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  1. Is it me or is that quite difficult to say with a irish accent ? Maybe they should start at "1"
  2. Murder 24/7 on the BBC is an outstanding piece of TV. I absolutely love it.
  3. Let them all play Daley Thompson's Decathlon on the ZX Spectrum. The game of champions of a certain age.
  4. Paradoxically, A lot of people have life changing events or a turn in your fortunes at celebrations. EG. Pull a future Mrs at a mates Wedding or Win in Vegas or get aids and get a face tattoo in vegas. Both fit the bill either way.
  5. Everyone in the in the 70's and 80's who was called a "Joey" , it was becasue of your man Joey Deacon. If you are around 40-50 years old you should have heard of him. "On Blue Peter. He was a famous ish (I feel they bigged him up on it looking back at the clips) trapeze artist in the 60's of limited appeal, but he had terrible accident with his head and that. They collected bottle tops of the milk to melt down and get him a new wheelchair." He died on the way to get it. Crushed by a funeral horse going past." Dark Peter it was that episode, live as well.
  6. Have you tried "egg" as a default answer ? Life changer.
  7. Whilst playing world series of poker i type "that's numberwang well done" now a then. I can't help it
  8. You can get away with a simple virus these days as present instead of the sweets, easy to carry and nobody is left out in the office. Short to medium term, you might be able to get your hands on a better office chair or car parking space. It's win, win win all the way.
  9. Swap 2 keys around that are neighbours but not that well known, like ";"and "'" It will crush him within an hour.
  10. You mean like "Free Broadband for everyone" ? A proven game changer
  11. Jack says "Hi" He has better teeth than me by a long, long way.
  12. Someone should ask the Donald if he could be the virus ?
  13. I have had a few thoughts / questions. - Maybe it's someone going home for new year who works at a weapons research facility. (They have done it to themselves as the logical response for the CCP is that it was brought into China via contaminated meat or whatever or they look either dirty bug filled weak nation or it was someone else. The bat soup market thing is a bit handy) - I wonder how far out the reported figure is to the know CCP number and the unknown dead in the house on their own total. - There are only a few things that can wreck a country like China I think anyway, war, famine, disease and disasters or a combination? Too many people if it goes wrong to control. - True cost to their economy must be amazing. Anyone know how much ? - I wonder how scared they are in Government, they could easily all get it? Anyone can it seems.
  14. My Mrs got me tickets to see Bill Bailey in February (Rotterdam). Nice surprise it was. My mrs is ace.
  15. The Democrats, they are just a shit Labour. They should offer free Broadband and promote it with the Tiger from Frosties adverts the words removed. It's the only answer. That was Nancies "Remember where you are and who you are" cheat sheet anyway. They can't beat Trump and they know it.
  16. Small Heath Inaugural Tommy Shelby Trillions International Trophy
  17. They could in theory get absolutely hammered today. Like the small heath of manchester. I think if they start fighting each other in the away end that would top off a few good days footie wise.
  18. Has she put the lotion in the basket yet ?
  19. 33.3% raw materials right there for you mate.
  20. I think its since they replaced the very enjoyable and suitably violent in nature "Tom and Jerry" program I used to like on a Sunday afternoon when I was younger with the seemingly endless task of matching a word removed from the city with a house for words removed in the country.
  21. I get maybe 3 or 4 dead bodies a year from my small cat but nothing like that Freddie Dexter wannabee you have. F***.
  22. He still lost to the "Strong and Stable dancing queen", let's not forget. He could have got a landslide same as Boris at the time if he was a half competent politician, I think he found his true level in politics last week.
  23. Yeah but she did say 10,000 bakeries eventually spread around the country, like Greggs. Not sure if costed or planned 100% but she seemed to believe it was possible which is nice. This would of course need quite a few bakers, what they need is a Baker Recruitment Agency. The interview is simplicity itself : SCRIPT (c) "Do you like bread ? Can you make nice bread ?, do you happen to live near one of our 10,000 shops, you do ! see you Monday"
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