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  1. Shame theres not an "if he can be bothered" clause... back into my box
  2. bielesibub

    80s Party!

    Love this thread..... Lyrics could offend; Down The Barrel Organ at the end of the night - Completely out there that amongst so many tunes sort of sums up the 80's for me - I'm so tempted to set up a playlist from this thread
  3. I was only giving you a heads up, I had read your message
  4. It felt goth and macabre for parts, but not THAT end!!!!! I am still cross that they felt they had to use that w4nk ending, probably to explain what happened to the less than able.
  5. I really enjoyed The Haunting of Bly Manor at least up until the last 5 minutes of the final episode. The show was great but it was ruined by the w4nkest of endings EVER! If you want to watch it, turn it off just after the bride-to-be goes to bed. I don't think I've dropped any spoilers.
  6. For the greater good and in an attempt to channel John Stuart Mills, I will doff my cap to you so as to not allow this thread to turn into a bickering match.
  7. Draconian - Excessively harsh and severe. Shutting pubs at 10? Not harsh or severe. Attempting to keep people safe by using fines on rule breakers - Not harsh or severe, these people have an alternative, they can stick to the rules. More must wear face masks - well if it helps save one life, it'll all be worth it. Maybe, the word Utilitarian should have been used instead?
  8. I despise the Daily Mail, they should look up the meaning of Draconian. They obviously heard someone use a big word and thought lets put that on the front page coz it sounds a bit clever, this will scare the people into buying this rag. IMO, Boris Trump hasn't been tough enough.
  9. I'm loving the fact that I'm able to get my essential flu-jab (I'm under-50, have a chronic Neurological disease, and am on immunosuppressants) a month quicker from Tesco than I can from the useless bunch of Representatives for Wellingborough that call themselves GPs!
  10. Nice to see Boris Trump has announced serious action, pubs, bars and restaurants to close at 22:00 from Thursday and Weddings limited to 15 people. Lets get tough on this thing! Oh and try to work from home again people! But once the ten-a-penny coffee shops start shouting be ready to get back on them buses!
  11. Saw this on Sky Sports website - https://www.skysports.com/football/story-telling/11095/11962173/who-wins-all-time-top-flight-race "Which club tops the all-time top-flight table in England since 1889?" Interesting to see Villas decline starting in the 60's, which is summed up in this wikipedia page - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Aston_Villa_F.C._(1961–present)
  12. Another w4nky half arsed rule, if this government had any balls they would close pubs down with immediate effect and make a statement that its because they have grossly over estimated the intelligence of the public at large.
  13. I saw this on the BBC website and thought what an amazing achievement it would be for Wolves if they could win - Made me wonder how many Villa have managed, closest I could find was a page from 2019 saying we were fifth best having won 1643 games and the best being Liverpool who at the time were on 1936 wins. (https://thefootballfaithful.com/premier-league-teams-most-wins-all-time/) Theres no mention of Wolves in the top five.
  14. Performance related pay for bedroom activity, he is way underpaid with that many kids! I'm still shocked that he's managed to find a willing lady that many times.
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