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  1. Resolute and single minded garden ornaments ?
  2. I just received an email at work from the guy who looks after all the Fruit and Vegetables in the warehouse asking for some Power bi stuff. Kind regards, Andy Appel (Dutch spelling of Apple)
  3. He was so good he was on the company calendar in 1978 driving a big truck.
  4. Did West ham? Not much going our way and relying on the perceived form of others is never good. There are forums for other teams with the same question you asked. Do the Villa ?
  5. Agreed, we don't look like we have a win in us at the moment. The Villa seem to be able to find a way to not win games quite easily and I can't see it changing anytime soon. Watching us and trying to be neutral, we just look flat with no spark or inspiration and we just can't to hurt teams tactically and we dance to their(opponents) tune. We don't have the ball much either, can a team do a "Great escape" that only has possession of the ball for 20-25 minutes a game, with the ball in the opponents penalty area down to a few minutes at most, shots on target per game, I don't know this but I doubt it's good, Gutted to have this conclusion. but we are miles away from what is required. Bigger and better teams up next as well.
  6. I had 2 years off but I started my XFM Karl Pilkington journey again today. I doubt anything will make me laugh as much as this in my whole life.
  7. I am thinking of watching it actually, heard good things and the trailer looks nice. Back to the Future was one of the great films for me personally. Watching Sinner currently but I will see (We will see)after that.
  8. The Astronomer bloke, works down the LHC now I think ?
  9. Half way through season 3, I still like it but it doesn't know what it wants to be a sometimes, if that makes sense ?
  10. I will try an post in here but it usually goes wrong. Hopefully the BLM and general move towards a better environment for everyone gets traction and starts to change things in the institutions and workplaces, If that happened it would be great but it needs an equal movement from society in general to make it last an continue forever. The gist is this, imagine a totally non raciest and approachable Police force in London or Atlanta or wherever. There is an estate or project where the crime rate is through the roof, robberies and drugs and all that. Something happens (Murder or something big). The Police are no better off than they are now in terms of being able to help clean up the estate. Everyone knows who did it & no one will tell the police. They have to do stop and search and kick doors off (Piss off the no criminal people). Back to square one and so we start all over again. The fact that people wont talk to the police to help clean up the estate and lift it out of crime is odd. Surely helping the police make the neighbourhood better for kids to grow up in is vital but it seems not. Everyone on estates know who does the crime but would rather the crime and the damage it does to their community than help the police. It seems people like crack dealers and heroin dealers but not help when it is offered and then moan the estate is rubbish and the police / council do nothing. (At mods delete if required)
  11. Agree with everything you said and in an ideal world this would work. The problem is very obvious with the Villa especially, what gets you out the Championship doesn't keep you in the Prem. In some games we hardly get a kick of the ball and possession for us is 20 - 35% in a lot of games or approx 70% of the time we are never going to score or look like we are (No ball). We have 3 or 4 Premiership class players at most. We need a 16 + of these throughout the squad to even compete in most games. It doesn't help with the injuries etc either because there is no depth of quality at all.
  12. I think this needs it's own thread to be honest.
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