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  1. I call bullshit. What do Talksport know really? They're The Sun of the radio. Not worried...yet.
  2. So angry with him. What was he thinking? Cost us any chance of getting back into the game. I know he's young and still learning at this level but he is such a liability at times.
  3. Genuinely hate Ross Barkely way more than I've ever hated an Aston Villa player. Struts around like the world owes him a favour. Dog shit.
  4. 4 minutes added time and to blow up on 4 minutes is a **** joke. VAR must've taken 3 or 4 minutes on the red card alone plus 6 subs or so at 30 seconds a piece? Officials were abysmal tonight all round Inc. The red card. Useless. Doesn't excuse the embarrassing performance. Complacency in this squad is a real issue. It's no coincidence we keep losing against the teams we should be beating. Elmo and Targett were just shockingly bad tonight. Elmore especially at fault for the goal by trying to let it run. Inexcusable for a player with his experience. McGinn isn't good enough, sorry. Just crap all around. So disappointed.
  5. This performance reeks of complacency. Trying flicks and showboating. Basics first ffs
  6. Smith doesn't do changes. It will stay the same until the 70th minute at least
  7. Haven't read the rest of this thread but N'golo Nakamba was simply superb. What a player, exactly what we've been missing. Sometimes fans get it wrong with their opinions but sometimes we get it right. Today was one of those times. Barkley just hasn't been up to it. Douglas Luiz possibly needs a rest or a reality check. Either way, Nakamba and Ramsey came in tonight and showed them both up. We have a player in Ramsey, its beautiful to see. Great performance, Dean Smith tactically out smarted Bielsa ball. No wonder Bielsa wanted Grealish to play, he worked out how to stop us WITH Grealish, he didn't have a scooby without. UTV
  8. Back in full training now Anyone willing to predict when we will see him in action? A good 4-6 weeks would be my guess
  9. If McGinn starts I will be fuming. Something is not right with him at the moment. I don't know if he needs a rest, a kick up the backside or a wake up call but he was awful against Brighton. I cant remember noticing a player give the ball away so many times. That said however, you can make a decent case for any of that midfield being dropped and is noticeably our area of weakness. We will probably turn up against Leicester, we tend to struggle against those we should be beating. 2-0 Villa win.
  10. Crap. I'd love to see the pass completion stats for McGinn, he must have given the ball away about 8 times at least tonight, that's what it felt like anyway. Douglas Luiz a passenger again along with Barkley (obviously). Nakamba must be scratching his head wondering how he hasn't got into that midfield 3. Chelsea must have an if fit, Barkley plays clause in his loan deal. So disappointed tonight, that was a point gained, if teams press us and put 2 players on jack, we can't cope.
  11. What a difference a few days makes. Villa back to the side we've loved this season. Hard working, difficult to beat, switched on. I thought the whole side were brilliant today. The whole back line were incredible, Mings is back to to player we know and love. He just needs to alleviate the cocky element of his game and focus like today and he's immense. McGinn had a good game today as well for the first time in a while and I'm so thankful for Dean for trusting his bench and making changes. We didn't miss Luiz at all, Nakamba came in and really staked his claim. Early kick offs can go either way, so pleased it's set our weekend off to a good one. UTV
  12. I've slept on it. Decided best not to come on here and vent. This was the worst performance of the season, we were tactically poor and simply bullied. Moyes showed his premier league experience which Dean doesn't have yet. That said however, that West Ham side is very good on paper, they could very well be getting a CL spot this season so trying not to be too disheartened. What I do find frustrating is the lack of changes, I don't care what anyone says, we look jaded. You can't play the same 11 week in week out in the PL and get away with it. I fully expected to see some rotation tonight. McGinn has been poor for some time now and the less said about Barkley's performance the better. £40m? No chance!
  13. I wouldn't expect a league 2 goalkeeper to get beat like that
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