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  1. 444 minutes in the turkish league with 4 goals translates to a 111 goal per minute rate in the league. He hasn't scored in the Europa league but he's barely played in it tbf.
  2. I thought he did good, as I thought he did in his past 2 appearances for us and would love if he started ahead of Drinkwater. He's really been coming into his own. I do however still think his perfomances earlier in the season were overrated and criticism on him was too easily swept under the rug. The fact that he's performing for us right now doesn't change what I thought of his performances earlier this season. Nor did I ever even write this guy off as I specifically stated that I think he would probably turn out great eventually.
  3. I feel like I'm gonna end up arguing for him to start over Samatta in the next few weeks if Samatta doesn't kick on. Everytime he comes on I feel like he's a significant improvement on the guy he just replaced. Pity he keeps getting injured.
  4. Oh man, I would've been pissed if we lost that game seeing the sitter he missed.
  5. What are the odds we can just move Targett on the wing and turn him into our own Gareth Bale?
  6. Uh, you know what I'll take your word on the above that that's what most people mean when they said that. Edit: Sorry, I'm just tired. I'll just remove the other stuff.
  7. He barely makes any tackles. He averages less than 1 tackle per game. He's the third most disposessed midfielder in our squad(per game) behind Mcginn and Drinkwater and Drinkwater probably hasn't played enough minutes for his averages to be relevant. Ok, incoming rant that will go off on a tangent. I swear I'm just sick of the "he'll improve, he's young" arguments that getss repeated ad nauseaum in here. Not directed at you in particular, but its just no one is saying otherwise. But it feels like people are using "he'll improve" as a reason to put him in the first team which it shouldn't be and using it to justify any mistake or excuse any criticism towards him. Yes he'll probably be good in the future but is he good enough right now? Honestly I don't think he is. And yes I'm saying this in spite of the fact that he's gone off the bench for us and shown how good he can be at times, but its still not enough to make up for his inconsistency and the ridiculous amonut of times he seems to lose the ball and cost games for us. "But it's okay, he's young, he'll improve" gets pulled up time and time again whenever you try and reasonably criticize the guy. And it speaks voluumes right now that I still prefer this guy over Drinkwater who I swear is a major case of people desperately wanting to be good and so are focusing solely on the few bright spots he's had to try and look at the good side. He's been utter crap for us in my honest **** opinion at varying degrees of crapness but crap nonetheless for all 3 games he's had for us. And the match fitness excuse doesn't fly imo, he's been fit enouugh to be on the Burnley bench since late November and even started a game for them back in December. So, he was match fit enough that Dyche thought he was good enough to start a game for them and be on the bench for a whole month but somehow he's come here and suddenly everyone's acting like he's not even been on the training ground for the past 6 months.
  8. Well yeah there's a difference, but its not like they can know beforehand whether such investment is actually good and strategic or whether it will bankrupt the club in the future. By limiting the spending, they lower the possibility that a club spends too much that it completely bankrupts itself at the cost of stifling the ability for a club to grow.
  9. You make it sound like you were the only one calling for Mcginn to be dropped/rested or that you were the reason why other people were starting to think they should be dropped/rested. I've been on the internet long enough to know no one is ever truly convinced by other people on the internet.(I mean, this site is a great example of this). Any change in opinions comes fully from the person holding the opinions themselves.
  10. I did the averages back during gameweek 23 before. The bottom 3 this season still have a higher combined points total compared to every previous season until the 2010-2011 season. I still think we'll need 1 point or 2 more than usual.
  11. I don't think most of what you said regarding wanting Engels over Hause is really all that relevant. Sometimes the guy you bought intending to be your first team player is worse than your squad alternative, it happens. Sometimes the player who has had more high level experience turns out worse than the player who's had less experience, it happens. We've all seen both players play enough on the pitch to formulate a solid opinion on them purely on that, these other things is irrelevant. Assuming Smith did scout Engels at Brentford(I'm not even sure this is true actually), how do we know the same isn't through for Hause? And regardless, appealing to this is weird because you're essentially appealing to the manager's decision making here. Like, you're saying Smith scouted Engels for some time, so he must be the better player since Smith would know, ignoring the fact that its Smith himself who's choosing not to play Engels in favour of Hause. Now, your claims on their play is okay, but clearly its quite a matter of opinion that not everyone agrees with. For example, I think Engels has been pretty shaky at times despite his strong start with Mings, certainly shaky enough for me not to think he is an obvious improvement over Hause.
  12. Just tells you you're entitled to nothing in this league really. No matter how much money you've spent, no matter what caliber of manager you have, no how good your players should be.
  13. But we got 7 points out of our last 5 PL games.
  14. I mean tbf, 10 points from our last 15 games is bottom of the table form. Leaves you with 25 points if you maintain that form throughout the entire season. Although in actuality we have 14 points out of our last 15 games. Watford win, Norwich win, Burnley win, Newcastle win and Man U and Brighton draws.
  15. As I said in the match thread, was disposessed twice and dribbled past 3 times just in that first half. There might be a player in there, but right now he isn't really improving the midfield in any way.
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