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  1. Am I missing something with regard to his scout report? I think a common thread on VT is that people would like a designated defensive midfielder but, based on the below, Weston is not that man.
  2. I think it's a decent top but it's basically further solidified the fact that I just can't get behind a shirt that has CAZOO written on it. I know it's probably super petty, but it just looks like a bit of a joke.
  3. If JWP does leave Southampton I will honestly feel a little sorry for them. Losing Vestergaard, Ings and JWP would be identical to the summer we lost Vlaar, Benteke and Delph and we all know how that panned out. Freakishly similar.
  4. By that same logic @alex7783, does that make Leeds among the favourites to win the league?
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but my biggest problem with this midfield three (or any other combo of Mcginn, Nakamba, Sanson, Luiz, Hourihane or a new DM) is that this effectively means that one of Watkins, Ings, Bailey or Buendia will have to be dropped to the bench. Maybe my brain can't process all the talent we have on our books at the moment but as soon as we don't have a classic "Number 10", we would have to lose one of those four players. Unless we see Buendia as an 8 and I think that's unlikely (IMO).
  6. I feel that our fanbase needs to see this video and other pieces on Sanson to realise how important he could actually be for us when he's at full fitness. The stats on pressures and successful pressures alone mean that he could be super important to our midfield. In games where we're expected to be on the front foot and don't necessarily need constant protection in front of our back four, I feel the below could be one way we could set up to maximise our attacking threat. While I admit there are concerns around defensive responsibility in the above, it does feel a little bit Harlem Globetrotters with all that attacking potential
  7. While I think he'd be a top class signing, I just can't see Southampton selling him. I think it'd be suicide for them this season. Hasenhuttl has already intimated that the money for Ings will likely be spent on two players so it's clear they're not in a position to spend big on replacements. Gems aside, we know how tricky it is to operate in that "£10m/£12m per player" bracket.
  8. We've just gotten rid of one player who sulks and throws his arms in the air when things don't go his way, let's not replace him with this guy.
  9. Can't see him playing left back.
  10. How have you gone from "worst signing in the club's history" to this in 24 hours? Damn, I guess David O'Leary was right
  11. Yep, I highly doubt Man City are looking to spend circa £150m on Harry Kane to try and turn a profit on him. This is just how transfers work at times.
  12. There’s a really nice side note here in that Ings’ age shouldn’t necessarily hold him back after he hits 30 as he’s not the type of player that relies solely on pace. While he does have that quick burst of acceleration when required, his game is more about quality off the ball movement, excellent technical ability and (IMO) world class finishing. I still have no concrete idea how we’re going to fit all of these players in to one team by who care? What a headache to have!
  13. Totally. While I've been trying to see the positive side, the only thing I've posted on social media is this:
  14. Can you imagine if we'd all been duped by the Daily Mail all day and he signs a new contract? Biblical sh*thousery from all parties.
  15. I'm trying to put a positive spin on various areas of this deal and one thing I will say is that I hope we're never this reliant on one player again. If we were to (for example) bring in a great number 10 now, a front four of Bailey, Watkins, Buendia and a newbie in whatever configuration Deano sees fit would still be superior to Grealish, Barkley, Traore and Watkins. We need to use the money to elevate key areas of our squad as opposed to having £100m sat out on the left wing with a gigantic disparity in the level of quality of his understudy. It would also be nice to have someone who doesn't miss 10-15 games per season for having some weird shin injury that no one at the club is willing to talk about.
  16. Not to speak for everyone who has been critical since the news broke but I don't think I've said anything beyond the realms of common opinion among our fans. Unless this is what dillusion feels like...
  17. This was posted last week and is a pretty obvious Photoshop. No denying that this will be a reality soon but this is fake.
  18. You could also add into the mix his clear favouritism of certain players that didn't also work for the benefit of the team as a whole - his adoration of Barkley being a prime example.
  19. Mings for me as he has deputised for Grealish in the past. In all honesty, while Jack has been excellent at riling up opposition fans and players and is good at getting in the ref's ear, I don't rate him as a proper "captain". He doesn't strike me as a natural leader (like Mings or Martinez) and we've definitely seen his head drop in the past during tough games. You'd very rarely hear Grealish on the pitch offering words of encouragement or praise - more likely complaining.
  20. That's what you think... 'tis me, Gareth Barry and has been all along!
  21. Percy at the back post with a dagger through the heart. You swine!
  22. Ornstein and Romano now reporting. The sooner this thread is in other football the better.
  23. If true, this one really does sting. Not only has our best player and local hero left our wonderful club while it's trajectory is it at it's most upward for a decade, but because Sky 6 have won again. Grudges and rivalry aside, I don't know how any club other than CIty could be pleased with this outcome. Of course we'll move on and hopefully use these funds to improve the squad as a whole but the likes of Bailey and Buendia have some big shoes to fill. No one player is bigger than a club and we must prove that in the coming weeks.
  24. It’s important that we sit and take note of how brilliant this signing is, I think. In any other situation we’d be losing our minds over this one but because of the other thing, it’s hard to get as excited as we should be. A massive welcome to this absolute baller. With or without players who may/may not be here for the start of the season, this is a phenomenal transfer. A front three of Bailey, Watkins and Buendia is, at worst, a top 10 attack. Over the bloody moon.
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