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  1. Paulo Filho lost the other day, anyone who remembers him in PRIDE will probably be sad to hear. I don't think he's overcome his problems at all. Carwin is out of his fight with Big Country, and DW reckons he's going to make a major announcement tomorrow. Judging by his last few major announcements it'll be about a new brand of shaving cream he's using on his head.
  2. I'd take being a sport star over being the best magician ever tbh (I don't know if you're saying you would or not). They don't know everything no-one else knows, they just set up relatively simple tricks on a large scale. Chris Angel is the worst, he uses really obvious cuts in his show all the frigging time. It's almost unbearable to watch, I feel embarrassed for him.
  3. Cain made me some mon-ehz. Viva Mehico. (Credit for mon-ehz also due to Hamill.) Interestingly, searching Velasquez on here brings up page 16 of this thread. Most people were sceptical about Cain's chances against top opposition, some saying anyone with a ground defence would be too much but completely on the other end of the spectrum one guy flat out predicts he'll be champion within a year and another guy agrees with him. Good calls, sirs. Peculiarly, both have now been banned. Anyone know why?
  4. luckily for you BOF stands for "Bend Over Foreigner " What's the "h" for? Not "hillarious" obviously 8) Think it's Humerous. :winkold: Is that the bone in your arm?
  5. Spurs actually won yesterday if you discount the first half (similarly as you do with any pre-WW2 football) and also only count regular time, non of this fancy extra time (or European Cup success). 1-0 to Spurs. Fact. Deal with it. Stop being so jealous. Get over it.
  6. That one's worse than the Russians with the hammer IMO. The calmness of some of these people as they do these things is quite daunting.
  7. I must be the only person who enjoys keeping to a diet. It makes me feel like a scientist. I've never admitted that before. It makes me sound retarded.
  8. I saw you today in K4 with some dollar bills hoody on. I was trying to think for ages where I recognised you from, then it clicked. "It was **** Kryton!"
  9. General, 2 things: 1) The Speaker system in the Holte End today sounded faint and muffled. I couldn't understand a word the bloke said. It's been fine from when it was fixed up until now. What happened to it? 2) A suggestion about the scoreboard. I know the other big screen is gone, it's disappointing but I'm sure I'll live. The display on the scoreboard that's replaced it is a bit basic though; it has the teams names, then a big gap, then the scores, then a massive Villa badge, then the time. Is there no way the space on there could be used better? Such as: Instead of team names j
  10. Yum. I suggest sending her one back of you in the exact same pose. That's generally my line of action.
  11. 6 days I think (Shown on Wed in the US AFAIK).
  12. The next season of TUF will be shown on Tuesdays at 10pm (right after the CL) on Sky Sports 2. Oh yeah and UFN 22 is this Wednesday night, Ross Pearson is fighting. I've got a Oliveira Sub, Pearson KO/TKO double and an Oliveira, Pearson, Palhares, Tibau accy.
  13. (The fat one from Gnarls Barkley) Outrageously good voice. I have no idea why he isn't bigger (better known not fatter).
  14. He was very diplomatic about it, but you could tell he thought he was shit. He said things like "He doesn't wins as many headers as we'd like" and "He thought he didn't have to jump to win headers". When asked if he had a good touch like Crouch he said "He's working on his touch. He's still developing, he's got a lot to learn." He's 30 in two weeks.
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