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Bollitics: Local & Euro Elections 2009


Who gets your cross in their box?  

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  1. 1. Who gets your cross in their box?

    • Labour
    • Tory
    • Lib Dem
    • UKIP
    • Green
    • BNP
    • Veritas
    • Jury team
    • Other Independent
    • I intend to set fire to the ballot box

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Is it true that the BNP got elected in Inner City london somewhere a few years ago.....

because loads of Bangladeshi immigrants voted for the BNP thinking it was the Bangladeshi National Party??

or is that just an urban myth?

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no one , my voting card went in the bin when it arrived ..... The green party will be upset that a tree died in vain

Euro elections .... I doubt people even know what they are voting for ... we need a proper discussion on the role of Europe and our role within it IMO

Watched Newsnight last night .. she really went for the UKIP guy ( is he the only member as he appears on everything) , so it would seem the BBC were doing their bit to turn people away from UKIP ..

Shaun Woodward did his bit of sucking up and probably secured a nice new position in the cabinet , assuming the government don't collapse

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This will be the first time I have ever opted not to use my vote. I've just lost all faith in our system, our parties and most importantly our ministers and MP's I don't trust a single one of them they are all as bad as each other.

Every few years one side or the other get caught with their hands in the till, the other side kicks off claims moral outrage says the country needs change and when change comes and power changes hands they then sooner or later get caught doing the same.

In my view the likes of Julie Kirkbride should be facing the sack and fraud charges rather than drawing a salary until the next election.

So who could I vote for, how would my vote change anything? Totally pointless and I've always argued with those who don't vote but the apathy and outrage has destroyed my faith in the value of my vote.

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No candidates (and no parties) represent my views

surely by you not voting , the lib Dems represent your view perfectly ??


And yours, it appears this time, mate. :winkold:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with abstaining as long as it is done for a particular purpose. The Tories might like to try it (as a matter of principle, saying that privatising things is their job and that they are fed up of a Labour government acting like a Tory one) when it comes to a vote on the part-privatisation of the Mail.

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Those who aren't voting should at least go and spoil their ballot paper.

Now in the first past the post system, I would agree with that and often take that course of action BUT and this is a HIUGE BUT, under the PR list system a spoilt paper or abstained vote is a vote for the BNP imo. I couldn't possibly vote for any of the three Tory parties, nor can I vote for the Gay Drinkers Alliance, so as a result of Nazi Nick standing in my constituency I have to vote for the Tree Hugging Party as they are the main rivals for the BNP to get the last seat the way the list system works. It's part of my make up that when faced with a fascist // National Socialist type candidate I have to vote in order to prevent them getting elected if nothing esle and an abstention in this election is an aid to a BNP seat and a seat is a victory and a platform

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nor can I vote for the Gay Drinkers Alliance

Why ? , is there a rule that says you can't vote for yourself ? :-)

Going back to the Joerg Haider example , would the EU actually allow the BNP to take up any seats it won ? i.e cease cooperation as it did with Austria

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That's a really good video Bicks. My vote is going to be an anti-BNP vote rather than pro-any of the other parties. By the look of the link below on wikipedia though, it looks like the best way to vote to achieve that aim would be to vote for the Lib Dems given that they were 90,000 votes ahead of the BNP last time and the gap will probably be closed. Unfortunately I can't see the Greens closing the 30,000 vote gap to the BNP this year. Anyone else want to comment on whether my assumptions are right for West Midlands voting??

Last time out in the West Mids

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