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  1. Our squad cost £87 million to assemble. Theirs costs about £67 million. (They've got a £17 million striker in Jo as well) They also spent £10 million on Beattie and McFadden....£9 million on Johnson....£5 million on Kroldup.... How you working out that if they had our finances they'd be top 4? They've probably had more than us over the years.
  2. I've just seen the news that I've been waiting for, the 'Josef Fritzl Incest Trial' starts today. I don't know about you, but I know I'll be signing up and giving it a go.
  3. To any of the smart arses saying we should never have changed from 4 - 5 - 1.... .....just read this thread, nobody was saying we should stick with 4 - 5 - 1 apart from myself. So I don't think anybody can criticise MON for the formation change...(apart from me obviously)
  4. 29 - 0 That was too easy, had the chance to score the try about 5 times.
  5. The whole appeal of Felliani is that he's a donkey with brilliant hair. Now he's just a donkey.
  6. Would have been more subtle if she'd just wrote 'McCleish is shit' I like the bit about the Blues fan with his can of lager
  7. Wish I'd taken my girlfriend to Villa Park for Valentines, I reckon she'd have punched me in the face
  8. Rent. And by rent, I mean legally download Where can I 'rent' a film from?
  9. The Godfather said he'd make Milner an offer he couldn't refuse, but Milner refused it.
  10. After going 17 points up on the same opposition.... If we maintain what we got against them last season.... That would give us 77 points, which was more than Liverpool got to take 4th last season, which was the highest total for 4th ever....
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