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  1. Christ, for a minute there I thought he was dead. How about Mellberg's facial appendage.
  2. Medical at Man Cit.... oh hang on
  3. £36.99 for pre order on zavvi at the minute. I would supply a link but i'm a very busy man, or at least i'd like to be.
  4. What do Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have in common? They're the last two Scousers left that have ever had a job.
  5. I haven't felt this ill since I had the pox.
  6. Is that the Lennon who's never managed in the prem? No the one who is on loan at Everton Are we allowed to loan an on loan everton player as manager when we already have two players on loan from clubs in the north west?
  7. Me too. Done some great decorating in them shirts.
  8. A Bloke dressed in a Panda Onesie ran into the side of my Car whilst riding his Bike. As he rode off ,I opened my door and shouted " Hey , you clipped us". " No thanks", he replied " But I wouldn't mind some Bamboo Shoots".
  9. So you can use your villa cash against next seasons ticket after all. Probably would have spent a lot more in the club shop this year if I'd known that to begin with and it probably would have been to the benefit of both parties. Is the club just run by white blokes with dread locks now as their decision making skills would suggest as much.
  10. Me too, which site are you at? I'm at Gaydon. I'm at Solihull, not on the track though I must add. You're a tosser with a clip board then I take it. They're some of Land Rovers top grafters they are.
  11. Excellent news that its a sell out. First time for me at Newcastle and was worried it would be a bit flat. I'm gonna get rat arsed and steal Sproggys bike again.
  12. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-02-07/birmingham-international-slumps-as-trading-resumes-in-hong-kong.html Never mind ey.
  13. My dog Minton just destroyed my collection of shuttlecocks. Bad Minton!
  14. Why must every transfer window end this way. Life! Why do you mock me so?!!!!
  15. Well I supose it would add some kind of political advantage being associated with the greatest club in the world.
  16. Wasn't his uncle a club secretary or some nonsense. Have vague recollections of reading that about our Tarquin.
  17. Which ever one has read the Wodehouse advice manual.
  18. That's hardly fair on those of us who have real girlfriends.
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