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Is this the season the 'Big Four' gets smashed into?


The end of the 'Big Four'?  

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  1. 1. The end of the 'Big Four'?

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It seems like the start of it. Liverpool clearly are out, Man U look ordinary by their standards, Arsenal and Chelsea look well set for now, but the money side of it - their spending is not particularly high, so it's evening up a bit. Man City aren't there yet, Spurs are doing well and there are others who have a chance to nip in.

All of which is good.

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I think it's perfectly feasible that Spurs and City could finish in the top 4 this year. So yep, I believe with all the financial problems starting to arise, the various changes in UEFA financial regulations we may well see a more open, competetive league in the years to come. Who knows, if we conduct ourselves properly financially, build on the squad well, we could very much take advantage.

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Current top 7 in my PL-only power rankings (difference in ratings between 2 clubs is what I'd expect the average goal difference between the two clubs over an infinite number of games on a neutral field)



[mrow]Man City[col]100.25


[mrow]Man Utd[col]100.09





.51 goals per game separates Chelsea from 2nd-ranked City; within .51 goals of City I have (in addition to the above) everybody else bar Wigan. It's Chelsea at the top, Wigan at the bottom, and everybody else in an amorphous mass between.

It's been a very strange season from a numbers perspective (no numbers stranger than the larger than normal home field advantage... Blackpool are buoyed by their away wins thus far as a consequence).

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