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  1. De Laet would be the signing of the window for me - especially if the rumoured price of £2.5m Is true.
  2. I believe he is referring to Fourth Official on Twitter?
  3. McCormack is exactly the kind of player who would we should be signing. A proven goalscorer in this league. He is 29, 30 next month. That is surely in his prime? I don't care if he costs 3 million, 13 million or 30 million. If we have the money to spend we need to spend it.
  4. Meh. He wouldn't be the first player on my list to ship out but we can't control when bids come in. Not that we have a say over the fee if there is a release clause but £5m is a fair price. He has clearly stagnated here, a change of scenery might be what he needs to kick on but he will never be first name on the team sheet here.
  5. I'm quite optimistic going into this season. Perhaps I've not learned my lesson from previous seasons but I think we will be at the right end of the table. Our best 11 would actually be capable of beating most teams in the league and with a couple of additions our squad will rival most in the top 10.
  6. This is a tough call. £6m is a lot of money for a player like Westwood and is at the higher end of what we can realistically demand. That being said, I could see him being a very solid midfielder in the Championship. I guess a lot comes down to what RDM has seen of him and what system he wants to play. If Gana is going then I'd prefer to keep Westwood to play alongside Gardner/Tish (if he signs)
  7. 11 is Banfill, I believe this is Jamie Banfill who has been mentioned in the media today. He is an associate of Samuelson.
  8. I can't see that being the case. With regulations so tight in China it would be a ludicrous amount of work to make Xia this kind of empty figurehead. Plenty of other millionaires he could have picked in the UK, USA if that was the game. He may well be involved with moving money out of China and disguising it that end.
  9. The deal is very much on subject to a fit and proper persons test by the Premier League (as we are currently still in it) and the football league (as we are heading there). Not much is known about Xia wealth or actual business interests - this will all be disclosed during these tests. The tests are no different to the ones any new owner would take but as the Chinese people's business details are not readily available in the public domain, panic is setting in.
  10. I was wondering how we know of his involvement too? That picture of Xia yesterday in the dressing room was odd. If Hollis flew to China then when was that pic taken? And if it is genuine is there only one person involved in football named Samuelson?
  11. Unless that's the plan. Scout dreadful players and get other people to waste money on them, making them worse teams in the process!
  12. This would certainly spell the end for Guzan.
  13. I'd rather we didn't go and spend money average players - if that means no signings then so be it. If we had signed Shelvey and Grabban for 20 million I doubt many would be happy!
  14. If we had another 10 points on the board I would agree. As we are pretty much dead and buried I don't think that matters. Plus if we can get shot of him and get a player Garde likes instead then it's better for us.
  15. Very well said. Should this be true, he is also a very shrewd acquisition for the Championship next year. A player with some grit and physicality.
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