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  1. Passed a microsoft exam today. (Power BI). first exam for many years. Studied loads. Well happy.looking for job at the mo.so a good boost all round.
  2. Just stick a hinge in the middle and if Scotland ever leaves it can pivot round to the Isle of Man, then we just build another one form there to Blackpool. Easy peasy. I am confident 1 of our ideas will be government policy. If you think like Boris, this stuff is really easy.
  3. Yeah why not apart from the practical "Challenges", what the UK needs right now is another border crossing that will never present a problem in the future if Scotland wants to leave the UK. The bridge is a no go i feel, just tell Boris to fill the gap in with concrete and dreams.
  4. Yeah it does I'm sure of it. I gonna ask a Mod.
  5. "Hi, do you see the world slightly differently to everyone else ?" "Hmmm, not 100% sure, you tell me"
  6. Well that's not going to happen is it ? 350,000,000 a week mate !!!, Cancer will see that and F*** off back to the EU. All that money, Cancer can't beat that kind of investment in a free for all health care system and it knows it. The NHS will become an enviable "Cancer Firewall" so awash with money it will drown. So in a way the Brexitears will cure *it. Hooray. *it might not go like that.
  7. I think that applies to both sides at this moment in time to be fair ? I think Benn, Soubry, Thornbury and Grieve would sacrifice almost anything in the UK to reverse the referendum result. If the UK had to burn for a week so too speak they wouldn't give a **** as long as they could win and reverse it the referendum. That's what they really want. "I won & you lost" is now the level of the politics in the UK I fear.
  8. A bit off topic I suppose and not directly applicable but If we don't get a handle on the climate change thing then the migration of millions of people to more livable lands areas will become inevitable I suspect. Maybe we need to get used to it and think how to implement any future migration for the (Destination) country and their (Migrant) benefit in a better & more productive way. A solution is out there, there always is.
  9. The 90's will always be Trainspotting to me, lust for life I had then
  10. Last time I used it was for some bloke called nastynick or something in the 2006's.
  11. I am the same, it's an illness I am sure of it. It's not on purpose either.
  12. I think so, I should have enough by now for a novel. I have ideas for them quite a lot. Stephen King said there is a novelist who can do a book in a long weekend so there is no excuse. I would also like to think I could do 5 minutes stand up if I had too but that's a mood thing I suspect with me, in the mood I think 30 mins. Not in the mood 0 seconds. I should write some stuff down really, ADHD is a blessing sometimes

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