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  1. Perhaps, he a better solution than we have now,
  2. If it's best for the team and all that.. clearly you're happy with mediocrity, I'm not.. So you think MON should break the legs of players who aren't performing? No, I'm looking for him not to buy shit.. is that beyond you? Clearly.
  3. Bye then... are you getting to more your level, like with your younger sister?
  4. If it's best for the team and all that.. clearly you're happy with mediocrity, I'm not..
  5. Or saying we're 5th, consistently, when it isn't guarenteed, when we coudl have had 4th... but it seems some are happy with mediocrity..
  6. Are we, I'd have never known.. are we really 5th?
  7. As soon as we get back to playing well, I'll be back to saying how well we played. However, while our defence is currently giving away over two goals a game, I'll say our defence is shite and that O'Neill is to blame as he created that defence. At least you can construct a balanced reply and reasoning as to your opinions. I wouldn't say our defence is shite though every team goes through a bad patch, we have an OK defence I'd say but it does need improving, I think everyone can see that. And you can't.. so I can see why you'd respect someone who can.
  8. Yep, no you don't, clearly by your attempt to be condssending.. shame it failed.
  9. No you don't.. you don;'t respect anyones elses opinions SOV.
  10. I think so. I'll check later for you to make sure. Make sure you post it though, bacause I wasn't aware of the fact..
  11. Give it up Jez... some will never grasp it..
  12. No one in paticular... but those who are guilty shoud know.
  13. Crazy people on this thread having an opinion against the majoroty, isn't that what most are defending the right to do in off topic.. fickle, DOL, never....
  14. It's very difficult to name, names, because you/we don't know the terms of any deal that may be forth coming, take Mourinho for instance, he probably wouldn't come to Villa if we offered him 500k a year and no transfer funds, however if we offered him 4 million a year and a substancial transfer fund he probably would.
  15. Do you have a list of managers that would or wouldn't come to Villa?
  16. Yes, no doubt, but that doesn't mean he gets everything correct, and I believe it's every persons right to voice an opinion on such matters, without being called names or placed in to silly pigeon holes, as some like to do on here.
  17. General, what is the boards position on our current winless streak?
  18. Nick fails to understand what he did to deserve it?
  19. this website and this topic are not to be used for carrying on feuds , post deleted and signature partly removed - bicks
  20. nrogers


    34 and I really don't see what age has to do with it at all.
  21. PANIC Panic on the streets of London Panic on the streets of Birmingham I wonder to myself Could life ever be sane again ? The Leeds side-streets that you slip down I wonder to myself Hopes may rise on the Grasmere But Honey Pie, you're not safe here So you run down To the safety of the town But there's Panic on the streets of Carlisle Dublin, Dundee, Humberside I wonder to myself Burn down the disco Hang the blessed DJ Because the music that they constantly play IT SAYS NOTHING TO ME ABOUT MY LIFE Hang the blessed DJ Because the music they constantly p
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