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Carew... Do we miss him, with Poll added


Do we miss John Carew (who I am led to believe is bigger than me or you)  

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  1. 1. Do we miss John Carew (who I am led to believe is bigger than me or you)

    • Yes we do
    • Course we don’t, not with Mr OG being our main striker and the like

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Maybe we'll start using the only score from set pieces trick then again or did everyone figure that one out already?

Well you can't stop conceding set pieces. Otherwise no teams playing Stoke would ever give away a throw in.

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How can anyone justify saying we don't miss one of our 2 strikers?

Gabby is on his arse at the end of many games! ~He doesn't have to start to be missed, if we could throw him on wth 20 left, the pressure off the back 4 would be huuooaaggee

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By the same logic we haven't missed Laursen recently either.

19 games vs 2 games.

Not a fair comparison.

12 vs 9 is fair.

You can't just pick A and B randomly and say because A has happened without B then we don't need B to achieve C. There are other factors as well.

Opposition. Their form. Other players form. Do we dominate in terms of possesion more or less without Carew than with him. And prove that what you come up with is related to Carews absence and nothing else. And even if you do prove it has been true, you also have to prove it will continue to be true in the future.

By exactly the same logic as you I can say that he would have been top scorer for us had he not been injured. I am pretty sure he has a better goal per minute played ratio than Gabby. At least in the league, but I can't be bothered to look it up.

I'm sure there is no coincidence that football clubs are being managed by experienced former players and not by mathematicians.

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100% miss him.

I'm not going to go into the hows, whys and whereabouts, but a good situation to compare this to is Liverpool's. They've been winning games and coping quite amicably without Torres in the team, but does that mean that they're a better team without him? Of course it doesn't.

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We still miss him.

In which way?

Results? Nope, we get a lot more points.

Goals? Nope, we score a lot more.

Defence? Nope, we even concede less.

What do we miss then?

His presence ?

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Not another one trying to prove a point with useless stats. :? Of course we miss one of our best players. Maybe the results haven't been affected by his absence, but I don't think that. I think he'd put away at least one of those crosses coming in against Fulham and probably also got a goal against Arsenal.

Most people are screaming for us to sign at least one more striker this january and now we're discussing if we really miss Carew. That's a bit strange IMO. Let's sell him and go with only Gabby, Harewood and Delfouneso. We're doing great so far...

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Plenty of innuendo and nudge-nudge wink-wink stuff about Carew elsewhere by the way.

yeah I read that

all BS and rumour we can not replicate here and I surprised that thread is still up

It's just a joke. O'Neill is a 'take-no-shit' kind of guy, if there was a genuine problem, he wouldn't lie and say he was injured. He'd do it his way. Because everything at Villa is his way.

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