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  1. It's news, even if the BBC don't like it. I don't understand this, the Yellow vests people got loads of coverage. These protestors have actually got a point IMO.
  2. Nothing will surprise me with Brexit anymore, even if Cumming's anounced a new (Trump recommended) Brexit negotiator all the way from the US called Damien Thorne. It's almost like watching a TV show in a way now, you have to admit, the writings great and we are all hooked. In many ways it's a shame it's real.
  3. I can't really, its my 5 yo granddaughter as a ninja. I wanted to do like the Naked Gun "Nothing to see here"(where there is explosions in the background and stuff) type picture" but I need her cutting out so I can paste it (I think).
  4. I have not got photoshop, trying with Gimp. (The program, not pulp fiction man)
  5. Anyone good at photoshop with 5 mins to spare. It's the one thing I have no clue at software wise. I just need something cut out of a picture but I keep going over the lines and it's driving me mental.ta,
  6. Really interesting about the Gravity, it is very counterintuitive also. I was thinking about this and specifically the slower spin. I think the more big weather events we have also contribute to the slowing down of the spin ? More freaky weather, slower spin ? (it's a harder ball to spin if the atmosphere is pulling on it more, even a tiny bit)
  7. If they were using cheap materials and fooling any inspections on purpose as VW did for example ? It just seems unlikely that the UK is the only place to have idiot politicians with enough power & greed to actually get a whole country to leave by all accounts against it's will whether by accident or corruption as examples.
  8. But that means anyone can do anything with any fear ? So a club with loads of benefits that you cannot lose no matter what you do. Nuclear accidents, war or messing with elections would see a country turn up to the next meeting to talk about tariffs on 2 headed sheep and its all pats on the back. It's sounds odd but if there isn't then there isn't.
  9. Depends, they usually use us as a market stall now and then and we never recover.
  10. A country might be they are forced to leave due to eg Human rights abuse (after a major lurch to the right) or fiscal irregularities than mean they are cast adrift to reduce the chance of contagion as these are against the underlying values of the EU and all that as examples. It could be anything I suppose, 1 country invades another is all it takes or terrorism linked back to EU country Y and it all goes wrong. Chance of it happening miniscule, chance of UK leaving EU 10 years ago, also miniscule. UK leaving EU thread that would never happen 1049 pages +.
  11. Hopefully you'll have some more extensive comments later Forget Brexit for a moment as that clouds the issue. No country, person, bloc or party is truly on a stable footing at the moment. Globally we have tariffs flying about, little wars sparking & we are coming to the end of the perceived financial cycle coupled to the fact the the reduced interest rates is a bit of a race to the bottom at the wrong time. It also gives the banks nowhere to go when it does go pop. There are nations within the EU that I don't think are resilient to any financial external pressures then this is a possible problem on the horizon. There are loads of variables (Climate change) that cannot be included in models because we obviously don't know wtf we are ding as a planet. Add to that the US election (If he gets a 2nd term then his gloves are truly off). + Bod in North Korea is quiet. + Industrial (Eg VW, can happen again and will) Or things like inverted yield curves nearly almost signify a recession, does nothing etc. It's like a comic at the moment. It is now so complex nobody can predict anything anymore and nobody in the world would put their life on Brexit being a definite X,Y or Z. We might stay in and die with the rest of them or find a small piece of fireplace to sit on or come out of a problem big and stronger.
  12. He lets himself down when he talks about the 2nd referendum. He and it sound absolutely mental.
  13. Add this to the 25k doors x 10 knocks each (As everyone hides from the lurch). If she has anything other than stumps for hands she F*****ing lying. She could use the bell but she cant reach down that far.
  14. After watching last night's, I think you could negotiate with them and they would pay you to punch them.
  15. I think given the numbers she has given are about right to be fair. It's that old age and death thing which affects some humans. In itself it means a few billion people to do less damage to the planet so she is all over the place, what does she want ?
  16. The guy in the middle, his nickname has got to be "Snipers Knightmare"?
  17. Too late the window's were metaphorically bricked up some time ago after someone put the head through the glass.
  18. Agreed, Logically, I would go for newspapers next and maybe then any quite thin paper you have round the house. Good luck
  19. It's gross, isn't it?. Absolute throbbers. It's not a good look from here. This really is something I didn't expect, anything goes now then.
  20. What the F*** is her name "Monty Mole", live on the earth surely or is she going for a scorched earth policy where we all live underground, very molish outlook to life she has. She and all her children are mingers and are of reduced IQ, that was the only selfish part.
  21. Exactly what I was thinking, it would be just like them to win this with some weird piece of luck and turns their season around.
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