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2022 Aston Villa Year In Review


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5 hours ago, Zatman said:


  • Hiring Emery

This trumps everything else this year. By far the most successful manager we've ever hired.

5 hours ago, Zatman said:


  • The excuse for a ''coaching'' team in place for ten months
  • Wasting a season by not sacking the ''coaching'' team in the summer

Five months IMO. And as such sacking the coaching team in the summer was never an option. And still plenty of time left with an elite manager and returning players for it to not be a wasted season.

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Ramsey improving all the time

Coutinho's arrival, followed by the 2-2 Man U draw

A genuinely exciting summer window, in theory at least

Concrete plans on Villa Park being finally redeveloped

Work on Brookvale commencing

Gerrard being relieved of his duties

Bringing in a world class coach

Finally beating United at home

Brighton away- a sign of things to come?


January to about October

Going to Villa Park knowing we will be watching dreadful football, and probably a draw at best

The realisation that Gerrard wasn't very good. Bizarre fall out with Mings, making McGinn captain.

Feeling of a year wasted, at least on the pitch

Complete reversal of transfer policy seemingly based on one man, who unfortunately didn't know what he was doing

Our abysmal cup form continuing

Oh and Emi shithousing his way to world cup victory. Bask in that reflected glory. (That is a positive)

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A total waste of a year really giving you know who the job especially as most of our best results under him actually came in late 2021.

Can think of very few good wins, probably 4-0 v Southamton and 3-0 v Leeds, excellent 90 minute performances against admittedly average opposition and that's about it.

Man. United 3-1 home win was my highlight match and hopefully that 90 minutes shows what we're in for in next 2-3 years under Unai.

Best player I'd say would be Ramsey and he's had months of average performances which sums up the last 12 months. Biggest disappointment simply has to be Coutinho especially given his initial impact.

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