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  1. I think the overall stats are heavily skewed because of the fact thaf he played for us more in the Champ where we are going to win a lot more than in the PL(as shown by the fact that we actually won more PL games where Elmo didn't start than where he was involved in). I think the PL win ratios are a lot more important than the overall win ratios and should be bolded at the bottom instead. You'd probably find similar stats if you did the same for any player right now who had a big hand in our Championship promotion season.
  2. Overall, not just in the video, not as many as people think he does. The worst finisher in our club is actually Wesley so far based on differences between xG and actual goals scored in the box.
  3. Who would you have in starting lineup other than Conor? Our other midfield options are Nakamba, Lansbury and Drinkwater. Technically, we could move Grealish into CM but I'd rather keep him on the wing and that forces us to play El Ghazi. Perhaps play Elmo on the wing and move Grealish to CM?
  4. Because he did look good when he first came in. And part of it was probably because some of us were desperate to see him succeed to show how much better he was than Wesley. I'll admit, I was one of them. That said, he has been absolute dog shit this last couple of weeks, at a time where we really need our strikers to not be absolute dog shit. Whether he'll improve eventually, its too soon to tell. But the early signs are not looking good. I genuinely think Wesley is better than him at this point, although not by much.
  5. Being in a CL team isn't really a mark of quality tbh. The variation in quality is massive and you could make a case that the Belgium league isn't even Championship level
  6. Gayle has been averaging something like 140 minutes per goal in both the PL and the Championship. Man was a goal machine in the Champ. Just has never been able to replicate that in the PL
  7. Thing with Rodgers is if you swapped their first half of the season form with the second half you wouldn't see a sniff of anyone complaining. Fans' memories are very short I guess.
  8. I think we'll probably break even on these guys tbh. The money we spent on them is nothing in the grand scheme of things and I don't think they've done too bad overall. Certainly can see a PL club thinking they might be worth a gamble to plug a couple of holes in the squad.
  9. Why do I feel like he is going to be our new Alan Hutton?
  10. Conor, Mcginn and Luiz is our midfield starters til the end of the season imo. We simply can't afford to lose his set piece ability, even if he is shit at everything else.
  11. The best worst player ever we've ever had.
  12. Yeah, no. They're currently 3rd place. Yes they've played a game more but they could very well finish 3rd by season's end still. And they've done it despite spending vastly less than their rivals, both in terms of spend and net spend. There is no way you look at that and you think he's been doing just as bad as Smith, regardless of your opinion of Lampard as a manager in general. Like, I'm not exactly sure what more did you reasonably expect Chelsea to do this season considering their circumstances and how seemingly untouchable the top 2 are.
  13. Nah,not having that. He wasn't worse than any of the other strikers we have right now. I don't really care that much about effort as long as they still bring the goods. And Kodjia wouldn't be the first "lazy" striker to be able to do a job. Too bad he was never given the chance to even try. Its why I defende Hourihane so much on here. Other people see a midfielder who lacks energy who rarely gets involved in open play. I see a midfielder who has one of the highest expected assist rates in the entire PL and our only danger on set pieces.
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