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  1. He's a good boy, he dindu nuffin.
  2. I just found out Ghazi means warrior in Arabic. So Anwar El Ghazi could be translated as Anwar the Warrior
  3. Jack Grealish was in a team relegated from the PL rock bottom with one the worst ever points totals. Wonder what happened to that fella. For real though, I have no idea why people continue to judge a player based on his team's performances. Unless you're absolutely world class, chances are you're not going to be able to drag your team with you if they're just shit. Which is fine, we don't need world class players. We just need PL ones.
  4. Well, yeah. Doesn't matter where he signs the players, if they flop he failed and he deserves the criticism. That said, cheap European bargains from some minor leagues are more likely to flop than established 20mil+ championship players who know the English game. Suso risked it anyway and he has arguably failed, therefore he deserves the criticism.
  5. Why? He's a PL manager and releasing him means the owners will have to pay the rest of his contract too. He's not gonna be struggling in finances if he were sacked. If the board decide that he isn't up to the task, then they should be able to choose to sack him.
  6. Even so, there'll always be an asterisk to this title win.
  7. Those 2 clubs? Villa and Norwich Edit: Nevermind, I didn't read the second tweet.
  8. Less chance of season being cancelled at all though. Lesser of 2 evils.
  9. What are we supposed to based our managerial appointments on if not their history at other clubs?
  10. I'm picturing Jota making a lame joke/pun with his name and after a lifetime of hearing similar jokes on his name that was the final straw for him.
  11. I disagree, And if you looked at the xGs for that game(I know that's a bad word here and all), they disagree too.
  12. Can I just say it really is a myth that we look good in the few games we apparently do? Every **** game we just get dominated almost the entire way and every couple of games or so we nick a goal either through some lucky mistake(Spurs OG, Stones **** up) and manage to hold on keeping the scoreline tight despite the barrage of chances against us and people use that as a reason to show that we can be good. You will have to go all the way back to December against Newcastle to find a team we actually looked fully convincing in. And yes, that arguably includes Fulham and the Liverpool kids as well. When you score 4 goals in literally 3 shots in the first half, probably a fair deal of luck in there.
  13. We went from "Dean Smith has never made a bad signing at Villa" to this guy in such a short time frame. Not strawmanning here, definitely saw people making that claim at some point, may have been to defend the Drinkwater signing.
  14. Huh, exactly where my final straw is with Smith too. Maybe these owners do know a thing or two.
  15. Worth the risk. There is no real structure or stability to really hold on to here. You watch the team play and tell me there's any good structure or stability? Its just holding onto something for the sake of it. Might I remind people it wasn't stability that promoted us. It was knowing when to implement a change and let the manager go.
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