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Ratings and Reactions - villa 1-2 spurs


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • Warnock
    • Cuéllar
    • Collins
    • Lichaj
    • Downing
    • Albrighton
    • Delph
    • Hogg
    • Agbonlahor
    • Heskey
    • Delfouneso (for Heskey 39)
    • Petrov (for Hogg 45)
    • Pires (for Delph 74)

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Warnock is the biggest dud in the Premier League cant defend to safe his life and kills us with his mistakes week after week just plays to loose 2 goals from his side.Collins is another second goal he should have cleared prone to to many mistakes.We were one man up and the second goal spurs had a platter of players to put the ball away unmarked it was laughable.

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warnock has been shocking all season,i feel we have midfield since the loss of milner,petrov has been missed more than we realised..heskey is heskey......the gulf between spurs 10 men last night & "the new villa" is head shaking! this time last year we was selecting the best players ie bent etc.. now were looking for anyone who can help us! its a sorry state as we end the year of 2010,man city are going to shread us within 48 hours.

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Just on the first goal don't know why Warnock is getting blamed, he had followed Lennon, it was Hutton, Downing was ball watching.

Collins was at fault for the first goal. He was in precisely the right position to clear the cross and he missed the kick and the ball went straight through to VDV.

I would agree though that Warnock is a liability at LB at the moment. In his defence Downing provides little support but that's not really the point.

The right side provides an interesting contrast, Lichaj came of age yesterday and for me is now our first choice RB. He made a few silly errors but nothing fundamental. He also had the advantage of Albrighton getting back and helping him.

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Sorry to say if we continue with Warnock and Collins we will not go far .Both are liabilitys they are killing us with mistakes.I would just like to know why the fk wasnt Cuellar played early?? and in saying that we should recall Davies back.

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You've got to give credit to Spurs who were excellent in the circumstances, that 2nd goal was world class.

There were definitely positives - lichaj, delph and petrov back.

Don't understand why he started Hogg though ....baffling

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id take 17th position right now the way we are playing.....

and Houllier needs to stop the 70th minute substitution love in with Pires...

he is utter garbage and so weak that he cant actually pass the ball further than 10 yards...

there was a point in the 92nd minute where the ball needed hoofin into the box and he tamely hit it 5 yards into the chest of a spurs player...

plus hes a right fanny...dont wanna see him on the pitch again

i hate the festive period! we better buy a stiker in january

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Harry yes Collins should have cleared, my point is Warnock is being blamed for letting his man go, bottom line is Warnock followed Lennon and Downing let Hutton sprint past him.

Totally agree, the combination of Warnock and Downing on the left is weak. I think its something that the opposition have picked up on too and that was happening last season as well as this one.

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5 or 6 passses when 1 will do - way too slow in building attacks

i lost count of the number of times delfonso made himself available in the whole for a ball into feet and people took the easy option and turned backwards

fat sam isnt the most ludicrous thing i have ever heard - his style of play would suit the players we have far more than the style houllier is trying to impose on the players - and it would be cheaper to change the manager than buy 7/8 new players that can fit into houlliers attempt at a style

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Put it this way when Young played with Warnock did you see this many goals coming from his side?

Precisely this for me on Warnock. I thought Downing was the worst of the lot yesterday and once more added nothing in the way of fight. Without checking I would think that his tackles per minute are lower than any other midfielder in the country.

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Well on the positives Lichaj looked good and we did play some attacking football, but then you'd expect that against 10 men.

But for me, the negatives were huge. So many long balls going nowhere, so many poor pasees and so mnay times looking like we had no idea what to do in the final third. We look like such a hollow team and after the first 30 minutes you could prety much guess what was coming next, hoof it over and hope someone is on the end of it.

Worst bit was that when we did break through on the wings, so many times was there no-one to pass it to in the centre, so many static players.

I can take loosing to the current Spurs side, though 10 men makes that hard to say, but I can't take the current performances on the field, with the dull unoriginal football being played.

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Friedel: 6 - not at fault for the goals IMO, but didn't get close to either

Warno - 6. Meh.

Cuellar - 6.

Big Jimbo - 6

Lee-High - 9 - superb display against Bale for the rookie

Delph - 7 - very good on his return after so long out

Boss Hogg - 4 - simply not good enough to be a boss at this level. Out of his depth

Alby - 7 - out biggest threat

Downing - 5 - invisible

Gabby - 5 - out of sorts

Emile - 7 - looked good whilst on (The Fonz - 6 - loooked more of a threat than gabby)

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lichaj played v well and fonz when he came on albrighton played better when he switched with downing.collins was poor as was gabby and hogg looked out off his depth.good to see delph back got better as game went on.were badly in need of a striker and our creativity is poor we cant break teams down going to be a long hard slog to stay out of trouble

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Friedel: 6.....was ok, but showing definite signs of wear now.

Warnock: 5.....positives beginning to be outweighed by the negatives.

Cuellar: 5.....could have cost us unfortunately.

Collins: 6.....plays his heart out but goes missing at crucial moments.

Lichaj: 8/9.....like him a lot!

Downing: 6.....delivery was below par.

Albrighton: 7.....rakes of enthusiasm. Needs to think about his final ball and finishing.

Delph: 7.....looked the most 'intelligent' footballer on the pitch. Amazed he played from the off though.

Hogg 5.....unconvincing.

Gabby: 6.....held the ball up well, but need to see him bothering the keeper some more.

Heskey: 7.....puts some of the younger 'stars' to shame sometimes.


Delfouneso: 7.....still waiting for him to live up to the hype, but not afraid to gave a crack.

Petrov: 7.....needs game time obviously.

Pires: 6.....not the impact player we all wanted, too old now.

Thought we totally lost our shape for a long time once Heskey went off. There seems to be a lot of pretty passing around the 18yd box, but no-one wants to make the run or have a shot. Need some lucky breaks and fast.

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Does anybody not think that Houllier didn't play Reo-Coker, Petrov, Clark and Bannan from the start because he's doing something called rotation. Something that MON could not do whatsoever. I think he'll these players against Man City and give Delph a rest for Chelsea.

Sorry mate but if he did - hes a sodding fool.

We have three games, and "on paper" you'd say -

Spurs = Best chance of winning

Man City - Little chance of winning

Chelsea - no chance of winning.

So , if he is playing rotation - he should have played his best 11 against Spurs and tried to get three points on the board.

Maybe, with a but of luck - we'd have come out of those 3 games with 4 points.

Now, it is Zero and quite possibly, January 3rd and we will be in the bottom 3 !.

I don't b;ame Houllier for everything, and ceryainly don't want him sacked - but unless NRC was ill r something, that was just utter stupid !


I said Lichaj - forget Motm - to me, he was the only one wh played !

Collins - an utter disgrace. At one point he had Delph - a 20yr old kid tellin him where he should be standing, Captain ? more like captain Caveman !

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