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  1. 1)Ah yes, this just sounds like another excuse for Wesley. Now its he's not 100% for each game, he's just tired, that's why his scoring record is crap. 2)I edited it in the earlier post. Brighton have also played against all of the top 6. 3)Wesley and Maupay have similar amounts of quality and quantity of chances to score from. Both Wesley's and Maupay's expected goals are around 6, the excuse that Wesley doesn't get enough good chances compared to Maupay doesn't fly.
  2. I really want to make another point about minutes per goals but at this point, but I'm not sure why bother anymore. Anyway, Maupay 192 minutes per goal. Wesley 344 minutes per goal. Not in the same league with each other. I don't want to keep bringing this up, but I'm just sick of the "but he has 4 goals" argument. He's played almost every minute of all 16 games for us. Many strikers who've scored more goals than Wesley in the league have played hundreds of minutes less than Wesley, some have barely played half the time Wesley has. Not to mention Brighton have also played against all top 6 sides. Not sure why us playing them in a 7 game period is relevant and somehow excuses Wesley's scoring record. It might if you're looking at his scoring record for only those 7 games, not if you're looking at in terms of all games played so far which we are.
  3. Thing is, I honestly think we've been scoring goals in spite of him, not because of him. Hard to prove it considering he as you said has played so many minutes for us so its really mostly conjecture at this point. But still, the team doesn't even try to pass to him anymore in the final third and actively avoid him. I just can't believe someone who the team treats like that is really contributing all that much to our attack
  4. Vs Burnley, Vs Brighton, Vs Liverpool, Vs Newcastle
  5. I feel like the amount of sitters El Ghazi has actually missed is overstated. The only one that to me, qualifies as a sitter is the one he missed at Leicester. You can look at the difference between expected goals and goals as a measure of how clinical our players have been. In terms of chance conversion, El Ghazi's goals talley is 0.89 lower than his expected goals, which is not good but not that bad either. Trezeguet and Grealish have a higher goals talley than expected goals talley which means they've actually been doing well in converting chances. Its Wesley who has by far the largest difference between his expected goals and goals stat at 2.05 which suggests he's been doing the worse in converting his chances.
  6. No, just no. You cannot compare Kevin de Bruyne who is a midfielder who's primary game is about making assists in terms of goals with Wesley to say Wesley has been ookay at scoring goals. That is just wrong and just allows you to paint a false picture of how good a player is. If you want, you can compare their goal or assist ratio together because you take into account both. That would but KDB at 94 minutes per goal/assist. Wesley's is somwhere in the 280s I think. Again, not in the same league. I added Firmino into my post earlier via edit. I forgot to include him. Lastly, yes obviously the forwards who are lower down the list are more likely going to be playing for teams higher up the league, because by virtue of their good goal scoring their teams are gonna be higher up the league, The list below has most of them. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/premier-league/torschuetzenliste/wettbewerb/GB1/plus/1?saison_id=2019&detailpos=14&altersklasse=alle However, this doesn't excuse Wesley as our entire team still does get chances to score and Villa last I checked were creating a lot of the chances in the league. Edit: Hope nobody saw that mistake.
  7. Ah yeah, I think you're clearly reaching here the moment you tried comparing a centre forward to midfielders. Who the **** compares Wesley to the likes of Kevin De Bruyne in terms of goals? KDB is an assister, he's not mainly a goalscorer as shown by the fact that he has 8 more assists than Wesley in the PL. Now okay I concede, that you did name a couple of forwards in that list but now I will list all these players in terms of minutes per goal. Wesley 344 minutes per goal Roberto Firmino 317 minutes per goal Jordan Ayew 303 minutes per goal Sebastian Haller 298 minutes per goal Now there's a massive gap about here Anthony Martial 193 minutes per goal Riyad Mahrez 165 minutes per goal Gabriel Jesus 145 minutes per goal Alexandre Lacazette 132 minutes per goal Lys Moussette 118 minutes per goal. As shown here, he is absolutely no where near the likes of Martial, Jesus, Mahrez, Lacazette and Moussette so comparisons to them are silly. In fact, the only players who are comparable to him in terms of goal scoring ability are Ayew, Firmino(who has 3 more assists than Wesley) and Haller but I think there's argument to say there's concern on the form of all 3 of these as they aren't playing to the PL standard either, especially Haller who should be doing more considering his price tag(Sorry that is a terrible minute per goal ratio for a 45 million pound rated forward). So again, comparing players to other players who are underperforming and using that as argument to say Wesley is playing okay is silly when its entirely possible they're all playing like crap at the moment. Edit: I forgot to add Roberto Firmino.
  8. I mean, he wasn't exactly playing against the most quality opposition on his debut. I heard he was shakier in the more recent England games.
  9. I remember back when I used to lurk that VT was a pessimistic place. Lets all agree to go back to being pessimistic please so that there's less bickering going on.
  10. Limiting it to just the top 3 seems a bit unfair(especially considering they've only played 2 of the top 3). Surely when we're talking about stronger teams than us, it would be more than just the top 3? If you include the top 6 Sheffield has manaaged to draw against Man United, Wolves and Chelsea, quite impressive. If we're looking at the top 10, they've beaten Crystal Palace and Arsenal as well as drawn against Tottenham, in fact they've played almost everyone in the top 10 and out of the top 10 only lost to the top 2.
  11. Here's the thing about Mcginn. Despite the amount of complaints he's been getting in here, both he's whoscored ratings and and infogol ratings are generally decent, higher than our other midfielders. On understat, every single one of his attacking statistics are higher than the premier league average for a premier league midfielder. What I'm getting at is, these stats suggest that while he may be off form, he's still contributing to the team in some way and is still our best midfielder on the pitch, which is probably why Dean doesn't want to drop him. Between Nakamba, Hourihane, Luiz and Mcginn, we typically play 3 of them on the field at one time and so we only have a single rotation option. In general, the priority is to rotate someone else from the midfield trio for the rotation option because at least one of them have been crap usually, which leaves nobody but Lansbury to sub for Mcginn and I'm not sure Smith is confident enough to start Lansbury, especially considering how light-weight our midfield generally is. The other option is to sub in one of the wingers for Mcginn and move Grealish to a central position but as we've seen, that just hampers Grealish.
  12. Tbf, you could make a similar argument for most of our midfield right now.
  13. Thing with these young players is that they don't cost their actual ability, but their potential. 15million for Douglas doesn't seem so bad considering his potential but there's no confirmation he will get that good although I trust Smith to at least be able to get him to the level of a 15mil player.
  14. Maybe joining the whole, Wesley is completely useless side is a bit too extreme. I do see that he does certain things well in the middle of the park but I still maintain that he just isn't an out an out striker. I don't think we will ever get his full potential if we continue to play him as our sole striker no matter how long Smith plays him up there. He might have the odd good game once every 8 games or something up there, but its just not how to best use him.
  15. I mean we got him for pretty cheap due to the swap deal thing. Could probably sell him to another team for a profit just based on that, assuming we did want to sell him right now.
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