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  1. They should have selected the good van Persie... this one's nowhere near as good Watch him score a second half hat-trick now
  2. Oy, that type of defensive boo boo has been coming... the Dutch forwards are putting a lot of pressure on the Danes at the back
  3. I just hope they don't park the bus now . . . This could be a fun match.
  4. That build up play from Russia was beautiful... should have been two.
  5. Better. Still, need to take those chances. C'mon lads!
  6. We look frightened to do anything slightly attacking. Makes me sad.
  7. It's probably in a drawer somewhere.
  8. Exactly. I could not believe it. He just didn't want the crowd on his back for stopping a United attack. Halsey is not a good referee.
  9. When will commentators learn? Just because there is contact does not mean it's a penalty. The rule is: a penalty is given if there is a foul in the box, not if there is contact in the box. Anyone trying to justify that that was a penalty is kidding themselves. (Looking at you, Dwight!)
  10. Thanks folks! This is awesome... All very helpful. Cheers! UTV
  11. Hey team, Quick question: Is there a website that shows you the stats of where each player passed the ball during each premier league match? I seem to remember coming across a site (perhaps one of the newspapers?) where you could you enter the game you're after, click on a player's name, and it would show you each pass that was made or attempted in the game. I thought that someone on VT had linked to this site previously, but I can't seem to find it. If anyone could help, I'd be enormously grateful. Thanks! Cheers, nibs
  12. How many corners this season is that without a goal? Must be up near 200.
  13. Woof. Celebrities everywhere breathe a sigh of relief.
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