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  1. Incentive for Jack to sign his new contract
  2. Should we be worried? The reliable Daily Express who know Jack so well, reporting Pep keen to secure Jack who, I quote "Grealish has mostly played in a central role at Villa but will likely fit into a left-wing position at City."
  3. Agreed, do you think Arsenal would mind if we approached Maddison?
  4. Nailed it. Excellent analysis. Barkley is playing so high up he is almost a shadow striker but not doing any closing or pressing. McGinn and Dougie then have to work harder to make up for being a man short. I also would prefer to see Sanson alongside McGinn as a double 8 with Dougie as the 6
  5. Echo everyone's thoughts that we have some really promising youngsters with Barry the most likely to make it big but I'd like to give Walker a shout out, coming in last minute from Alvechurch with no football for 2 months and putting everything he had into the game for the full 90. Well done young man
  6. usually quite reliable. here's hoping
  7. Looks that way for sure....but you never know with these new guys in charge. The fact Wesley was crocked early season will still be in their memory so hopefully another striker is being looked at and I wouldn't be surprised to see a more defensive LB either now or more likely in Jan. Moving a few out would help a lot. So far great window.
  8. Totally agree I t can only remember him playing RW.
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