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  1. Hi need some help. I have got a charity boxing match next month. I've just been told that I need to pick a entrance song as well a ring name. I don't want to have anything that's to serious ie eye of the tiger as I'm truly terrible and don't want a song that would make me even more stupid, but on the other hand I don't want anything stupid like barbie girl etc
  2. Really not the appointment I wanted . Shows lack of imagination from the board. Really hope I am wrong
  3. If I remember Barry Fry came on for them.
  4. Sent him some photos on Monday that we took with him and some of my clients at the end of season awards dinner. I wanted them signed so I could get them framed with the shirts the squad signed on the night for them. Received them back today signed and personalised 3 days when we had a game at Chelsea what a gent
  5. I am on holiday in Turkey and the hotel had a Belgian party on the beach. Due to the fact half the resort is from there I took it as a good reason to leave wife and child by the pool and sneak off and get trolled in the middle of the day and celebrate. The only give away when I to back was the Belgian flag painted on my face.
  6. No more O'Neills at B6 please..... Why what's wrong with O'Neills
  7. Just watching season 1 of Homeland excellent so far
  8. Last night Champagne Bombs. Today head hurts
  9. Is being linked with a move to Hull for 1m in the Mirror
  10. seen Watford play a few times thisn season. Would like Vydra and Chalobah but dont think Chelsea would let Chalobah leave
  11. Ireland Scotland Wales France Belgium Slovakia Poland Germany Holland Greece Turkey Tunisia Dominican Republic Czech Republic USA Spain Thailand
  12. Was in small claims court today, after a van I bought the last year broken the same day I collected it and the dealer refused to do anything. Even though I proved they faked auto trader adverts in there evidence. The judge ruled in there favour. So the is no justice. I know it's not criminal justice but I wanted somewhere to have my rant
  13. I am pretty sure they said the fans player of the year was worked out by the ratings given after every match by Lions club members. I was surprised Bentekkers never got it. Brad was out celebrating pretty late last night
  14. The only player not to turn up last night at the awards dinner. Paul Falukner said he thinks he was ill
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