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November Optimism Gauge


Optimism Gauge  

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  1. 1. Where do you think we will finish in 2020/1?

  2. 2. How do you feel about this season?

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    • Optimistic
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definitely got work to do if we want to finish top 10. At the moment I feel we aren't consistent or strong enough to finish above 12th or so. A good response against Southampton and I'll feel a bit more confident

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We had a great start to the season picking up 12 points while some of the teams expected to be in the bottom have had terrible starts.

Still feel 11th to 17th is where we'll end up. Our squad is wafer thin and we are still a inexperienced team who rely far too much on Grealish. Should have enough about us to not be directly involved in the relegation fight. Don't think we'll threaten the top-10 thou.

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I still think getting 50 points this season woudl be a massive achievement,  10 points more than last season would do me fine. We are one or two seasons away of constant investment until we have a Premier league squad that's deep enough to expect to compete in the top half. The ups and downs of the first half a dozen games will be the story of our season, we don't have enough players of enough quality to chop and change to get consistent results.  

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Looking at our transfer business I was hopeful of a top half finish..

Having seen Villa play the last two matches we seem to have regressed...  or been figured out because we have too many attackers and not enough cover.

Voted 11-17, think we'll be 14th and no higher.

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