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  1. Pre Match Thread

    What fills me with confidence going into games like this now (unlike the past umpteen seasons when we were pretty dire) is that we have threats all over the field now and can play in such a way that it makes it hard for opposition teams to prevent us from creating chances...for example we have wide players (Adomah/Snodgrass) who can get past their defenders and/or cut in and strike the ball and get into dangerous positions in the box...if they try stopping that through persistent fouls for example then we have players that can deliver a good early cross (like Elmo) or a dangerous ball from a free kick/corner (Snodgrass)...we likewise have some threats in the box too-whether an aerial threat (Chester/Terry/Jedinak) or poachers in the right place at the right time.. (Grabban/Adomah/Hogan) not to mention the one and only Super Jack who has simply been unplayable...even Thor's goal from the weekend gives QPR another worry...how do they stop us? If they try to press us high up the pitch and to congest the space then I think they will tire and we can hit them in the break...with all that in mind, I really don't see how QPR can play in such a way that prevents us creating a number of chances...I hope we take them and predict a Villa win, 3-0! Come on you Villa boys!!
  2. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I hope we can too but for sure 2nd is up grabs...on that note of promotion and apologies if this is already a separate thread (I did look and couldn't find one) but how many of the current squad, if we get promoted, would you keep and how many would you think we need to replace?... Assuming Terry leaves and we secure some of the loans as permanent..would it realistically be far off this?...I cannot work out if I am being too harsh or too generous but Bruce or whoever the manager will be could have quite the job on their hands to build a prem squad capable of staying in the division... Johnstone? Elmo? Chester ? ? Snodgrass Hourihane? ? Adomah Grealish Hogan? Squad Players? Hopefully good enough..Davis, RHM, Green, O Hare, Sulliman, Taylor, Grabban Maybe? Steer? Jedinak? Hutton?
  3. Pre Match Chitty Chatty Bang Bang

    I think in line with what a few others have said regarding trying to keep as many players in their positions from our winning run, I'd go; Johnstone Elmo, Chester, Terry, Hutton Snodgrass, Thor, Hourihane, Tuanzebe* Grealish** Hogan * I thought Tuanzebe had a great game v Fulham but we may as well try to keep the Elmo/Snodgrass partnership on the right and Tuanzebe from what we saw would surely be a better option for us on the left than say Onomah? ** If Grealish isn't fit I'd go Davis up top with Hogan to start but a few subs for this depending on how the game goes could be; Lansbury for Hourihane Grabban for Hogan/Davis O'Hare for Davis if 2nd striker option isn't working well (if Grealish isn't back) This will be tough, hoping we can bounce back though..
  4. Pre match thread

    Yeah sorry I should have added, I'm located in Switzerland now so it works like a dream over here...
  5. Pre match thread

    Yep, it's showing up as being shown, 6 quid...I've used it quite a few times this season- decent picture, commentary is a bit meh, annoyingly starts just as players walk onto the pitch and shuts off at half-time etc but a decent way of guaranteeing the full match..will sign up again today..hopefully to witness our 6th straight win!!
  6. Pre match thread

    Trying to register for this on AVTV but cannot see a video option...is it cos it's on BeIn Sport? V annoying if so. Hopefully a decent stream later though- is that our only chance?!
  7. Pre-Match Thread

    Any chance of finding this on a stream somewhere? I see AVTV are only offering the audio of the match...
  8. Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    Anyone tried hare wih pear sauce?
  9. Pre-match thread

    Sounds like a plan in the circumstances. I am debating whether to watch or not...I'm sure I will but usually by half time I'm thinking why on earth did I bother?! I just cannot see us getting a win from this.
  10. Micah Richards

    Is he really still here?
  11. Pre-Match Thread

    Bacuna on the bench...what are the odds if there's a nervy last few minutes...please god no!
  12. Arminia Bielefeld a 25th July

    Ok good to know cheers!
  13. Arminia Bielefeld a 25th July

    Yeah hoping this will be televised, any ideas yet if it will be or not??
  14. Germany 23rd July

    Thanks yeah annoyingly they must have changed the settings as the other games all worked, that link just says the video is not available in the country I'm in (Switzerland) so I'm going down the VPN route to be sure...thanks for posting the game times, hopefully a fun day ahead!
  15. Germany 23rd July

    I watched the other games live on youtube (and can still see these listed) but when I go to the youtube channel now I'm not seeing this screen above...am I doing something wrong?! If they are 45 minute games do we play at 1pm and ??