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  1. wouldnt signing him on decent enough wages be a sign of ambition in itself? if its say us, norwich, fulham, everton, hamburg, schalke that all go in for him then how can you possibly say that he'll join everton because they are higher up in the table and his dads club, or schalke because its his former club or hamburg because they are in germany or fulham because he likes london? out of those id say we havent got a chance but if it was us, norwich and fulham? id be pretty confident or all of those teams and bigger / better could be in for him and he says he'd rather stay at spurs anyway plenty of different factors that we don't know, agree its unlikely but you cant categorically say he wont come here Of course nothing is certain one way or another! But reality dictates these players don't want to join a club like ours unless we are used for a stepping in which case he can rot on Tottenham's bench! Back on topic though, if Hoolahan has that little bit about him creatively and wants to come here and play for the team, I would rather have him! Norwich fans seem to rate him highly and has Prem experience plus playing experience on top of that. He is what we need and can get, within the constraints this club has to work with.
  2. No one is expecting a Mata type signing, just not someone from League One Holtby would be ideal. And Holtby is any more realistic? the only thing that makes holtby unlikely IMO is the fact that he's German, hard to know how much he likes life here (or London) and if he would drop to mid table, but i can imagine a fair few mid table if not higher German clubs would happily sign him too, for me our chances of signing him would all depend on how much he wants to leave and who else wants him if the answer is he's desperate to go and no one else wants him then why cant we get him? 1. Wages 2. A club that has been battling relegation consistently in recent years (with no sign of positivity to steer away from that level which we currently occupy, anytime in the near future) what an attractive proposition; a club in malaise who's general wage structure match that of a team in the championship with no long term plan of ambition.
  3. No one is expecting a Mata type signing, just not someone from League One Holtby would be ideal. And Holtby is any more realistic?
  4. People need to get a grip, I see loads banging on about a number 10, then we sign one! Before he has even played I think the common feeling towards him is that he is shit! Newsflash that's our level of player now! Are some people actually expecting a Mata-esq quality of player to sign then if so; a few people need to be getting some medication. How's about throwing a little support his way, or do we want to mentally break this player also.
  5. mansonAVFC

    New Manager

    Current record at Crawley is W2 D2 L1. That includes an away win against Orient who are third and who'd only lost one at home before that game. Please say he's rediscovered his magic and gets Crawley promoted. A good season in the Championship after that, maybe getting them amongst the play off places, would be enough to convince me that we should have him back. Nobody should ever go back!
  6. They have effectively given other people their jobs meaning that they will either need to pay them off or be open to a claim for constructive dismissal. They have zero chance of compensation from us for Culverhouse or Karsa who will be joining us in the not too distant future without any doubt. Hmm Really? http://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/david_mcnally_norwich_city_want_to_keep_hold_of_ian_culverhouse_and_gary_karsa_1_1404264 PS. David McNally is also a director. You've been bitten once already by quoting this guy. I am pretty sure he was even more adamant about Lambert staying but that didn't work out too well did it? Time will tell, if its a straight choice between our CEO and yours, McNally is streets ahead imo. how old are you? Our owner is richer than yours..............boom! Being serious now, if we payed the compo they would be ours, the way your club is acting is quite embarassing. You lot should learn from us, how to do things with a bit of class.
  7. And you're quibbling over paying it? Wow, what a big club you are. And when you do eventally have him and a top 6 club suddenly needs a manager, enjoy looking over your shoulder. You are hilarious, I hope you and your lot have fun this season! I hear Alex McLeish is a free agent would suit Norwich down to the ground I think! ;-)
  8. Sums it up really, the state we are in we would be lucky to get a manager who has just won the european cup. But some would rather put a bunch of conjecture on it to criticise what he achieved for some reason. All the more confusing considering the hysteria over solskjaer, a guy who has done nothing in management. Really don`t understand what di matteo has done wrong to turn people against him. Its the boring factor if you ask me. FWIW I totally agree with you but.. RDM, RM, Rafa, PL, KMac etc (albeit some ppl want some of them) - are boring because we are aware of them. There obvious. OGS on the other hand, is totally different so is quite exciting. The thought that some people (including me) are turning their nose up at two european cup winners, is, when you think about it, ridiculous given the size/state of the club. And those that scrutinise the way RDM won it - probably dont give it two thoughts that our 1982 win was one of the flukiest in european history. Question, have you ever seen the entire match of our European cup win??? The highlights show nothing but Bayern attacks on our goal which in fairness they had more of than we did plus those highlights highlighted Spinks heroics and he did in his own way win that game for us. But if you watch the match Villa had just as much of the play especially in the first half as Bayern did, we by no means 'parked the bus' Rummenneger (sp?) was on fire and defensively we deserved the win and with THE BEST MOVE OF THE MATCH deserved to win it offensively.
  9. This! What an utter word removed. And on the getting it stakes has to be Karen Brady imo.
  10. Nope, this year unlike last we are in control. This time last year we were getting turned down left right and centre, Martinez can prefer us to whoever he likes if we want Lambert or OGS and they would like to work with us then Martinez can settle with managing us on FIFA 13!
  11. If we landed him and not OGS or Lambert I would be disappointed, enough said there really.
  12. I personally never said kmacs reserve teams play hoofball but the first team does! The whole coaching set up at villa isn't great is it really! Kmac and sid and all the others may be villa through and through may be nice guys, but we haven't really became successful have we? Now for the reserve love in, yes they are successful at their level but can anybody please tell me how many of these talents have come through to the first team and been really successful and by that been really shit hot...........nope none spring to mind!
  13. I would be very surprised if this doesnt come through now.
  14. Because its the difference between where we are now and where we should be
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