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  1. I went to see him in Den Haag just before the lockdown. He might be onto something as they are all 2 metres tall.
  2. 1. Is the the left hand break like a bike (By wire) 2. Is the breaking when you turn the Kers on to recharge from breaking as in cars. 3. Is on the back wheel (So you actually press on the break with the wheel cover and this has ridges underneath to stop the back wheel.) 4. Jump off the *****er
  3. This is the great thing about the scooters. Solid wheels and it has 3 breaking systems. (Manual hand, manual foot or Kers or a mix of the 3) + the lights. It is really difficult to not stop if you see what I mean. Much safer than bikes + no hills here at all. No acceleration means, it just sort of stops with the Kers almost instantly anyway. Everyone should try one 1st.
  4. It's different here remember, the hierarchy (As in right of way) is pedestrian, bikes & electric stuff / electric cars (These are allowed in the bike lanes go up to 25 kmh) / buses / cars. They have the little electric cars in the bike lanes so the thought that my little scooter is more dangerous than that is madness. The safety problem, chances of being hit by a car vs anything else & chances of survival for under 30 mph would be a good thing to know and the deaths caused directly by scooters. Also, if people are on a scooter they cant kill anyone with a car for example (They would struggle to kill anyone with a scooter unless you picked it up and threw it at someone).
  5. I have got a Segway Ninebot. Ace little thing, I live in a seaside village and they don't really bother with the law that much for stuff like this, Especially if you live there, I have rode it past the police loads of times. There is no safety issue as far as I can work out unless you are a knob. They are easier to see than bikes in reality as you stand up. A half hour walk to the shops and back can be done in 5-10 mins now. They (Governments) only want to find a way to make money out of them that is what they are struggling with I think.
  6. I think they move into the so bad it's funny area of websites.
  7. I used to get things on day 1 but it really is worth waiting I find nowadays. Initial Cliches and a reduction in price usually happen after a few months and I still have a PS4. + If I get one, I would like to use it for 2 or 3 days in a row so xmas is a no go for things like this I find.
  8. That seems very harsh, I was born in Birmingham but now I can't have a view on the Villa anymore ? What if you want to comment on Trump, does one need to live there ?
  9. I totally forgot about that, thanks. I had Gibraltar in my head for some reason.
  10. Ok, I amight have gone a bit OTT but I really hate the Independence thing and the division it causes, no one needs it or the vote or campaigning it would bring.. As I said, she is a brilliant politician and she is brilliant and what she does, she has just picked the wrong thing to use her talents for. It was a once in a generation chance but she won't let it go and it gets on my nerves. I think its ok reasoning to be fair.
  11. Could be free to roam in certain games maybe ?
  12. She would be a brilliant politician for a normal party, or even a brilliant leader of a normal party. The fact that she is happy to take Scotland to a cliff edge also makes me question some of her morale underpinnings somewhat though. She believes she is right in the same way Boris is sure he is right, but they are both wrong but a certain type of person believes them and that's that. The fact that she is so good is a means to get the ill-informed to follow her, Trump and Boris like IMO. She thinks it will be a Scottish theme park where everyone dances in the streets to bagpipes when in reality it will be as we all know, Spud in a gutter being sick.
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