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Zombies or Vampires?


Zombies or Vampires?  

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  1. 1. Zombies or Vampires?

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Vampires. Unless they are those **** teenage vampires from Twilight who spend their time brooding and complaining about their love lives instead of doing cool vampire shit like Dracula and the Lost Boys.

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All irritating shite.

There have been some great vampires in cinema and literature though Mike.

Yes, there have. But like most things pop-cultural, the idea has been overpackaged and diluted to the point of being ruined for me.

Genre material for me is usually defined by one towering master, but then inevitably swamped by an endless stream of crappy inferior wannabees packaged up for an undiscerning market.

I've got Led Zeppelin, I don't need Judas Priest (et al).

I've got Tolkien, I don't need Stephen Donaldson (et al).

I've got Nosferatu I don't need Twighlight (et al).

Having said that, it applies to the genres in which I have only a passing interest. The ones I really like (e.g. westerns, noir, etc.), I'm willing to accept in larger quantities and a wider range of quality.

So I guess if you particularly like monster movies your mileage will vary.

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