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  1. It creates space for others when he does this. Opposition have to go to him, sometimes more than one.
  2. Too narrow, lots of people like their job's but have zero chance of buying a house on their own for example. A job is only part of it.
  3. He's a technical director at a Championship club now i understand.
  4. There isn't the time IMO, let's see how it goes. He will sign or has signed, I am confident of this. A few more signings and a bit of luck, we are top 6. Changes everything that would in terms of his future.
  5. I think he has signed it before the Euro's so the club can try and build around him. He knows how football works and he is not going to weaken ours/his/teams fortunes next season by messing the club around. What he he got to gain by making us all wait ?
  6. I usually really like it and look forward to watching it but I can't be bothered with it this time around. The Olympics really does need a crowd watching it and I don't agree with them holding it with Covid etc. Its too big with too many people and places. It really does look like a desperate money grab. The sponsors is interesting, you can sponsor something and expect X amount of people to see it at a normal Olympics, I wonder if the viewing figures wil be 50 % less for example this time around.
  7. Agreed, started pole, made about 3 mistakes by the time they got to the corner in question. If he started properly and didn't have the small loss of grip and wiggle on the right hander then he is in front and the wheels can't touch. Even 30-40 cm's would have done it. I have no sympathy for him at all and it was a "That's racing" type incident. Lewis is a better driver and Max knows it, that's the big problem here.
  8. Wonder what the reasons are for refusing to have it ? I don't know what to think of these people, it is their right to not have it but that means life is more dangerous for Nurses / Doctors + everyone else.
  9. Black Summer (Netflix) - 8/10 (Zombie type situation, if someone dies of anything they become one). My mrs picked it. I did not think I would like it, but... Really enjoyed it, a lot more than i thought at the beginning. It's filmed in a really clever way (Back and forth in time etc) It's actually really funny at times and there are some proper stand out performances from the actors. I am on the last episode of season 2 and I am a bit gutted it's at the end for me for a while. It has some stunning scenery as well. The usual way of just killing people to get guns / food or whatever is out the window. You can't do that so an interesting spin on it. Play this as loud as possible, it has the best surround sound and sound quality of any series i have seen so far. (You can hear people behind you walking towards someone who hasn't heard it yet. Its ace) It really is quite funny at times. The best actor in it is a woman who doesn't speak english at all (Christine Lee). After 2 or 3 episodes on loud in the dark, PTSD Give it a few episodes as it starts slow. Dont give up.
  10. Agreed, It's sending me mental. Why the don't they report every infection for flu, stomach bugs and chicken pox and anything else like that now, live on the strip at the bottom of the screen. Newsflash: "Man gets flu in Cornwall", "Boy gets sore throat in Dudley". They are peddling 200-300 people to die of Covid a day in August / September. Liars. Remove the people who refused a vaccine for a start as they are both expendable and a total statistical nightmare. It is at the point where they can probably name the 200 people for day 1, there are not that many people left to kill. Who or how does the virus get to and kill 200 people per day. Lets say the virus has a checklist, double jabs are a no go, under 14's are a no go. where does the virus go to achieve the 200 ? If someone catches something and then he goes home with no symptoms, few days later he carries on and life goes on and doesn't need a doctor or hospital, it's like a Karl Pilkington story. 100 people a day die of flu in a bad year. Rant over. Fed up.
  11. Have I got this correct, UK opens up on 19th (Monday) so most restrictions are removed for Covid. I want to fly to Birmingham with my Mrs. The UK won't accept anyone (To go in / out) the country unless you had your vaccines delivered in the UK ? I don't understand, 2 jabs in NL, Germany or UK are all of the same value or are they not ? Also, The Netherlands are rewinding the easing of restrictions for no apparent reason. They now choose to report infections, Hospitals was the big thing before but now no one is (Hardly) dying or in ICU even with the 5000% increase in infections. Lets not forget NL only has 17,000,000 people, 12 M have had a vaccines or 2. Everyone above 40 is totally done as far as I know, I dunno, what's the **** point at the moment. I am properly fed up with it now to be fair. This is the 1st day I am actually getting fed up becasue of all this.
  12. 11 years is a rookie on here amazingly enough.. Into 2nd or 3rd decades for most I suspect.
  13. She only posted to give this thread a bump. Her only viable publicity route apart from Twitter.
  14. Game has moved on and he just looks old and bitter.
  15. Agreed, it did sort of feel like that. Rather lose than let a Brummie shine. Us, pundits and newspapers all wanted him to play more during the tournament. We all know nothing apparently. When he was on, other teams doubled up on him at a minimum creating space elsewhere. He might not have scored or created a goal but football isn't always about what you do with the ball.
  16. The 2nd half, we were crying out for was someone to keep the ball, win some free kicks and go past a few players. Awful management and England got what they deserved in the end. Going 1-0 up after 2 mins threw England, that was the one thing they didn't plan for. Throw as many London, Liverpool and Manchester based players on the pitch as it is legal to do and see what happens is the underlying methodology it seems. Grealish on from the start would get an assist or penalty, yellow or red cards for Italy or a goal in the 120 mins, pretty much guaranteed. Southgate showed us who is boss though.
  17. Agree 100%, flip it and I think if we were playing a team next with that line up we would be terrified. On our day we will have the quality to compete and to beat team in the Prem next season i am 100% sure of that. If we lose it will be fine margins only and not a massive gap in quality. Those days are behind us.
  18. Not seen anyone in UK family for 2 years +. I have a flight booked (in August to Brum) so just waiting for announcement
  19. The days before, not last night to be fair.
  20. I am OK, just tired. (Its an hour ahead here :-)) ...the extra time and pens, it gets late here mate I suppose if we win it and Jack scores the winner then we are all laughing at the small heath and the scotch people.
  21. Scottish people having a bad few weeks, if we win it they will have a really bad life going forward. Like the small heaths, their life is based around hoping others fail is more important than their own teams. The effect of us winning on us is the total opposite for them. Imagine how unhappy they all were last night. Utter scum for supporting Denmark.
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