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  1. I don't think he is the permanent answer to our goal scoring dilema but I feel its time and worth to inject some changes. Change can have a very positive effect. If only temporary it could help us get some momentum going. I'd like to think he would be up for it. As a minimum to at least put himself in the shop window
  2. Lambert Agbonlahor's unfulfilled early promise Bradford
  3. And the majority of his signings have had an instant impact
  4. He's a critical signing in my opinion. His arrival turned our season over.
  5. I'd like to think the wages saved on the 8 released is part of a plan for securing Tammy for an attractive transfer fee and wage.
  6. I would of liked to see Adohma being kept on for another season. I know he didn't have a great season but he is a player who is capable of pulling the rabbit out of the hat and finding the back of the net when needed. I always think he is a good sub to have on the bench.
  7. Yeah we haven't seen that push to the very end for many years. In the championship you just have to go for it and that mentality seems to have set in. If that same mentality can now be transferred into the fight back to get back in the game when we are down then we will be the real deal!
  8. The best manager we have had since O'neil and who has given me the belief that he is the man who will take our club forward. I've felt that since he arrived.
  9. Long way to go. Just need to keep going, keep learning, keep up the away wins and not take anything for granted. If we can keep doing that then we have a really good chance for auto.
  10. I thought he was brilliant. He provided the opportunity of victory. Great saves and he is looks very confident too.
  11. So they want a manager who's ego is more important than the good of the club? How long before he falls out with and benches their best players like he did with us. Bent (wasted), Given (wasted).
  12. I think it's the players but then I guess the manager and coaching staff should of picked up on this well before now. It consistently keeps happening. Wolves, Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield Untited and now Brentford. The same will happen away at Boro on Saturday if this mentality continues. The games and months are slippping by.
  13. I don't think physically too much needs changing because the players have the ability but mentally there is a massive problem with fighting for the 3 points or if we are a goal or 2 down fighting to rescue a point. When we are behind they should be throwing the kitchen sink and everything at the opposition. For a long time now I just haven't seen enough of that. If we seriously hope of promotion this season that needs to change now.
  14. I still think we are lucky to have Steve Bruce as our manager. What he needs to do though is to drill the mentality into those players to fight for it when we go a goal down. They should be thinking like a boxer that gets knocked down. Get up off the canvas, dust yourself off and fight back!!! As professional sports men this should be 2nd nature but it seems the message is not getting across.
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