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Prime Minister tips the Villa


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I do wish he'd just **** off

Now I'm not being a smart arse here or anything but say he signed up to this message board and you told him to '**** off'. Would you get banned... from the message board?

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I'll second the '**** off'.

It's embarassing he claims to be a fan.

Can you verify that he's not a real fan?

When it first came out he claimed to be a Villa fan it was with words to the tune of 'I'm not that interested in the game but one of my relatives helped run a club called Aston Villa so I guess I'm a Villa fan'.

His 'interest' in football is a sop to morons for political capital.

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jeeez it's a bit of light hearted relief asking him to pick some footie scores

it's not like he claimed to watch Jackie Millburn from the seats behind the goal at St James's Park now is it ... :-)

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To be fair (and I'm with the bloke above about his political views) Cameron has probably got closer connections to the Villa than any of us.

(and I bet we all wish we had done what he has down Villa Park)

His uncle William Dugdale (Chairman for those who don't know, but I presume many do) took David down to many matches , whereby David sat in the directors box.

Yeah - he probably hasn't been to many games since, but he clearly keeps an eye out for us.

Can I ask a lot on here, especially the people from abroad - why did you support the Villa. Coz personally, apart from changing the line "sit in directors box" to "stood on the Holte End"- I supported us for the exact same reason.

And many many of my mates (some who post on here) don't go down the game, and just listen / watch / or look for the results.

They are still fans of Aston Villa

I am labour through and through - but fair play to the guy.

And you can also say - if it wasn't for his family, I wouldn't be sitting here at this very moment is a shirt that says "European Cup Final - Rotterdam"

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