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Who should be the CB pairing?


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    • Dunne & Collins
    • Dunne & Cuéllar
    • Collins & Cuéllar
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I agree that L. Young is a far better RB, because CC is a centre half!! The ManCity example is good, but i'd do the same. Change the formation a bit to get Adebayor on the pitch. Tevez could be an attacking mid.

Hopefully the new manager will rotate centre backs based on form, health, opposition etc. I would hate to lose any of those 3. Davies...that's another story.

i said luke young is a better player at rb than cuellar is at CENTRE HALF.

ie young is an 8/10 player at rb and cuellar is a 7/10 at centre half - so who do you pick?

changing a formation to accomodate your players is a different thing entirely and it wasnt what we did to get cuellar on the pitch.

I guess deciding whether Young is a better right back than Cuellar is a center half is debatable.

Against Stoke CC would be a better option at RB than Young due to their annoying long throw ins.

But you're right, there is a bigger difference at RB between Young and Cuellar than at CB between Dunne, Collins and Cuellar....so by that logic it should be L.Young at RB.

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I think it depends on the system the new manager plays. If we have a high line then I think there is simply no place for Collins as he has the turning circle of a truck.

Collins, imo, while he was excellent last year, gets turned very easily and has little pace so he performed well because we played so deep under MON.

If we are playing deep then I think he is an outstanding defender and I would have him above Cuellar!

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Dunne and Collins, has a better defensive partnership ever been bought for so cheap? What £8.5mil the two cost us. They are warriors.

Cuellar is a very good centre back too, and any defensive injury will result in him coming into the team, be it at right back or centre back. I think we'll all agree Cuellar is a better right back than Beye.

my nan is a better defender than Beye, and she has severe dementia.


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Cuellar in the best CB we have at the club..The problem is that he is best suited alongside a prodominantly left footed CB which gives us better balance..Which means either Dunne or Clark...Atm a Cuellar/Dunne pairing would work out strongest.With Collins/Clark as the back up.

Would like to see a Cuellar/Clark pairing used,maybe in the league cup games because it would be nice to see them bond as a future pair...

Davies,I think can be offloaded.

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Dunne all over the place again tonight for Ireland. He's not the only one to blame by any means, but he looks a shadow of the player we seen last season.

In answer to the poll it would have to be Dunne and Collins when Dunne is fit.

But he clearly isn't.

There is no point having a player as good as Cuellar if he's not going to be utilised in times like these.

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Cuellar and Collins for me this season. I don't know if Dunne is carrying a slight knock but his form has been poor so far this term. Last year I would have defiantly gone for Dunne an Collins.

He has a long standing knee injury from his time at Citeh that needs to be managed, hence why he's missed a fair bit of training pre and early season and sat out most of the training sessions for Ireland this week.

Also explains (though doesn't fully excuse) his weight this year.

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I think that the pair Dunne & Collins is quite disgraceful (you only have to see how they conceded both the Tottenham goals leaving an average player that we know very well like Crouch, without any opposition in the air), so I'd go with Cuellar and Clark. Dunne can be a decent sub.

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