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  1. We were in for Monreal before Malaga signed him. He's a little bit overrated, but is much better than Warnock (not saying much). Rondon would be a great signing.
  2. Firesale at Malaga. I'd try to sign Rondon. 10million should do it.
  3. Laudrup wasn't a good player, he was one of the best ever. He also has had success in the 2nd best league in the world, La Liga, which is also the most technical league. OGS has had success, albeit in a much smaller league. I agree with you about Laursen.
  4. Interesting. Who do you think we are after? I like the look of Laudrup. I know we contacted FSW, and Klinsmann but they were always going to be longshots. Klinsmann VERY unlikely...and FSW-depends on how desperate he is to get back into coaching. I can see it being someone not previously contemplated tbh. Laudrup would be great!! It would be a statement of intent and the fans would forget about the OGS snub (if we even got to the point of offering him the job in the first place)!! The good news is that whoever we appoint will be an improvement. Provided we don't name MM, Bruce, McClaren etc...most fans will be happy. Laudrup or anyone who has had success managing in LaLiga appeals to me.
  5. Laudrup was one of the greatest players ever, is a much more established coach than OGS (He got Getafe playing VERY attractive football and they got far in the Uefa Cup) and would be a great choice. I am 99.99% certain that we aren't after Martinez and never were (this time around).
  6. Forget AVB. Why would he reject Valencia, then come here?? I just don't see it.
  7. We've approached FSW, as I mentioned the other day. I still don't think he'd come, I'm not a huge fan of his...but it'd be HUGE because that would mean RL is ready to spend the $$$ and back a manager to get us back towards Europe.
  8. Valencia's Sporting Director has said AVB was their first choice to replace Unai Emery (I wouldn't mind him) and they were turned down. Valencia probably pay their manager similar to what we would and have better talent and CL football. Unless AVB really wants to prove to the world he can crack it in the PL, there's less than no chance he'd come to Villa.
  9. If FSW were to be appointed, it would be HUGE news...not so much because he's a great manager (which imo he's overrated), but if he was appointed he'd be given a huge (Villa huge) warchest of 40-50m.
  10. I know for a fact that OGS is not the only target, if indeed he is one. Another foreign manager who can be described with 3 letters has been contacted by the club.
  11. Juan Ignacio is Levante's manager and I doubt he'd want to leave...they've qualified for Europe and he's a God now. I also highly doubt he speaks English. Quique Sanchez Flores however....
  12. http://www.futbolprimera.es/2012/04/06/entrevista-carlos-cuellar-daria-lo-que-me-pidiesen-por-ser-internacional-con-espana Can only comment on new contract (lack thereof) because this interview is now on the web. Quick summary, because I don't feel like translating it all: Basically he said he's probably gone come the summer because there hasn't been an offer put forward by Villa and doesn't see one coming. Also mentioned he'd do ANYTHING to play for La Roja once, his bff at Villa are Heskey, Gabby, Fabian and Petrov...etc. Carlos, when he receives an offer from another club (he hasn't had any official offer yet, just prelim contact through his agent Pedro) he'll give Villa the chance to match it. He'd really like to stay and wouldn't demand any more $ than what he's on now, but it seems very unlikely now.
  13. Clare Balding has been on fire so far! Who do you all like tomorrow?
  14. Thanks for the informative posts!! Keep them coming! Lancs: Will I get much worse odds betting on the day at the track? Any tips for Friday only bets with a budget between 50-100 total?? Excited for Friday!!
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