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  1. I remember when "Hi-Fi" sounded futuristic. I thought the Hi meant Height for a long time as everyone started getting really tall systems in the early 80's.
  2. Another factor maybe, convincing players and their families to actually live in Newcastle. They can renovate the whole area if they want but it's still got the same people in it.
  3. The small heaths "Top Boy" who tried to punch Jack Grealish at the pig pen would be my first choice. He can have a run up behind Wilder or something, start every round sneaking up behind him like a pantomime villain. Tough enough to go on a pitch with 23 blokes on so 1 is easy right ?
  4. I have watched it twice already, even my wife thought it was an amazing fight. I feel so lucky to have seen it. I had goosepimples at the end and I forgot to breath at some points. I don't think anyone could beat Fury, now or historically. He is too ring clever and boxing game clever and the base foundation of boxing skills he has are always there. I also think he would knock Joshua into another world well before an 8th round.
  5. I suppose the words removed panic buying fuel and storing it in their house can mop up all the spillage with the 160 rolls of loo paper they will never use.
  6. Each add I see on Youtube makes me hate the company advertising their tat. I get Internet provider adverts for the connection I already have mostly. I watch Youtube via the playstation so I just change channel for the required time so I never see them now (Adverts) the utter words removed.
  7. Risk aversion and the status Quo, what you know is a big part currently. Yes, it is amazing but it's not all about policies. Labour might create a portfolio of policies that are outstanding with no downsides and they still won't win IMO. Coming out of a Pandemic, the grass might be greener but the might not care at the moment and just want to get through it.
  8. I am not having a go or anything but I think that is a bit harsh, it's a combination of things I think. The choice they have, where they live and what they do. I don't think everyone is as evil as you think. In an ideal world people who vote would all watch the 10 oclock news and newsnight and take notes and make a balanced choice on the information they have collected. Unfortunately that is not where we are at but to gain power, the majority you describe would need to vote for Labour. You sound like you don't want their votes becasue of what they are or who they have voted for historically ?
  9. Trying to extract Votes from Sun readers is a bit like looking for food in bins when you have got 5 pound in your hand and there is a McDonald's behind you. What's the best possible outcome he can hope for in extra votes or anything else ? How many are going to read it (at all) , sit back and say "He's changed my mind ?" I don't know for sure but I doubt their readership are big voters anyway. Looks a desperate to get in the news, somehow.
  10. Proclaiming yourself as "Redditch Blose !" is a bit like the small heath thing of displaying all your "Happy 32nd Birthday Grandma" cards above the fireplace the silly bint.
  11. I have got this so I wear a step counter on my right arm to balance it all out with my watch and stuff.
  12. We should all enjoy this whilst we can. The sad fact is that in the near future their spiritual leader, Jasper Carrot will pop his clogs. Where he will go is still up in the air, the Tilton in the sky is closed as it's structurally and spiritually unsound and empty. They will retire all orange looking vegetables then the lack of Vitamin A will finish them as a breed then it's game over for small heath's everywhere. No more stealing from allotments then, pure out the bins stuff the tramps.
  13. They building claret and blue coffins again ? words removed
  14. What do the small heaths expect though, clowns like Bowyer, Deeney or the collapsing ground, inbred fans and no money. Ingredients for a football signature dish they are not. They should be happy to survive day to day and STFU, no one cares matey mate mate, number 11 bus and that mate.
  15. I want him to leave a legacy of disappointment and regret if I am being fair to him.
  16. Sarah Everard's murderer gets whole-life sentence. Hope he enjoys himself as an ex plod in there for the next half century the absolute word removed.
  17. Small Heath's wear theirs on the 2nd index finger of their right hand. (Thumb side)
  18. All betting sites turned off today (From EU). So no access to bet365 / Betvictor etc. Gutted. Was a hobby more than anything else.
  19. Over five years. If I was a spurzz owner / shareholder I would question Levy on Kane. They might not get a tune out of him again for spurzz hopefully. Hopefully he goes for under 60 M in the end.
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