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  1. Being called out on it is fine. But getting strawmanned constantly is annoying. Someone says something negative and then someone else responds by misrepresenting their opinion as if it's a lot worse and more extreme than it actually is. The Dean Smith out discussions last season are a classic example. Most people who provided criticism on Dean Smith didn't want him out but they were tarred with the brush as if they did and were made to look ungrateful for not appreciating where he'd taken the club. Various posters had to repeatedly insist that that wasn't their position. Or take the Jacob Ramsey thread. Couple of guys in there are acting all high and mighty because Ramsey has finally come good despite some posters having written them off. Except most posters didn't write them off, a lot including myself were just expressing healthy skepticism about him considering his prior performances. In fact, it seems like having any level of skepticism towards our youngsters gets labelled as writing them off. No one, I repeat no one was writing Carney off after one game 2 weeks ago. People were just again, claiming he didn't perform all that well I'm that game. Didn't stop some posters from acting like they did. happens all the **** time on here on various topics.
  2. Honestly, if you just looked at who scored ratings Kessler's loan spell hasn't been great either so far.
  3. This is a point often brought up and I believed it without really checking for a while too. But we actually only had the joint 7th best defense(in terms of goals conceded) in the league last season. Still pretty good but the way people talk about our defense as if we were one of the top defences in the league when we were closer to the average. Then consider the fact that we had a world-class keeper in Martinez saving shots that would otherwise have been let in, our defense last season was very much midtable. Edit: I just realized you could use post-shot xG to actually quantify Martinez's shot-stopping ability and hence get a number for how many goals we would've conceded if we had an average goalkeeper instead. According to fbref, Martinez was worth 7.4 less goals conceded purely on his shot-stopping ability over an average goalkeeper. Adding 7.4 more goals conceded would bring us from the joint 7th best defence to the 13th best defence in terms of goals conceded.
  4. Its different for a defender. When an attacking player makes a mistake as they so often do, the other team gets the ball and there's not so much in the way of direct consequences. You're going to get lots of "lowlights" for any attacking player. Defender mistakes happen less and when they do, the consequences can be disastrous. This is even worse for goalkeepers. I'd go so far as to say attackers are judged by what they do(scoring goals, assiting etc), but defenders and goalkeepers are judged.more but what they don't do(in terms of mistakes and errors).
  5. I don't think we need to break the bank. People like to use the Ben White signing as an example of how much money we would need to spend but we already have an example of the opposite in Konsa who cost only 10 million and we managed to tempt him to come to us way before European football seemed like a possibility. Players like these are out there and I'm sure there are players who are or who have the potential to be significantly better than Mings who would come to us for non-ridiculous fees.
  6. Fooling a fanbase isn't that difficult. Fanbases collectively underrate or overrate players all the time. Remember when Lyon fans swore up and down that Bertrand Traore was the worst thing to ever step on the football pitch? Fooling Southgate isn't difficult. Its Gareth Southgate for christ's sake. The man who thought arguably England's best player last season didn't deserve to start for them in the euros. And its not like the England squad is teeming with quality left-footed CB options nor is he first choice or anywhere near to threatening Maguire's spot. We don't know how highly Smith rates Mings. There's never been a good enough left-footed CB in the squad to properly challenge him for the position. There's been more important positions in the squad to reinforce these past couple of years. No one is saying Mings isn't good enough to start for us, just that he's no where near as good as the fanbase makes him out to be. Us losing a lot more without Mings than with him doesn't mean that Mings is an amazing CB. It means that Mings is simply much better than our other options which I don't think even the most ardent Mings critic denies at this point. Hause, his direct competition was a disaster on the ball at times 2 seasons ago which is likely where that 2 wins from 12 games stat comes from if true. It couldn't have been last season because Mings played almost every game last season and I remember we did okay the couple of games without him.
  7. That's the thing though, they didn't fell to him. They fell to Watkins. I have concerns with Ings's movement up top. I've banged on about how I've felt he was isolated up front for the past games. I thought with Watkins finally returning and playing alongside Ings that this would help remedy that problem. Instead pretty much all our attacking play went through Watkins on the left with Ings being isolated on the right. Ings had almost less than 3 times the amount of touches Watkins did this game. Even accounting for the fact that he was subbed out, that's still way less than he should have and its been a common theme with him in all the games so far. I'm starting to suspect that he is the reason for why our moves have been breaking down so much in attack in our previous matches.
  8. Agreed completely. I'll also add that the way Villa fans views Mings and the way the wider premier league fanbase views Mings is night and day. Whether that's an indication that our fanbase is overrating him or that everyone else is underrating him is another issue(although I personally think its a mix of both), but I do think that the strong negative response towards Mings by others fans makes our fans more defensive of him. We want him to succeed to show them that they're wrong. So we subconciously perceive his game to be better than it actually is. Same thing happened with him being "overpriced". We wanted him to succeed to prove to others that we weren't wrong Bouremouth that fee. On the topic of his fee, jesus christ the amounts of money being suggested if he were to be sold are an absolute joke. People only really see what they want to see. They'd rather see this mistake here in other players like Steer and Tuanzebe which I think is just absolutely ridiculous. I didn't even notice Steer being at fault here and Tuanzebe definitely contributed to it but Mings was completely the main culprit. I don't think people realize how big of an effect this bias has on our perception but its very very real.
