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  1. SuffolkVillan

    André Moreira

    Have you watched Steer? Makes Enkelman look safe and assured
  2. SuffolkVillan

    New Manager Speculation

    Twitter rumours suggesting Steve Bould would be his assistant
  3. SuffolkVillan

    Time for a takeover

    Reported on Bloomberg as 55% for $39 million about £30 million
  4. SuffolkVillan

    Time for a takeover

    Both players contract run to June 2020 so we could easily wait until January. Bear in mind Premier League window closes 8th August this year so top teams dont have that much time. At very least we should demand a high figure.
  5. SuffolkVillan

    Time for a takeover

    A conundrum indeed. If they are really, really rich A all the way. If they are Dr T clones definately B
  6. SuffolkVillan

    Keinan Davis

    we would have a chace playing 3-4-3-1...........sorry couldn't resist! ?
  7. SuffolkVillan

    Tony Xia

    Excellent post and if it is to be the plan, delivered thoughtfully, most Villa fans would be right behind it.
  8. SuffolkVillan

    Robert Snodgrass

    He has been poor for some weeks now, everyone has worked him out and that isn't hard to do. I would want a younger element going into next year so give Green a go
  9. SuffolkVillan

    New Manager Speculation

    Is Dean Smith still available? Should be cheap enough and could coach our crop of decent U23's to supplement what we can keep of our current 1st team.
  10. SuffolkVillan

    Scott Hogan

    Imust be watching a different team as I see a very alert "break the line" forward who makes the runs, or should i say signals such runs but taylor in particular but everyone other than Jack fails to see it and instead turns round and plays a sideways ball or lumps a deep cross. Poor bloke! If we had a better coach(Dean Smith) this would be put right.
  11. SuffolkVillan

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Got a horrible feeling it might come down to last game of the season with us needing a win at Millwall or hoping sma get something off fulham at the sty.
  12. SuffolkVillan

    Steve Bruce

    Well said that man
  13. SuffolkVillan

    Best eleven?

    This I like, but isn't Snodgrass a right sided mid? I might be wrong.
  14. SuffolkVillan

    Best eleven?

    Johnstone Bree Chester Terry Taylor Whelan Onomah Elmo Hourihane Green Kodjia subs: Steer, Jedinak, Lansbury,Hogan, O'Hare, Davis,Adomah That still leaves Grealish, De Laet, Samba, Doyle-Hayes, Gabby How the hell do we manage to lose so often????
  15. SuffolkVillan

    Tony Xia