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  1. Maybe it will be like when Tommy gets made in Goodfellas ? He just never comes back from the palace and we all just carry on.
  2. Give some specific examples of the things Khan has done that's so awful. Give some specific examples of why Boris Johnson did a good job. Can you stop calling him Khan please
  3. I really think you should have stepped in here and really tried a bit harder to keep things light in what is obviously a difficult time for her. Just make sure she knows what a "biopsy" actually is, as we all know, they just pop out the eyes with some special spoon's so they can have a proper look in his head to see what's going on in there, with a torch and that. The "eyes", they get a right good clean included make no mistake. Popped back in, all done. Out patients these day's, amazing what they can do with science.
  4. Went to see Lion King (New Version) on Saturday. 4/10 No where near as good as the original, in fact, not in the same ballpark as the original. Horrible. I was with my Grandaughter (5) who will happily watch films in English but all (Dutch) the kids in the Cinema had the same problem, they could not tell the lions apart (Apart from Skar). (They rely on the visual element more as they were all under 10 so English not 100%) She really had a proper cry at one point though .
  5. I will tread carefully as it usually goes wrong when I post in here . Just a question. Given that we will have 2 new leaders per side (EU / UK), maybe the EU have purposely left it like this so she (von der Leyen) can come in and "Look" to have sorted it all out with a tweak here and there. The alternative is they have set her up for a no deal Brexit and I find that hard to believe. I don't know what tweak it could be but do you see what I mean ?
  6. It's very much like sending Baldrick to the big market in town to purchase the items needed to put on a "Big slap up dinner" for the locals, without a shopping list and only 2 coins of nominal value in his pocket. And, what a feast it will be, Catermoly Soup, Bree sir, no problem sir. This will be entertaining. The wily old fox Bruce in the transfer forest of disappointment. words removed
  7. You can have 200 M but who of class will want to go there now, toxic atmosphere from day one hopefully.
  8. Oh No. Anyone just had a price tag of 35M slapped on him, difficult for Newcastle now, but as you say, he can play RB, AML or as a sweeper so pretty versatile. Great signing if Bruce can pull it off and if any manager can't then he really can' t.
  9. If the media ever knew they were one of the most hated clubs in the UK they would be heartbroken. Scummy club and they are getting what they richly deserve, they deserve Ashley and allotment man. The small heath of the north all day long the words removed. bikers grove and small heath relegation double?
  10. Did any of you go to see Pele at the Villa ?
  11. There is some good stuff in the Rocky films IMO.

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