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  1. Its a bloody good job @Rob182 didn't work at Bletchley Park
  2. Get him in a Villa top, we'll soon fix that
  3. Hmmm, any 5 bed houses in Cupar? Only asking for a friend...
  4. With the way his name is pronounced, surely, 'Rashica on the City, Rashica on the City....'
  5. Sorry to interrupt the flow, I still think he plays like Tony Daley, obviously much stronger - almost 90's computer beat-em-up physique. I loved Daley, but he was often too quick for the rest of the team let alone the opposition.
  6. Best we make a start on spamming this thread then..
  7. Love it! Creme de menthe, Rodders, creme de menthe
  8. bielesibub


    I wouldn't want to be a snowman at the moment
  9. bielesibub


    well thats however long of my life I'll never get back. I didn't think either team were particularly good.
  10. I'm way late to this as well, quite enjoying it at the moment, I love the fact that Eric Cantona managed to get himself a role in the series. (Probably been mentioned before)
  11. I used to sellotape bits of GoCat pet biscuits box on the frame of my bike by the back wheel to make it sound just like a motorbike.
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