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  1. With magic hat on I see wins against Arsenal Palace and West Ham. In the real world our only winnable points are Arsenal (1) Palace (3) and West Ham (1) will probably need to win on last day to stay up and put West Ham down. With our luck it will be us going down.
  2. It is called "Moneyball" also a movie about it same name.
  3. DS has tried different formations with different players enough times this season for us to conclude the following: players are just very poor coaching equally poor player motivation non existent. On a positive note, there is enough of a core to perform ok in championship but very good recruitment now required to produce a promotion winning team.
  4. I agree we need to get rid of our wingers. Your option looks sound but we could also consider: Reina Elmo Hause Mings Taylor McGinn Luis Nakamba Grealish Samatta Davis Reina in as Nyland looks very shaky, too many fumbled catches Taylor as he is a better defender than Targett but just for this game v Adama Hopefully we can improve our ball retention with 4 in midfield and have front two making moves across the line being fed by Jack. 2 sitting mids can also enable Mcginn to get forward in support.
  5. Agreed, but with much improved finances compared to where we were 12 months ago the rebuild will be easier. Sometimes rebuilds need to be done more than once to give a club the right foundation to grow sustainably.
  6. That would be the worst of all worlds for me. I think JT is much more part of the problem than he is the solution.
  7. Time will tell, I like JM but I do think he is limited and PL teams have easily worked him out. Obviously we hold different views. Dougie Luiz on the other hand is growing into a decent PL player.
  8. Sorry, I have to question McGinn in that list.
  9. Looks so much better in 4-2-3-1 wonder if we play to that tactic though?
  10. Whatever 11 whatever tactics we NEED a WIN!
  11. Everyone has their own opinion but mine is that our wingers are frankly useless so tactics could be implemented to make sure Luiz and one other of the 3 mids holds back when full backs bomb forward. With Jack in behind 2 mobile strikers we could be a threat.
  12. I would't lose any midfielders, I would have no wingers so: Reina Guilbert Engels/Konza Mings Targett McGinn Luiz Hourihane Grealish Samatta Davis
  13. Also increases our chance of scoring
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