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  1. Mr Clearing in the woods face. Works on a few levels.
  2. Don't forget they will lie to you as well. They are no long term solution to any problem and the Libs will say anything just to get on the TV for a bit. "2nd EU ref and jet packs for everyone, free university tuition and cake. Cake is in the news so cake".
  3. To be honest we shouldn't try and second guess the cake thing, it might be super tasty cake so we need to step back and at least find out the flavour and shape. As for the cards, are they all on the table, is that confirmed and are they normal sized cards or are they like the ones on Bruce Forsyth's "Play your cards right ? "
  4. It shouldn't I know but its the absolute madness of it. It will never happen but I find her and the SNP in general an amusing sideshow.
  5. The Nicola Sturgeon drive for Scottish Independence & their own currency.
  6. He will be gone soon enough IMO. Xmas at the latest, they are not playing for him or the team at the moment. I don't think they will give him big money either to spend. Keane knows he is finished already I think. It was school boy stuff vs City and I thought Utd were utter garbage, some of them were hiding from the ball. They have gone with their heart on the Manager, wrong choice and it is wonderful to see. City were not in top gear and that's the scary bit for Utd.
  7. Taking a guess I believe that's the rarely used "Paso Doble and Robot Dance combo". No One predicted that. May is going to have to go full BreakDance to get anywhere near this.
  8. "He wants to be a sailor. Why's that?" "Starts with the letter (B)"
  9. The problem with Nigel Farage is that IMO, the more people ridicule him stronger he will get. Plays too the plucky underdog vs the Establishment image. He is a dangerous and quite a clever bloke to be fair and should not be underestimated in the damage he is capable of.
  10. My medication does not mix at all well with alcohol but I like to have one now and then on the balcony or beech if weather is nice.
  11. Heroin ? Was that the word ?
  12. She will certainly push back a lot harder in any further EU negotiations if that's the case.
  13. Mr Roger Quimbly, could be said to be residing in a glass house when it comes to names the word removed.
  14. I can remember 50p for the Holte end for kids. It was 2p to go anywhere on the bus in the West Mids at one point also for under 16's.
  15. The Silver bullet of another referendum is a very dangerous place to go in the current political climate and you have highlighted exactly why. I would not bet of the referendum result in the UK, would anyone ? Not sure if anyone knows about this is NL but it is relevant to the thread I think in reference to the possible UK referendum down the road. (As an example, 2 weeks ago we had local elections in NL, a totally new party (I had never heard of it) that is against all the climate change costs and tougher on immigration won from nowhere. In Holland . It was a UKIP moment to be fair. They smashed it to be fair to them.) There logic on climate change is relevant to NL only I suppose but a different way to look at it.

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