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Happy new Year


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Just want to say that I love everyone on VT! I look at this site everyday and see the same names, feels like a family, A family of Villa-ness!

I may have wine love right now. NYE people!!!

Happy New Year etc etc!!

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Happy New Year to you all too, may it be the best one yet!

While we are on the subject of New Year and all that, how about this year we try pulling some strings through fellow VT'ers ( you know someones neighbour's cousin, 6 degrees of separation and all that malarky) and get the likes of Ian Taylor, McGrath, Mellberg, Angel, Laursen, Tony Daley, Shaun Teale, Super Tommy Johnson! etc etc etc creating VT accounts on here too and posting their views on all things Villa! ( or are some of them already among us?)

Wouldn't we all love getting their match predictions, hearing their ratings and reactions from the matches and telling us all what a tosser they think Lawro and Trevor Francis are!

Come on Mods, HH etc, make it happen!...

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