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  1. Think last season was quite low though. Looks like 70 points is normally enough and 75 to basically guarantee it most seasons. More than 60 points seems to be enough most of the time for Europe (assuming all cup places shift to the league). If we can keep this run of form going to the mid point of the season, we could coast the second half and still have a decent chance. Assuming Man City game is pushed to next year due to their European commitments, the following results in the next 15 games would get us to 41 points after 19, leaving us needing only 1 point per game in second half to ge
  2. Shouldn't this be in Other Football?!
  3. Assuming same rules as last season, need to be born 1999 or later to be classed as U21 this season. Luiz and Davis born 1998 so need to be registered as part of the 25.
  4. Nah, it'll be 1 down from VT1, 2 up from VT2.
  5. Looks like we've got 7. @skarroki 20 mins to join if you want to. Also space for @rhyscartwright_avfc and @kurtsimonw if you can join? @villaluke @andykeenan @Hornso @avfcDJ @maqroll you guys ready?
  6. How many teams were in VT1 in the end? Anyone wanna share their teams here?
  7. Nope, not too late. Draft is tonight at 20:00. If you and @skarroki we'll have 8 which would be ideal.
  8. Just had a listen, Bardell said "it sounds like we might break transfer record" again and Gregg said "maybe not because there is good value to be had in Europe" and used Moutinho as an example. So could be an older big name player with a year left of contract so smaller fee? Rafinha had been linked to Leeds last few days for around £14m, but they've said they cannot afford him. Seems like the the type of player that would fit Gregg's description.
  9. VT2 draft is on the 9th. There's still space in this if you want to join?
  10. Imagine if he signed day after the draft. Everyone trying to tank week one to be be bottom of the league.
  11. Ok no worries. @Podster definitely space for you then if you want in?
  12. @rhyscartwright_avfc @avfcDJ @kurtsimonw @Fowlersrs @villaluke I think are the 5 missing. You guys still in? @Podster We may end up with space in this league if you wanted to join? Let me know if interested.
  13. Just checked code is correct and others have joined so might be the latter. The , isn’t part of the code if you included that. Website is https://draft.premierleague.com
  14. Bit later than planned but VT2 is now set up for the following people to join: @tomsky_11 @Hornso @rhyscartwright_avfc @avfcDJ @kurtsimonw @maqroll @Fowlersrs @villaluke @AndyM3000 @andykeenan League code is xfdjrc, and we should decide on a draft date and time. I've provisionally set this for Weds 9th Sept at 8pm.
  15. Just a suggestion - might be worth doing draft closer to the start of the season. Will give people more notice and means more new signings should be available in draft. I’ll be setting up VT2 tomorrow probably.
  16. That's everyone confirmed for VT League 1, so someone can set this up now and arrange draft date.
  17. You mean the draft? It was alright last year. Think the first year they did it had a few issues.
  18. Oh yeah I will! Would've expected to go 0-4 even without the injuries, so to take the first game was crazy. Relied on much better energy that first game though, so having a short roster is only going to make things harder as games go on. Realistically can't expect us to get another win.
  19. Sorry, think I misunderstood your previous post - are you wanting to join the draft league? If so, great! Code to join will be available once league is set up.
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