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  1. What do they say? Can't find anything.
  2. Reports in Spain, from a fairly reliable source.
  3. Birmingham Mail reporting it now, although they're only referencing Spanish reports too. Didn't realise Sherwood actually commented on the player, but didn't say much:
  4. All depends on the setup. Gestede, Ayew and Kozak have proven they can score goals. Same as Gestede then? £6m vs. £15m then? Touché For the record I think it's a good signing for them on paper, just can't see how it's going to work with their strikers. If they start with Berahino and Lambert, they'll have £25m worth of strikers on the bench. Nice problem to have of course!
  5. Voted Sabbath. It has to be, they have an actual connection to the club too. Would prefer Iron Man by them though.
  6. So let me get this straight. You're saying it went to his head?
  7. £8m sounds a bit high for him. I'll believe whichever one is cheapest
  8. If he does, I'll have never heard of someone being so happy to sign for Villa :shock:
  9. If we do indeed want the player and he wants to come, I imagine he'll be speaking to Faulkner to sort out personal terms etc, as Lambert will have done his part in selling the club to him. Would be good to see him fly out to meet the rest of the squad if he signs before the end of the US tour
  10. Centre backs generally peak at an age later than a lot of other positions on the pitch, so no problems with him at 27. We'd probably get a good 5 years out of him.
  11. Do all players that we 'monitor' visit Villa Park and talk to the manager? I'd like to think we're more than a little interested and a deal is in the pipeline. And literally just as I post, Kendrick tweets this
  12. Our home shorts are exactly the same in that they have the rear panel hanging lower at the back. Awful.
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