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  1. Another industry that will be completely wiped out if we have no deal. A spokesman for the industry stated "We have to fold, there is no other option"
  2. Agree but I honestly don't think the ingredients are there to make anything other than a clown car of a Government no matter what combination you use or the public comes up with currently, they have all said too much and entrenched themselves into a corner filled with mindless sound bites about Brexit. Brexit was a loaded gun for Parliament but there are ways and means of being grown up's about any political crisis.
  3. Agreed, How he arranged the meeting with Hans Solo in that bar is anyone's guess also. Solo, was a known criminal at the time, people and contraband smuggling I understand.
  4. Can we have a word filter for this? I am offended by it. >>>"small heath"
  5. Billboards X 1, anyone know how much for a week? (Small heath can't be that much ?, needs to be a high one so they cant get to it) It will get on the bbc news I suspect and is slightly more charismatic than sneaking up tpo people frpom behind and trying to chin them and we can have www.villatalk.com at the bottom and get loads of advertising money from small heaths with internet and all the journos. Perfect timing but needs tpo be this week ideally. Shows a nice ying and yang of the 2nd city so too speak. Just an idea.
  6. Or "Badly designed Lego man the Square" as he is known locally.
  7. This was just on the main BBC lunchtime news. Stay Classy small heath.
  8. Fire, then overgrown like Chernobyl and finally occupied by travelers has always been my dream for it.
  9. .."them". Small Heath, a hive mind of utter scum.
  10. Far too late if she is at working age to be honest.
  11. Not really, it was said with some irony. Yesterday, the bloke in the seat next to me in the Barber's in question had a funny shaped head and kept breaking the clippers, it looked like it might take a while you see.
  12. Depends, did she say "Clear" at any point ? If she did, she's telling porkies.

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