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  1. Working from home....2 keyboards. Poker on one screen, work on laptop. Just posted part of an SQL into a game on WSOP
  2. The last 3 years of his life would make a great film, if only he knew someone to make it. If he could get unexplainable Bad Aids then that would make a nice ending to what already would be a roller coaster adventure ride the silly word removed. Harsh, not really, he was messing about with peoples daughters or granddaughters. I have some of them so **** him, hope it hurts.
  3. Being nice, not a hoarder, looking out for others, having a healthy set of a family and friends, sharing stuff and being part of the solution is the new rich or could be
  4. Good thread. Not so sure these days, too many socially connected people vs the governments. They can't move quick enough, Hong kong a good recent example. They can only be as authoritarian as their Police /troops are loyal to the governments and not their own families. (Does that make sense)?
  5. It's such an amazing sentence. Not too many decades past this meeting would be unachievable due to life expectancy. Really good story and made me smile.
  6. I moved to a new OS at my current job a few months ago. I have never used this OS before, I feel like crying it is so bad. Every minute using it is a pain and I dred starting it up in the morning.
  7. He stopped being Labour leader a year or so I believe.
  8. It's not going to be easy. Got 5g yesterday though.
  9. Coffee Shops in Holland shut for 3 weeks
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