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  1. Pre-Match Thread

    Bacuna on the bench...what are the odds if there's a nervy last few minutes...please god no!
  2. Arminia Bielefeld a 25th July

    Ok good to know cheers!
  3. Arminia Bielefeld a 25th July

    Yeah hoping this will be televised, any ideas yet if it will be or not??
  4. Germany 23rd July

    Thanks yeah annoyingly they must have changed the settings as the other games all worked, that link just says the video is not available in the country I'm in (Switzerland) so I'm going down the VPN route to be sure...thanks for posting the game times, hopefully a fun day ahead!
  5. Germany 23rd July

    I watched the other games live on youtube (and can still see these listed) but when I go to the youtube channel now I'm not seeing this screen above...am I doing something wrong?! If they are 45 minute games do we play at 1pm and ??
  6. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    So who are we buying today? What's happening? I'm bored.
  7. Chris Samba

    This made me laugh, thank you
  8. John Terry

    Welcome JT, agree with BOF's post above essentially. Who is next?!? Hopefully it could lead us to bring in a few promising loan deals too if money is indeed a little tighter for us this coming season...
  9. Moving to Basel in July and would be good to meet up with some fellow Villa fans, will prob attend a few FC Basel matches too but will definitely head home to watch some Villa games too. Looking also for some local 5 or 7 aside footy to play and of course a decent bar where the footy will be on. Any advice etc please PM me and if keen to meet up then let me know, cheers Steve
  10. Pre Match Thread

    Back in the early 1900's?
  11. Pre Match Thread

    Oh no not another game, I rather enjoyed this past weekend...
  12. January 2017 transfer window

    "Lansbury coming me..." Demitri is there something we should know mate?!
  13. Pre-match thread

    Yep and soon as we don't want to drop points throughout Jan due to being short, let's get some deals over the line in time for our game Vs Wolves, just under 2 weeks
  14. Match Thread: Villa v Burton

    Are any of our players having a good game so far?
  15. Trinity Road Upper, Open Boxing day

    I wonder if there's a bit of an increase in numbers from people like me living abroad and returning home for the holidays. (I always did the same as a student down in Plymouth and I bet a lot of students come back from college/uni too around this time) If I'm back home at xmas I'll always take in a game if the dates work out and the last one I managed was the dreadful 0-0 vs Sunderland taking my daughter and 2 nephews to their first match and my sis (so that's 5 extra people that wouldn't normally go- I can imagine that happens quite a lot) Sadly though, I've not seen us win at Villa Park for years (2008 when we beat Spure 2-1!) and have witnessed such games since like our 4-0 defeat at home to Spurs when Bale grabbed 3 and Wigan where we lost 3-0. (I think in between was when we got thrashed away at Chelsea on Sky). I managed to see us draw 1-1 with United when Benteke scored that cracker with his left foot. I've also seen us lose away 4-0 to Man City in that time and 3-0 to Arsenal when Fabregas came on as a sub and scored 2 goals then got subbed off. The good news for you lot is that I land late on Boxing Day so will miss the Burton game which as a result I think we'll surely win, but you might want to think about staying away for the game vs Leeds as I'll be there, hoping to see us win live for the first time in 8 years! Wish me luck! (8 is my lucky number though) Anyway, merry xmas fellow Villa fans, UTV!