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  1. I know Cat A's used to be more but these do seem a big jump from Newcastle and Everton.
  2. Is it just me or has the price shot up for this, assuming jts a Cat A game
  3. Thats what Deano wants, never stop trying to score. Brilliant to watch
  4. Great result, two cracking goals and a clean sheet. Mings a rock again, Cash excellent. Bailey is gonna be huge for Villa, hopefully not injured too badly. Not gonna mention the amount of awful crosses cos 3-0 is 3-0
  5. You've just described Mings there, he's vocal and he's always involved with pulling players apart if they are kicking off. His leadership for me is more important than overall quality. Konsa will learn from him and will eventually take over as captain IMO.
  6. I very much doubt Deano is on a must win basis yet. He's just next in line for the trolling
  7. Whilst I totally agree with this, I still find it really difficult to criticise our attack at the moment cos I love watching them play. It's the best attacking I've seen in a long long time. Better finishing is all that is needed for me
  8. Yes this is probably true up to a point, I just don't think we should be trying to upgrade another captain so soon after the last one. The positives outweigh the negatives for me
  9. John Stones makes mistakes, Slab Head makes mistakes. Every defender in the world makes mistakes, paying £80m for an upgrade doesn't reduce the mistakes. Scoring 5% of the chances we had against Chelsea would have won that game, Mings mistake had nothing to do with it
  10. I like Mings, always have done. Great attitude and he's human, hence he makes mistakes. He's now the captain which hopefully will have a positive effect on his game. He certainly shouldn't be slated for making mistakes, there isn't one player who has ever existed who doesn't make mistakes, it's just ones made in defence are more noticeable and costly usually
  11. He was brilliant on Saturday, surprised he was subbed when he was. Maybe breaking him in gently
  12. Most of the last few seasons people moaned that we didn't have a plan b. Now we have those few extra players to enable a plan b or even c they are now moaning about having paid lots of money for bench warmers. Honestly, some of the comments on here make me wonder what the point of everything is. We now have several different ways of playing which will stand us in good stead for rest of the season and beyond. Its gonna take some time for everyone to settle though so let's not start labelling players as bench warmers just yet. Thats the best we have played against Chelsea for ages and with better finishing we'd have won that
  13. I've had a single magpie in my front garden all week and so far the mother in law nearly burnt the kitchen down yesterday and now Stuart Attwell. Can't wait to see what happens next
  14. We'll play much worse than this and win. Ref appalling
  15. If the experts in the studio don't acknowledge that Villa are bossing this then they are not experts
  16. Great half, Jed settled down and Ramsey running the show with Watkins and McGinn. Their goal and goalie aside, we are bossing the champions of europe at home
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