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  1. I'll be up for this. Usually free most nights with enough notice.
  2. Maybe, but he jumped off a bridge.
  3. Just leave it, wait until she texts you. She might think you're being a bit keen. If she doesn't get back to you then it just wasn't meant to be.
  4. If they were to get going again i'd certainly be interested in playing in a weekly (if that's what it is?) tournament.
  5. Bought? Ch. Shouldve hand made it tbh. If i had the patience i may have considered it, but since i don't i didn't. If i ever need anything sewen i'll get you on the job!
  6. I'd quite like to get to the level where i would be able to make a decent sum of money, not necessarily play full-time but just to get a few more quid. I haven't heard that, but i had heard another one to read was Super/System by Doyle Brunson. I played tonight, bought in to a tournament (only £2.30) and promptly had a blazing row with the missus with her going on at me whilst trying to play. Made a bit and then lost it all pretty sharpish, and went all-in on top pair without thinking about it and is something i wouldn't have done so early on, especially as he went all in on the river as
  7. I've had a look for any recent topics to do with poker and couldn't find any, so if there are apologies. Anyway, how many people on here play poker, professionally or recreationallly? You had any big wins or bad beats, and how much will you play for? I've been playing a few months now and just getting in to it, and have started playing for money a fair bit and been doing alright. So just wondering if anyone has any tips, and well as any stories etc. Am i also right in thinking there was a VT poker thing going on a couple of years back?
  8. Completely agree with this. It shouldn't be just you changing your routine, and making all the sacrifices to accommodate her. She may be stressed out, but it's no excuse to give you shit and ignore you. You can't keep going out of your way whilst she does nothing to fix things between you both, in the end she'll get used to doing nothing, and expect you to make all the effort in the relationship. If i was you i'd try and take it easy, and let her (and yourself) cool off, if she wants you she'll let you know.
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