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  1. Would Tuanzebe want to move from never playing for Man United to never playing for us?
  2. How much are we selling him for? Because I'm fine with this if we're making at least some money back on this signing. If not, then I would just prefer to keep him as a backup. Sure he wasn't very good 2 seasons ago, but most of our defenders weren't back then.
  3. I was gonna post this into the midfield three thread but apparently its been buried deep somewhere so I'll just post it here since Mcginn's passing in particular has been made an issue. How important is passing accuracy in midfield really? Here's a list of all our central midfielders passing accuracy last season in ascending order. Sanson(Ligue 1)-75.7% Mcginn-77.3% Luiz-84.8% Ramsey-85.5% Nakamba-85.7% I'm not the first person to have brought this up, but it seems quite unintuitive at first how Nakamba had the highest passing accuracy of all our central midf
  4. Ah okay, I see where you found that data from. According to the same page he seems to have played 145 minutes as CM and 180 minutes as DM for them, at least for the matches they have data on.
  5. Trying to look through Luiz's playing time with Brazil, has he only ever played for Brazil in friendlies?
  6. Eh, depends on how Targett and Cash fare in the injury/suspension problems. He isn't starting over either of them and I don't see much opportunity for him to sub in for them either and I'd be shocked if he gets into our wings in any capacity. At full fitness, we essentially have 2 starting wingers and 3 backups before even including Young.
  7. Surely there's better and more long-term options out there for left back cover than Young? I mean, we've got time to search for them.
  8. I don't think you can reduce effort to just tackles and pressures in the defensive 3rd. Firstly, I would just look at tackles and pressures(per 90) in general and difference doesn't seem to be that big for the latter case. Secondly, even then I feel like there's more to effort than just these 2 stats and I wouldn't be confident in calling a player to be more "hard-working" than any other just based on these 2 stats. Not like the gulf is very clear which it isn't in this case. Thirdly, these stats are very much influenced by how a team plays and I feel like Villa probably a lot l
  9. I'd be interested how you would conduct legitimate t-tests in football.
  10. I mean, a 6.54 rating is pretty mediocre lol. The fact that no offensive player got a better rating points to how shit Scotland's other offensive players were more than anything.
  11. Maybe he's good enough to challenge Targett and even take the position from him?
  12. I'm surprised actually that you haven't heard of him in a while. He's been killing it with Montpellier last season, I assumed he would've been on more people's radar. 15 goals and 9 assists with them.
  13. You know, I looked through Ward-Prowse's stats and its crazy how they actually cover for the weaknesses of all our other central midfielders. I'm sure for some of these stats its due to Southampon't playstyle more than anything but if we really want a well-rounded midfield, Ward-Prowse would be the final piece of that puzzle and would be the most achievable option.
  14. Looking through reddit and apparently Benfica fans hate Seferovic and want to get rid of him. But then you look at his stats and he has 22 goals and 7 assists last season. Feels like another Bertrand Traore situation. Could be worthwhile to get in on that situation.
  15. What are the chances we can get someone like Andy Delort? Especially considering Montpellier's financial woes.
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