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  1. I really wanted to see Wes come back from injury a changed and better player, however I think I've thrown out smarter fruit and veg than him
  2. Looks like a great bit of kit. With it being an 'open' platform, I can think of a few non gaming uses for it. As for gaming on it though, I gave up playing games on a PC when I couldn't install Command and Conquer: Generals on my PC back in 2003ish, I didn't have the graphics card that the game was expecting. I'd spent thousands on various PC components (and manual config - remember config.sys, auto exec.bat?) to allow me to play games like Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, Quake II....I gave up with the tech churn and stuck to playing games on my consoles/arcade machines/pinball tables. It was always a great feeling with a console knowing that the game you'd just bought would just work. I'm probably far too old school. My eldest has got a gaming set-up down in our man cave with three large gaming monitors all with uber refresh rates and resolutions, why would you want to play a PC game on a handheld? Surely handhelds are great for short burst arcade games, in which case why not stick with a Switch as the games will have been created with that platform in mind?
  3. Me three! I loved the Star Wars pitches..
  4. Nobbly Bobbly are ace! (sorry link is to Tesco) - https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/253217458
  5. I guess he really regrets buying the Pro shirt now.
  6. I reckon Hampshire has two of the worst, Fareham top end of the Gosport Rd, about 300 lights, 67 box junctions (It's like a flattened down Spaghetti Junction) and one on the way into Basingstoke (replaced the Black Damn Roundabout which was a close your eyes, hope for the best and go fast kind of thing), I've seen two cars t-boned, I got swiped by some turd who bombed it through a red light after coming off the M3. On the blue badge thing, I've got a blue badge and it pisses me right off when physically able people park in them, selfish w4nkers.
  7. I thought the crashed ship on LV?-blah? (probably should google it) with the 'Engineers' and eggs in Alien was called the Juggernaut.
  8. STOP PRESS!!! Dementor Ate My Wife!
  9. I agree horrible film, copies the good bits from lots of sci-fi and turns them to plop, not least my all time favourite Alien, crying out loud they even found a poor replica of the Juggernaut but buried in ice in Russia, with a bunch of aliens, not in eggs, but in pods and quelle surprise a nasty horrible queen that they have to fight. Chris Pratt spent most of the film doing a wide eyed "I've just sat on something sharp" impression, his future daughter was lovely though. Having said all that my 12 year old son loved it, so I guess its not really for us grown ups and should have a warning at the start of the film that we should suspend all disbelief when starting the film. (The film lost me when they fell from a height into a tiddly swimming pool on top of a sky scraper - what's the chances of them surviving?)
  10. Glory hunters! "Where we're you, when we were sh1t?"
  11. Emile Smith-Roe back to my box
  12. Most likely Space Invaders or Olympic Decathlon on the TRS-80
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