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Blackpool sack Ince


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Stadium ban 10 games players being sent off 3 in 1 game results so it's no wonder his gone. It did start well for him at start of the season but since that mad day of 3 players being send off it's been awful not really a manager

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I imagine we'll have John Barnes telling us Ince was sacked because he's black before long?


said the same in the things that piss you off thread


he's robbing a living off the myth that he's a decent manager who struggles for work because he's black, he is shit

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Paul Ince is in the envelope marked "amazed they get managerial jobs" for me


next to Les Reed and Steve Staunton

Aye, although I believe it's les reed that's getting a lot of the credit for southamptons youth products, unless it's a different les reed

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Thread Necromancy!!

But to save us starting another Blackpool thread...


Is there a worse run club in the football league than Blackpool?

Not only are they in financial meltdown, it appears their owner doesn't just not care, but is actually wallowing in the misery.

This is Oyston's car



and when it was suggested that a group of protesters against the owners might be meeting at the statue of Blackpool legend Stanley Mortensen, Oyston had the statue removed and chucked in a shed





So it's no surprise the fans are angry, culminating in the abandonment of their last game vs Huddersfield due to a mid game protest





Lerner ain't great. But it could be worse!

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