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  1. Massive goal, will be huge to keep this lead missing 3 of our 4 best players
  2. Has Grealish got the shits then
  3. I hope this is a crock of sh**e, the last thing we need at the moment is another takeover. Quite happy with what we have and looking forward to what they can do if/when promoted
  4. Massive win with 10 men, even bigger one needed at weekend against Brissle City without Mings. It wasn't pretty in first half but better in 2nd. McGinn must have a power plant instead of lungs.
  5. Ref must have sent the red button commentator off
  6. So Smith was booked for leaving his technical area I assume. Never seen any coach do that before.
  7. I can only assume you've not heard the only song Wolves have been singing for 2 seasons
  8. The original doesn't either
  9. Christ it wasn't that bad
  10. Now I wanted Wolves to win but I still came up with this.. Nuno had a dream, he couldn't hold a two goal lead Even with Chinese owners and a wonderkid from Porto Put six at the back and play counter attack But we're Wolverhampton and we're on our way back Du du du du
  11. Why have we been charged, it's baffling. Few players around the ref with arms by their sides. Seen a lot worse at most matches this week. FA are useless, not fit for purpose anymore. Probably charge Jack for letting himself be punched next. Mike Dean has obviously included it in his match report, I'm surprised he doesn't get punched every week. Horrible ref
  12. He resigned by WhatsApp, laughable.
  13. Mings motm, with McGinn very close second. Come 5pm Saturday we could be in top 6. Frank Lampards Derby are having their annual March collapse. 9 points from 3 tough games, 2 away from home. Looking better
  14. Should've been a pen there, he has done that a few time that bald fella
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