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Saw VI: Should they stop?


Should the Saw Series Stop?  

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  1. 1. Should the Saw Series Stop?

    • Yes, they are far too many
    • No, I love them
    • Never Saw any

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next week sees the next installment of the saw series apparently there is plans to make up to saw X!!

what do you think, they should do?

i love them so i say carry on as long as the plots and twists still interlink with each other

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I'm with you, Dem. Don't love them, maybe, but like them. Haven't seen the 5th yet, but I hope Bell is in it in some way. One of the coolest voices ever.

i thought saw 5 was the poorest out of the whole lot but the trailer for 6 looks very promisng.

bell is signed up for saw 6. the saw films still make a shed load of money i guess they will keep making as long a sit makes money

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SHould have stopped after number 1

Saw 1: Good, great even

Saw 2: distinctly average, but understandable

Saw 3,4,5 and (dare I say it) 6: Utter shite

Agree with this. Although it did have it's desired affect on me when I watched number 5; i'd just had a load of blood tests which has somehow given me a fear/weakness to the sight of blood thus I nearly passed during the 'blood donation' scene. :?

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