

G.Neville - To much like beckham, not much passion on the pitch and not very vocal, a model proffesional yes and a good players but isnt a natural leader.

Terry - the complete opposite to Neville, a proper English player, wears his heart on his sleeve and has the armband at one of the best clubs in the world at the moment, would provide the fire we need from a captain that we havnt had since the days of Terry Butcher

Gerrard - no where near as good for England as he is for Liverpool, drifts out of games far to often to be effective as a captain, like beckham.

Lampard - Like Gerrard, he isnt as good for England as he is for his club, doesnt strike me as someone who would get you motivated

Michael Owen - Far to quiet.

Rooney - Far the young, the passion is there yes, but there no temperament, what sort of an example would he set the other players, he is supposed to remain calm and sort things out, instead he kicks people in the bollocks. ever seen "Mike Bassett- England Manager"? it would be like having wacko as captain.

Terry is the ONLY choice. if its not Terry i will be pissed

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Sorry there seems to be some sort of mistake, there isn't an option for Peter Crouch.

I would say Gerrard, but the number of scousers I know who bang on and on about Gerrard is ridiculous and they'd be unbearable if he was, so I've gone for Terry.

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