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  1. That banner was mainly meant as a joke. Though I don't think calling for Bruce to go in any way makes the fans look like fools. A 3-0 win against Barnsley is neither here in the grand scheme of things (ie nearly 12 months of crap). If fans have changed their minds and want him to stay just because of one win then they really are fickle. It would take a sustained run of very good form to even start changing my mind on him.
  2. https://twitter.com/villan_super/status/910602767403819010
  3. Not at all. The point was that people who want Bruce out believe that keeping him on is more likely to result in relegation and getting a new manager allows a much better chance of promotion. To call people who want Villa to have a better chance of getting back to the prem (in their opinions) NOT Villa fans is ridiculous.
  4. So if you knew that we would win tonight then go on to finish the season relegated to Div 1. Or lose tonight and make it into the play-offs. You would choose to win tonight every time? Because the reason people want us to lose is because they love Villa so much and they want what is best for us in the mid or long term.
  5. Courtesy of me on Twitter. I had to keep myself occupied somehow while waiting for the axe to fall. And then it didn't. Grrrr.
  6. I'm not sensitive, I just have certain standards. Other posters have different standards (i.e. Savage). Fine. But to try and paint others as snowflakes just because they have a problem with a racist, cheating, arrogant cockend joining us...pft. You're welcome to the vile man. Some things are more important than football. Not many things, but for me this is one.
  7. I think sometimes you can separate the man from his actions...but there are limits. And Terry crosses my own personal moral line. He was one of the big reasons I lost interest in England while he was playing. I find the man repugnant, and will seriously struggle to support any side with him in. I can't quite believe there has been so much acceptance of him. That fans who chanted 'let him die' at him not so long ago are now excited at the prospect of him becoming their captain.
  8. He can't sign a pre-contract with us - or any other English club - in January. He could with other clubs in Europe though.
  9. We finished last season on 41 points. It's very difficult to see us getting that many again this year now, even if we do just about manage to avoid being sucked into the relegation fight proper. I understand the constraints Lambert is working under, but I don't think he's been able to build a good enough side even considering that. Not at all.
  10. Proud history, Brighton are a better side than us now.
  11. This wrapped in cotton wool prior to a sale theory just doesn't make sense. Clubs just don't do this for such a long period of time.
  12. I haven't seen anything reputable on Sunderland denying the clause yet, though I'm not sure I'd be convinced by it even if I did, because Lambert's denial didn't convince me. Why would Lambert put up with it? Perhaps because he's accepted Bent has to go for financial reasons and is happy enough to spend whatever money he can get on a replacement. I think dropping Bent from the squad when he got injured rather than keeping him on the bench was also a good move from the club from a PR point of view. If Bent comes off the bench and scores, suddenly you've got a bit of a headache with the fans if you're trying to sell him. This way, he doesn't get any chance at all to improve his reputation
  13. So the fact that your chairman conveniently forgot to mention that you are also suing Lambert hasn't come up at all. Figure really. Usual knee jerk football fan reaction. So dull.
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