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  1. If everyone who drove stuck to the 2 second rule for the gap there probalby wouldnt be any need for speed changes or things like that, the chances of a crash are reduced considerably IMO. It's such an easy rule that works at 40 mph and 140 mph but no one does it.
  2. There is a 6 lane motorway from Utrcecht to Amsterdam. They spent billions on it. Uses AVG speed cameras for 60 MPH. Absolutley useless. All the cars are in lanes 1 and 2. It's so pathetic and its just for the money. Cant be saftey as there are 6 lanes FFS. 60 mph feels like crawling when there are 3 or 4 lanes unused. They turn it off at night as well which seems odd.
  3. I have got one, it's brilliant adn I only ride it on the road. It's probably different in Holland as the normal bikes clog up the pavements / roads and anywhere else. The normal bikes are the problem here. I have not used my car for small journeys for 6 months also but I also live by the seaside so there are big spaces and bike lanes everywhere. If there are no bike lanes there then that is the problem IMO, not the e-bikes.
  4. Or up her game and getting better friends. I think you should give them scores. Like on Strictly.
  5. From "Happy Days" or have I got that horribly wrong There will be a few more shirt numbers retired for the small heath after the Euro's.
  6. They read about them in the paper, that's good enough. Let's not forget, every single small heath word removed has apparently seen TF play in the flesh, liars.
  7. I see no reason to delay, it looks like any other virus now in that a lot of people can catch it with no real harm in percentage terms. This is assuming those over 40 have had both jabs. The virus has 2 aims, to multiply and kill. I cannot see how it can achieve these things now, where and who can it go for now to always keep these 2 things active and to keep the R number above 1?
  8. 500% increase on container costs in some cases where I work. We get 3 or 4 a day from China. Food.
  9. I think that's correct. It would need the villa to help. If the owners are informed of our wishes then you never know. If Jack or the next king get involved for example then anything could happen. Costs are easy. Match day. A few quid each is 100 k. We should help with a pitch for a start. It would be such a great thing to do. Make a film about it. They love the club as much as us. Circumstances means they can't go to VP. Let's show the world what it to be the Villa. Big six....**** em. We are and always will be the original big club. Money can be transferred direct to the village. All t
  10. It should be Birmingham Live's new name to be honest. A lot of them look absolutely desperate, think up anything with Grealish in it. It's pathetic.
  11. @MaVilla You forgot one, check NewsNow:- "Get him in" or "Shoot him" "No brainers says source close to Villa has no brain" "5 players Villa HAVE to buy this summer or last" "Dead player makes this comment about Man utd link" "4 word answer to a 3 word clue, so and so breaks silence"
  12. I can't remember the year (DE Time). We had 100's of pages on here for that window and we ended up with 1 loan player who was totally ****. Rubbish days.
  13. That's filthy to be fair. They should be ashamed.
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