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  1. Has she put the lotion in the basket yet ?
  2. 33.3% raw materials right there for you mate.
  3. I think its since they replaced the very enjoyable and suitably violent in nature "Tom and Jerry" program I used to like on a Sunday afternoon when I was younger with the seemingly endless task of matching a word removed from the city with a house for words removed in the country.
  4. I get maybe 3 or 4 dead bodies a year from my small cat but nothing like that Freddie Dexter wannabee you have. F***.
  5. He still lost to the "Strong and Stable dancing queen", let's not forget. He could have got a landslide same as Boris at the time if he was a half competent politician, I think he found his true level in politics last week.
  6. Yeah but she did say 10,000 bakeries eventually spread around the country, like Greggs. Not sure if costed or planned 100% but she seemed to believe it was possible which is nice. This would of course need quite a few bakers, what they need is a Baker Recruitment Agency. The interview is simplicity itself : SCRIPT (c) "Do you like bread ? Can you make nice bread ?, do you happen to live near one of our 10,000 shops, you do ! see you Monday"
  7. One of them will get sent off late (will leave himself a good 10 mins though) so he can have a go at the changing rooms to nick stuff all alone from anyone.
  8. The Malcolm Mclaren of politics. A clever, almost genius swindle of massive proportions. He now gets on a plane to the US.
  9. Great post @Dr_Pangloss by the way. Honestly, I think there are to many(vulnerabilities in general with him) , he gets stunned and tenses up from seemingly glancing blows sometimes especially to the side of his head. Dunno, was a good win but was a bit too easy and he has too use the right more. He was a bit Bruno if I am honest in parts.
  10. "Pedoguy by ElonMusk" It would still have won the Perfume / Aftershave challenge last week on the apprentice IMO.
  11. Got some chin that Ruiz, I mean Jesus, he got proper tagged. Nothing.
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