  9. Morgan Sanson is like climate change. Neither actually exist.
  10. The people who believe vaccines don't work, racism isn't a problem and climate change is a serious issue aren't believing because they're "playing devils advocate". They believe them because they're idiots. Some degree of devils advocate is good. As much as we like to believe that our initial intuitions or the prevailing narratives toward a certain issue are completely correct, more often than we realize they aren't. The ability to pick apart the argument or the conclusion you believe in(whether its you challenging yourself or challenging someone else who has the same arguments and conclusions) and perform some introspection is a very good trait to have. Its how you reach stronger and more infallible arguments and recognize mistakes in your beliefs.
  11. Drinkwater's problem wasn't that he wasn't fit. It was that he wasn't very good. The fact that he couldn't get off the Burnley bench should've clued us in. I swear fitness is like the most convenient excuse for any player. Sometimes, its not that they're not fit, its just that they're shit. I think Barkley's attitude problems are a bit exaggerated. The worst thing he did was basically looking all pouty and sulky after being subbed off.
  12. Centre backs are a role where statistics can be particularly misleading and coming from me, that's saying something. I think the stats are more indicative of the different roles they play in the partnership. I think his mistakes get played down a lot on this forum but get played up a lot in the wider footballing fanbase. As with a lot of things, the truth is somewhere in the middle. He's a decent centreback but he's not and most likely will not evolve into a top centreback. Which is fine for where we're at right now. But if and when we get that midfield sorted, assuming we don't lose any more players, the defense is where I'd look next to upgrade the first 11. I'm more than happy with our attacking options when everyone is fully fit and the keeper position as well. Targett and Cash have had shaky starts to the season but going on last season's form, I'm happy with the both of them. That just leaves centreback and if anyone's getting replaced in there, its gonna be Mings instead of Konsa.
  13. I'll just add one thing to this discussion. The price villa fans would want for someone like Mings would get laughed at if offered to any other club. If we do decide to try and make money off of Mings, I hope the decision makers don't hold those same expectations
  14. Those people who wanted Anwar sold because he'd never get any gametime with our wing options. At this rate, El Ghazi's gonna play the entire season.
  15. You know it takes more than just being big and strong to be a DM.
  16. You did in the loan thread. I was actually unsure whether that's what you meant and left it. Went and checked the loan thread and saw your post there and assumed that's what you must've meant. So went back and responded.
  17. Mate, I think you're hyping up Kessler a bit too much here. He's currently playing at a league 2 side. To expect him to push Cash out of the team by next season seems incredibly premature. There's also the matter of I'm having some doubts whether he's really performing as well on loan as some people have said he is.
  18. I'm not so sure being part of a struggling midfield in the PL is going to be any better for their development than being part of a midfield they can thrive in, even if its at a lower level.
  19. We have Mcginn, Luiz, Nakamba, Carney, Ramsey and Sanson and maybe even You g who we all should expect to play a part during the season. That's already enough CMs.
  20. I'm not sure Smith actually has that much say on who we sign tbh. There are some signings that feel like an obvious him signing. Others, not so much.
  21. A bit misleading if you don't look at in per 90 terms. Here's the list in per 90 terms. Wesley can be ignored outright due to playing something less than 20 minutes total screwing up the stat. More tentatively, Davis and Hourihane can be ignored as well due to playing so little. I will say though that looking at previous seasons where they played more, their shot creation stats have always been rather high however. Hourihane gets them because his deadballs end up creating quite a lot of shots for us. In fact, prior to him being shipped out on loan he was doing that pretty well in that category in the very few games he had for us hence why he ranks so high on this list. Davis is also a good shot creator and its one of the reasons why I like him so much. He might not be the final goalscorer, or even the assister, but when he gets on the pitch in those final 10 minutes there's no denying that he makes things happen and creates chances. Davis got a lot of flack for that time he was starting for us in that season we nearly got relegated but his GCA90 was the highest out of anyone in the squad, even higher than Jack Grealish. Roughly, the stat is basically saying that Davis created the most goals for us per 90 minutes when he was playing. He just does not get them in assists, but he is involved in the action right before the final assist. Barkley is probably the most controversial one on that list. But his shot creation stats last season even in other categories were genuinely rather high and probably explains why Smith was so insistent in playing him at times. That said, there's also quite some evidence that the team was worse with him on the pitch than without. Its because of this that I think Barkley could perhaps shine better in a team where he does not need to put in the shift defensively. A luxury player if you will. El Ghazi is another controversial one. But seeing how his SCA90 is basically the same as Traore is one of the reasons why I think him having no assists last season was just due to bad luck more than anything. I don't buy the idea that El Ghazi does not create chances and can only score goals. Historically it has not been a problem for him. Not much to say about the other 2. We all know Grealish was our best shot creator and Mcginn is our best shot creator from midfield.
  22. His videos have started appearing on my YouTube recommendation feed. Watched the one where he covers the Barrow match. Lost me when he criticized El Ghazi for his penalty. Haven't seen another video of his since.
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