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Halfway: How many points?


How many point will we have after 38 games?  

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  1. 1. How many point will we have after 38 games?

    • 80+
    • 75-79
    • 70-74
    • 65-69
    • 60-64
    • 55-59
    • 50-54

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After the Arsenal game we will be exactly midway through the season. After 18 games played so far we are on 35 points. So how many do you expect us to finish the season with?

I think we should be aiming for around 70-74 but in truth I expect us to drop of the pace a little at some point and think we'll finish in the mid 60s somewhere.

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I think 70 - 74 points.. Be interesting to have a look at where that would get you in previous seasons.

70 /71 would have got you 5th last year, Arsenal were on 72 so 73/ 74 would have got you 4th. Those couple of points make a big difference! Most of the previous few seasons 70+ would give you a good shout at having Champions League football. Right now it's hard to see Liverpool getting that many, although I wouldn't rule it out yet. Also, you can't discount Spurs or Man City this season which makes it difficult to guess how many points are needed for a top 4 finish.

Personally I think it'll still take over 70 points, and I'm not convinced we quite have enough to get them.

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Realistically 65-69 points but if we carry on as we are 70 is easily attainable. Depends on whether we have a bad run (maybe not as bad last year) as we always seem to have in a season.

In fairness that's not just us, most teams tend to have some sort of bad run. The difference is the really successful clubs have shorter bad runs and still manage to pick up a few points during them.

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65-69 (I think we will be 5th)

I still think the "top 4" historically will finish there again....Yes Liverpool have dropped a lot of points but when playing well they as with all the "top 4" have the ability to go 15 games unbeaten...spurs, city, us as yet dont seem to have the ability to put runs like that together..

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I want to hear from the person who voted 80+!!

It's not that nuts. Beat Arsenal and it's only another 42 points. If we can gain some consistency against the weaker sides, try to recapture our away form from last season than it's possible.

After last season I wouldn't like to take a fine guess really. Anywhere between 60 and 75.

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