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  1. 100% agree. In the big scheme of things its f all now. People have to spend it as well so they will see it all again one day in tax of some form. There might be another pandemic next year for all they know. Good motivation it isn't.
  2. It's like a chemical cosh to the deluded and unfortunate, they will be telling themselves they are lucky to have him if they get relegated. "He's the man to take us up man look at his record like" as Jimmy Nail's voice words removed
  3. I used to drive cars around the country for 5 or 6 years in the 90's. Rovers were odd, I had a 416 GTI and it was awesome. Everything worked. Get in another one same age and it was all over the place really odd. It's like they used the motto "Every car is different" from Rolls Royce and ran with it.
  4. I used to drive a 'hearing aid beige' Rover Metro. It was the Vanden Plas however and it was I think the 1.2 and was very fast indeed. Had wood in it and all manner of technologic marvels at the time. I was given it after the 1st car they gave me (Work), only lasted 1 day. That was a Rover Maestro, again a Vanden Plas but with the talking dashboard and electric dashboard. In 24 hours (Redditch to Sutton and back again), The metal sunroof completely detached on the Aston Express way and left the car on the way home. Hole in the roof and in the mirror a lorry immedi
  5. The SNP implosion is interesting. Calls to resign for Sturgeon. A dangerous woman who might get what she deserves.
  6. They don't make sense as a Party, they say the complete opposite in the morning on the news. Extend e,y,z to all business etc. for 6 months to infinity. Very poor opposition at the moment. Trapping themselves mostly.
  7. It's weird seeing old photos of places like that, no mobiles.
  8. I went to Tins Tins far too often. Best time of my life though
  9. Newcastle. nothing to do with rivalry, but the size of stadium, fanbase etc there's a chance that once they finally get new owners they'll actually sort their shit out and be a threat again. them going down would seriously hinder chances of new ownership albion are always going to be a yo yo side. never going to be a threat to us Newcastle all day long, WBA are nothings but Newcastle, Poxy one team town that everyone hates apart from the BBC. I detest Newcastle.
  10. Dream time, it would be brilliant. Wolves season after that.
  11. I had a idea about the Climate. We should make it a country. So it has representatives on all the major groups (UN etc). It has voting rights, sets target and can issue fines and also it can never give money but only receive and redistribute this money to for eg. 100 million people in Bangladesh as mentioned above would be a task set out from the Climate country to be solved by X. It should be that it is not viewed as possible to not achieve these tasks whereas if they are lagging in delivery then more money is added. This would be good for them and also for the climate lon
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