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Drugs - Have You Partaken?


What Drug Do You Do?  

262 members have voted

  1. 1. What Drug Do You Do?

    • Heroin
    • LSD
    • Cocaine
    • Marijuana
    • None, I'm a drug virgin
    • Something Else
    • E's
    • more than one type of evilness!!!!

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As someone who has never once been tempted to try drugs, not even a joint, I am interested to know how many of you lot have partaken of the weed, or something a little stronger.

Poll added for anonimity ;-)

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I'm a non smoker so weed has never appealed.

Although if someone wants to give me a bit I might try it, just to be sociable like

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Shouldn't you also add an option for "All of the above"?

For me now the answer is none but had you polled me (a horrible thought) 15-20 years ago the answer would have been very different. It would have been closer to "Tried just about all of 'em now just stick to x, y and sometimes z if the circumstances are right". Just booze and fags now!

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I've done marajuana a few times and been left pretty unsatisfied. I can get the same buzz off a cigarette and that's 5 times less carcinogenic.

Fags, the healthy choice.

I had one bad experience of weed with Rastafarians in Ghana and I don't think I'll do it again. Beer is enough of a tipple for me at this stage in my life, but when cancer comes a knockin, my veins will get a'rockin.

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Shit, I cant edit it now.


can you amend this poll and add "More than one type of evilness"???

done, Blandy

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um not a fan, tried a few things here and there, but drugs just dont work with me, i gneed to be in control and i get headaches from weed

by the way th in things at the moment are MDMA, which is "E" powder you can snort and "special K" which is ketamine(horse tranquiliser)

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There should be a special place for Trim in this thread.

As for me? Pills and coke mostly, most weekends for three or four years. Never tried weed. Never so much has held a lit cigarette actually. I had a strictly class a policy.

Gave up overnight when i took a job which meant id have to piss in a bottle on a semi regular basis. Dont even drink now.

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I have tried marijuana, Pills and Cocaine. I hate the effects of marijuana, I had a crazy reaction to a pill where my lip swelled up and Coke is just too bloody expensive so im a good boy these days.

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