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Barry for England?


Should Gareth Barry be picked for England?  

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  1. 1. Should Gareth Barry be picked for England?

    • Yes
    • No

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my good !!! an old thread from two years ago ....
One things different though ian, Barry is twice the player that he was two years ago.

And Beckham and Lampard are half the players that they were two years ago!

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Yes because on form he would provide many options for the team. He isnt a first choice winger for a major footballing european nation but he is the closest thing Englnad have had for several years.

Downing may or may not change this. For me though he would've been in the squad for versatility alone and pushing for a first team place on the left side. He may not be the perfect solution but he would be better than most of the toss played over the last few years.

Not, as the case proved to be! :D

I stand by my comments though....we're still picking a load of toss in that midfield!

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The same poster who has dragged up the JPA poll thread. He said he did that because he wanted to give his opinion on JPA. Fair enough. This time it's because he can't sleep. I think it's nice that VT should be all things to all people.

Why not click on the link in my sig? Enough to send anyone to sleep, I can assure you.

Back on topic. I think Barry should play for Albania.

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