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  1. Since Burnley play the 2 big men up top (and I think we are in need of a change/of something different) I'd go 3-5-2; Heaton Engels Mings Hause Guilbert Luiz Jack Nakamba Taylor Wesley Kodjia (We need a win but I'd take a point) Oh and Happy New Year!!
  2. Haha sorry it certainly was!
  3. I have made him Captain in my dream team!
  4. Haha...same 3 I picked and yes I wanted a couple more too!...
  5. I assume we are likely to see something close to our starting 11 v Spurs for this one...are we thinking; Steer Guilbert Engels Mings Targett Douglas Grealish SJM Trezeguet* Wesley El Ghazi* *or will Jota start one side in place of either Trezeguet/El Ghazi- he has looked very impressive so far..wonder if Dean Smith is thinking of starting him..he links up so well with others, especially Grealish, I could see him getting the nod...
  6. Glad he scored...useless streaming...how frustrating is this?!
  7. Had a few afternoon bevs..song idea for Wesley...to the tune of Good Thing by the FYC Wesley-You Found a Home Wesley- Can't do no wrong Wesley's-Gonna score a goal A.V.F.C..It's your new Home I'll get me coat...
  8. Yeah like it, was hoping for something similar but wanted to see RHM in the same team as Grealish and Jota for a half...looking forward to this!!
  9. Got it, yeah figured as much, look forward to seeing him play.
  10. 1st half combo, would not mind seeing this; Steer Elmo Engels Mings Targett Hourihane, Super Jack, Lansbury Jota Wesley RHM Anyone know if Trezeguet eligible/ready to play later?
  11. If you're talking about the line ups above...no, I was just sat around with not much else to do and had a thought of 2 possible line ups based on what Smith has said...tried to just keep them balanced...
  12. So in terms of the line up and based on what Smith has said about seeing different combinations etc...how about these line ups? When you combine the best of the 2 teams and with Douglas + Trezeguet added in we have a pretty solid starting 11 and strong bench now...I wonder which pre-season game we will see closer to our starting 11 playing together...maybe Liepzig away?... Anyway for today: 1st Half Steer Guilbert Chester Hause Taylor Hourihane Grealish Lansbury Green Kodjia El Ghazi 2nd Half Kalinic Bree Engels Mings Targett Barney M
  13. Hmmm yeah, true that! I have recruited a yank and 2 canadians to be Villa fans over here..they think a 7 hour drive to Liepzig is nothing compared to some of the road trips they are used to! I also did the claret membership so have some options on home games too but as I saw in another thread it will be interesting to see if the club put a cap at all on memberships as they have done with ST's...it's a great problem for the club to have though in terms of demand to see us play...all speaks to expanding the stadium over the coming years. Cannot wait to see the Shrewsbury match tomorrow too on yo
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