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  1. 220 work days a year * Avg Visit time = X X * 40 ish years working = a lot of time. Best use theirs rather than your time. + loo roll over that time.
  2. My first computer was a ZX81 (1k). Changed my life.
  3. I am doing some Power Bi practice so I grabbed a dataset from ESPN. "Toughest sports by skill set required" 1. Boxing - Agreed, no question. 2. Ice Hockey - Hmm, I am seeing a problem develop. 3. American Football - Hmm, not going well at all, durability for NFL required = 8.5 / 10 (As the NFL games don't stop at all for any reason this seems 100 % legit) 4. Basketball - It's not really a sport, but you need "Analytical Aptitude" of 7.3 / 10. Run / Turnaround / Run / Turnaround. With out this you keep on running out the stadium. 5. Wrestling - forget it I stop now. "Analytical Aptitude" required of 6.3 / 10 required for WWF. Football is 10th ESPN proper know sport.
  4. You have seen 1st hand or been a part of some very dark, dark things in your past. A 1000 yard stare, flashbacks a a side salad of PTSD I don't doubt.
  5. It's getting really confusing, is this is for big salad to leave by his neighbors car on the floor by his wheel, can't be a pizza can it? To be fair the name "Big Salad" can only add to the confusion and heartbreak of the food conversations on VT.
  6. Pop a bit in his radiator using a stick if he is a word removed.
  7. If I said, "look for a pound shop Ings", would that help ?
  8. Maybe just get it double checked, could be 1.52 %. From your previous posts I have ascertained that some of your colleagues are not the brightest stars in the Galaxy so to speak.
  9. It's the total predictability of posts or reactions to things like this that are so sick inducing, pure band wagon chasing BS whilst trying to stick a bumper sticker on said wagon propping up their achievement somehow that they had **** all to do with whilst simultaneously managing to ruin it a bit for everyone else who is just genuinely happy for the kid that she won a grand slam. words removed.
  10. Verstappen mistake I think, wrong angle and flew a bit.
  11. Trying to help 8 year old granddaughter, really struggling with times tables (EG 4 x). Any tips or tricks ? I was going to make things with dots on or similar but someone may know something better ? ta,
  12. In regards to Doctor or dentist appointments (Even the vet). It makes me value what I have here. I live in a tiny seaside village in Holland. 90% of the time I get straight through and mostly they will fit me in somehow the next day for all of these, if I am in pain or one of the pets is seriously ill/pain, then same day but at the very end for 5-10 mins. Admittedly I am a frequent flyer to these establishments for more than 20 years and the doc and dentist seem to really really care about my well being. It is not possible for them to do this for everyone so I am super lucky.
  13. Isn't there a option that's not listed that circumnavigates this tat ? (Like 0 or # etc) Try it next time while you are waiting.
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