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  1. Legend has it the last one was sent out in a boat to get some more letters for the alphabet.
  2. A horse called Treaty Of Dingle just won the 13:20 at Wolverhampton.
  3. You sure its an "f" in the last word ? Or did they sort it all out in the end ?
  4. Whatever "It" is, you sound like you are riddled with it mate, "Jam, Jam"
  5. This diamond we have has another flaw, "knew what deal now" relies on the voting population to seek, digest, understand & vote rationally on this (100% correct not fake news) they receive about the 2nd referendum. This with the last referendum result fresh in our minds and the lunacy of the Scottish to try and go it alone as voting patterns go, never mind the Euro elections. You might actually be ******d. Sorry about that.
  6. Referendums are a no go anymore as far as I can see. If the 1st referendum was the equivalent of giving a monkey a loaded gun, then the only difference for the 2nd referendum is you let the monkey have a good look at the gun for a bit before you put the bullet in it. Same population, same sort of question, same risk of media pressure or whatever.
  7. 100 % agree. A lot of people I suspect like his policies but just don't like Corbyn or his shadow cabinet powerhouse of minds. They mis-judged the market as well. The sitting on the fence and refusing to answer question on their views personally comes of a accidental comedy. I don't think people want the division of any more referendums, if they did, Labour would be cruising by now as the only ballot giving choice.
  8. Gone out to 22/1 now for a Labour majority. 4/9 Con majority. I think we can all work out who "Sad Ken" is in this horse race to No. 10.
  9. They were level when Boris became PM though iirc, everyone knew about Boris before his was PM. I don't think much will move now in terms of who votes for who until maybe the TV debate. Corbyn can't beat Boris 1 on 1, this won be like PMQ's. I think he will get battered but lets see.
  10. The Dutch have the arrival of Sinterklas today (Dutch Father Xmas). He arrives with his helpers. Those portraying Zwarte Piet usually put on blackface make-up and colourful Renaissance attire in addition to curly wigs and bright red lipstick. In recent years, the character has become the subject of controversy as a racist stereotype. What do you think ? There are loads of demos this year for obvious reasons. Personally, just change it so they are multicolored helpers (Face) (Red , blue , yellow, purple). The kids dont care. (Its supposed to be soot you see). People are REALLY not happy this year. Very much a Brexit yes or no thing in Holland. There are 100's of them running around from now until 5th December. (Visiting the schools, on the TV etc) I dont think you can dress up like the below ffs. It's tradition but that is not good enough.
  11. I think the Netherlands is good also but this is due to the size of the country i suspect and the fact that it is laughably easy to lay stuff as everywhere is flat. I have 500 Mb download max at the moment in a poxy seaside village here NL for comparison to you guys. Just a thought (I have no axe to grind its just a possible different way to deliver it. I am not on anyone side so too speak) , IMO Labour would have been better to say to the telecoms, we want 99 % fast internet in the UK by X or we nationalize the internet on date Z. This a) forces them to do it b) improves innovation and efficiencies as they will undoubtedly have to work together to get it done (Telecoms).
  12. Having the brown and black writing effectivley splash just outside the rim of the spherical white background at the top of the book was a bad idea, I am sure of it.
  13. I think that's the problem, no one has written it down. There are probably loads of unwritten rules around the world for males, females and maybe even animals. I think there is a book (Or a series in it for you) in it for you, "Setting it Down, Xela Abroad" In a cruel twist of fate I suppose, it is destined to become the ultimate "Toilet Book: The Code".
  14. But, if they are not held to account for things they will repeat those errors surely. The ballot box is the only judge for them these days ? Hard facts and promises in politics are useless in the face of the social media bolox.
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