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  1. Social media has effectivley rugby tackled democracy as we all knew it and the current set of politicians are powerless to combat it currently IMO. They didn't even see it coming. Anyone with a mobile has a voice now and can skew any reasonable argument to their own ends. I think you are correct about the 80's but there was no widespread communication except the news or the papers at the time. She was (Thatcher) lucky in that respect.
  2. You are 100% correct but we are where we are. I suspect both sides will create havoc, there is no middle ground. They have to be careful here, Poll tax, target the Government, fair enough. Brexit, differnet and far more toxic to the brains of normal people IMO. MP's will be protected this time to the max, they need to think of themselves first after all. There is the nagging doubt also, nobody knows what the result will be and the chaos this will create.
  3. I don't think any referendum will occur for a very long time for any question. I doubt I will see another one in my life time. If there was one on Brexit, can you imagine the campaign's and the violence that will come with it, people will get hurt and communities would be damaged and split. How could you even police it when it's so divided + there are people just waiting to cause havoc for personal gain so I urge caution on this idea. The questions to ask on the ballot would never be agreed either.
  4. Orville the Duck could have a good go at the moment to be fair.
  5. I agree, but even if you could create one, how to make it different enough to the current to have a right to exist. If that makes sense?. It's no good having Tory lite or Labour Special Brew, it has to be radical.
  6. She just couldn't wait to show her new baby where mommy works, upside down.
  7. How they break up is all important here, if they bunch up it's very unlikley in my opinion, maybe ask for the extension if it is required. It's a long shot I know. If they all spread out and do their own thing it could happen I suppose.
  8. You mean Jim Bowen pulled her in the Legion once last orders were called, got her home and then changed his mind in the cold light of his fluorescent kitchen light, kicked her out and threw some small change at her as she got to his garden gate, Jim, slammed the front door and then flashed at her through T'Patio windows as she waited in the driving rain for the bus to Tadcastor (Once an hour max)? Is that what you mean?
  9. It's pre planned in my opinion. She will go back and get tiny bits from the EU so its not exactley the same as before. She is up to something (May) I am sure of it. Far too chipper for my liking
  10. Amsterdam_Neil_D

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    If it is half as good as the books then it will be amazing.
  11. Amsterdam_Neil_D

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Manhunt (3 part) ITV. I was so disspointed with it. It was 2 episodes too short. Loads of interesting stuff went on with this in court and with Millie Dowler especially. It took years and years. Some things were just stupid as well in terms of what Police do when searching houses and were done as fillers. 5/10
  12. Unforgivable really given the advances in technology both in car design and car build practices in the last few decades especially in the JLR target market. 4x4's are the one type of car you don't want to breakdown as you might not be near a road. Skoda are now one of the most reliable cars in thebUK so JLR need to have a look at themselves.
  13. In other news, an "ACME Corporation" van has just delivered a really big package to 10 Downing street.
  14. I will raise you "Srong and Stable"