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  1. If you ever have a power cut, suggest candle lit ironing for her and see if she goes for it. Then run I suppose.
  2. I work an office of 20 or so Chinese people. They play Chinese radio a few desks away. It just played Slade, it's Xmas.
  3. He's the one that gets mobbed all the time at home games, he's a famous small heath. His hands are oversize but forget that for a minute, he's got the right amount of fingers on each hand and they are not webbed. Royalty.
  4. Lose in the playoff final and then relegated the next year. 2022 would be special indeed. words removed.
  5. He will be a brilliant player for us, I am sure. He is real quality. Does all the simple things really well so far and he hardly gives the ball away.
  6. "1.2 Million could have had one if they wanted so they count and we have plans to expand to loads more than that" "You can prove anything with facts" Said Hancock
  7. I thought that but it's not, the common cold virus is not the same as this corona type as it works differently, the same methods won't work on the cold virus & it changes too quick.
  8. I wouldn't put money on it, there is something wonderfully wrong at that club. I don't know what and the best thing is, neither do they. Their performances vs money spent is amusing and helps the Villa in a way as they skew the market. 80 Mill defender who is awful, how much is Jack worth then by Manure logic ? 455 M ?
  9. The one good thing out of all of this is that it is unlikely a Corona type virus will be able to do this again. The development of the Vaccine using multiple methods to crack the problem means we now have techniques that will allow us to create specific made to measure vaccines in the future a lot more easily and quickly. The virus will always have the spikes and we now know what to do. For future generations that's one positive. At the start of this it was thought by some a vaccine could never be made.
  10. You would know if you had it for real, I have had it where I could hardly move for 2 days. To put it in perspective, I couldn't (and didn't want to) even watch TV or play the Playstation / Internet. Even it it prevents you having that once in your life, for the 30 seconds it takes I reckon its a good thing.
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