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  1. Nah, Watkins is great and call me crazy but I still have hope in Davis as a backup, well more than I do Taylor as a backup. And if worse comes to bear, we can always put Traore up there. He has experience as a forward and his goal talley this season has been pretty great so far.
  2. When I read that we were probably playing our youngsters, I thought Smith was just rotating the players and giving the entire matchday squad a much needed rest. I'm kind of excited though, to be able to see some of these supposedly highly rated youngsters in action.
  3. What has Mings done exactly in the past few games that put him so high above Hause? In the last 2 games Mings has gotten a red card and been "arguably" at fault for a goal, been lucky to not concede a penalty and another card for the elbow on Pogba and its not as if he's been stellar for the season so far either. In the meantime, Hause has barely if at all put a foot wrong in all the games he's featured for us this season and has strengths(particularly his heading) that exceed those of Mings. Meanwhile, Mings's mistakes get constantly excused away. This has been true since last season as
  4. Found this interesting article on ACL injuries on football. https://barcainnovationhub.com/recovery-time-of-the-anterior-cruciate-ligament-injury-in-elite-football/ In particular, these lines stood out as most interesting. Smith has talked about Wesley having had complications in his knee after the surgery which probably explains why he's been out for so long and most likely at least twice the average downtime after ACL reconstruction quoted above. I'm far from a sports doctor, but none of this looks good at all. As in, if he were in his late 20s I could genuinely see him str
  5. I disagree. I think he's got the ability to get into good runs and be in good positions for chances. I think we can all remember several times last season where we banged our head against the wall due to a Keinan miss, but I think that's also implicit proof that he's at least getting into these positions in the first place. I do think that he really needs a run of games at this point and a loan would be optimal. But we're simply far too light up front atm to afford to let Davis go.
  6. What? I'm sorry but that reasoning is garbage. There's just so much wrong with it. 1- You can't judge a defender based on clean sheets, its a team effort. Its not like goals or assists. 2- He's played the most games out of all our defenders in 2020 easily so of course he's going to naturally have more clean sheets than the rest.(which btw, I doubt is actually that much different to our other centre-backs especially when adjusted on a per-game basis). 3- I don't know who this Garth Brooks is, but if he's making a 2020 team of the year or 2020PL team of the year, using Mings's su
  7. Muh Leadership. Which conveniently is something so intangible that its impossible to deny nor quantify exactly how useful his "leadership skills" really is.
  8. Don't underestimate the quality of an Elmo cross. Edit: Decided to use whoscored stats to calculate and rank the crossing accuracies of players this season for the hell of it. Seemed fun to do. I'm only looking at players who are averaging at least 1 accurate cross per 90 minutes and have played at least 500 minutes(which sadly disqualifies Barkley who has put in a remarkable 42% crossing accuracy in his 455 minutes this season so far). Also if the 2 players happened to have the same crossing acccuracy rounded to 2 significant figures, the one that put in more crosses total is
  9. You're missing the point. The point is, that people have agendas either way and if anything, the fact that Mings has been such a pivotal player in our recent history is why fans are more likely to flock to his defense and be blind to his flaws.But having such a view isn't any better than overly-criticizing the man either. So its kind of hypocritical to take the moral highground The Mings supporters are always in here full force whenever he's had a good game praising him and taking shots at the people who criticize him and no one seems to care. Yet its not okay for the anti-Mings cr
  10. There are also people who jump into this thread immediately when he has a good game to praise him and take shots at the people who criticize him. Lets not act like both sides don't do it. This is roughly true of every thread on a player in here. People have nailed their colours to the mast on their opinions on certain players and will take the very first opportunity to rub it in when evidence is presented that supports their opinion. Its just one side will praise the player, the other will criticize him. Neither has the moral highground
  11. Funny, I had the exact opposite opinion.
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