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  1. How do you leapfrog and climb at the same time.
  2. Upgrade Villa Park - yes New stadium - God no
  3. Jedi These aren't the goals you are looking for
  4. Chuffed for him, will prob be number 2 at start of season, but deserved a new contract
  5. Best news all day, he knows it's what he needs to do. Really think he's got an affinity with is now, club and fans
  6. There's more chance of winning lottery than this happening
  7. I wonder if he's joined the season ticket queue just in case
  8. Haha he may as well talk to his dog, assuming it is a dog and not a cat as he previously mentioned.. complete Muppet
  9. Well she might have noticed you disappearing most weekends. Where you going? Just popping to the shops dear, won't be long
  10. I prefer the term 'new fan' I've always gone with the idea that you should support your local team, if you are doing that and someone calls you a plastic then that's just dumb. Always hated the idea of not supporting my local team, only go to a few games these days but I am far from being a plastic. I find that quite insulting
  11. Bonkers demand for season tickets, getting regular matchday tickets should be fun. They go on sale to season ticket holders first I imagine so won't be many left for booking history or general sale.
  12. Are we there yet Are we there yet Are we there yet
  13. Purely the atmosphere, nothing else really. Same experts sit up there as anywhere else
  14. Well after reading some of his recent tweets he appears to not know his arse from his elbow
  15. Can't justify the outlay at the mo. Cheapest is £370 in upper north but don't really like it up there. Will get to a few games instead for now. Few more years before my 6 year old lad can be trusted to come with me. He'd be on his tablet/phone for most of the time and he can do that for free at home
  16. I think the £8 jest was lost.. if he was that rich we wouldn't have been in the shit last summer. He's a wannabe in my opinion and will always be a wannabe. I hope they plan to buy him out and end the final page of the worst chapter in recent years.
  17. I doubt he will for much longer, can't see him being a long term part of their plans
  18. Ignore me he was a portugeezer
  19. Nelsen or summat like that
  20. James Milner was wasn't he
  21. Have we ever had a Brazilian number 9 before,I don't remember one
  22. Already broke transfer record, these guys mean business. Sleeve sponsor, dick sponsor? Who cares, the shirt will look like an F1 car eventually with every part sponsored by someone. As long as it's claret n blue I don't care.
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