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  1. Those people who said he can run for days wasnt kidding huh?
  2. Needs to improve his pass receiving. Either every pass he gets to fast to high or to weird or hes pass receiving is the problem.
  3. If we get into relegation battle and Ollie Watkins is a flop hes 120% gone.
  4. This is probably the most left wing candidate democratic party put in elections ( policy and promises based) If biden loses democratic party will go more right. Because no one want to be a loser and if left doesnt vote maybe right will. Imo it would be absolutely tragic if trump gets 4 more years. Country will suffer democratic party will suffer and left will be irrelevant for decades. I hope trump will win it will be fun to watch that mess
  5. Lost all respect or faith i had in him in this game. He should not be picked for a games anymore he doesnt want to play its so obvious. 1. he rolled on the pich for atention. 2. he actively wasted time for oposition team. 3 he used a sub. This is actualy insane what the hell.
  6. I would like to see 5-3-2 two strikers is a must i think im tired looking at that horible issolation upfront. Push midfield upfront let them create wide and our fullbacks more in the middle.
  7. Hey u know what when Borja will play and score from a header i promise i will write here about wesleys innability to do that ok? just for u buddy.
  8. Well its simplistic presumptouos and factualy innacurate assumption originaly made by mister omariqy. My original comment was the first made in long time in this forum i made it after samatas goal to dig at wesleys innability to jump. Omariqy came imagined things that i wrote after game just to vent my frustrations just because we lost and then some people read it and lost theyr minds. In this forum literaly some of the people rejecting rational criticisms just because they think people vent because we lost.what? Jesus we just had a game with Samata our DIRECT wesley replacement and some people rejecting comparisons betwen these two strikers or digs or frustrations about wesley just because they write after a lost game? this is not even funny its so absurd.
  9. Thats the thing with conservatives around the world u can never be sure what are they gonna do because their voters so much invested in the idiology they will legitimise anything.They will find a way with some mental gymnastics to legitimise the decision made and then even make themself believe that thats what they wanted from the begining. Ultimately promises doesnt matter values doesnt matter no accountability at all by the voters. (talking about majority simple every day voters) Yesterday if im not mistaken there was a post in reddit about serious personal reasons why did u vote for brexit for me it was in first page. And answers where awsome amazing. Logical constructive based on reality provable and understandable. And i bet everything i have that 90%+ of those people wouldnt have answer like that 3 years ago. NO WAY IN HELL They had 3 long years to think about that answer so they could legitimise what they did they just fooling themselves its crazy.
  10. 1. I posted not after a lost game but after samatas goal. 2. Its not my problem that u feel its weird that person can compare strikers and theyr ability to score with theyr head. 3 I can comment or dig at a player who doesnt play at all or played 22 games. 4. Nice strawmaning.You imagined that i posted because we lost after we lost and proceded from there. 5 Nice comments about my negative attitude or how i am a shit fan or how my atitude wont get me far in life. ( yes i presume u talked about me and people who dig at wesley too) Yah u really "smart"...
  11. Who had a dig at wesley for a yesterdays game?? Surely not me! I had a dig at wesley for his whole season for 22 games. I love that strawman some people are making here. Step 1 pretend that my coment was for yesterdays game only( its wasnt) Step 2 procede to talk how bad our fanbase are and pretend how shocked u are that people can compare players and even dig at them. Why would you even think of Wesley yesterday. It's beyond belief hahahahahahahaah jesus this cant be real. We had striker named WESLEY who got injured and we replace that striker with the new striker SAMATA who we just bought they play in the same position! I know its shocking already. Wow how a person can look at game and try to compare these 2 strikers its unreal its crazy its weird and a real embarasment.
  12. Thank u brickster thats what i thought. So i watched a documentary movie brexit behind closed doors. And i keep remembering the scene when some british delegates came to negotiate and they tried to blame potential hard irish border issue on the EU. They said we wont put any hard border so if border comes into existece its because of u and if anything happens is because of u the EU. And i just watched Farage lbc show he talked about Boris Johnson his tomorow day speech in London to some EU ambasadors or delegates where hes planing to tell them that UK wont listen EU or follow EU courts decisions. time stamp 4:15 If that hapens and UK seriously wont follow something they agreed to im sure EU can and will terminate transitioning period. After that EU will have to put hard border in ireland and then im sure torries with journalists will blame EU for whatever happens. So im not british im from other EU country and if that happens and i fell it can happen that is really messed up. That would damage EU and UK relationships big time.
  13. I dont undestand this irish border issue the new protocol. Ive read on it still dont understand the **** thing.. Can someone explain me this if EU and UK would terminate transition period and divorce without any trade deal would there be a hard border?
  14. It was dig and comparison. Wesley is bigger cost more money hes target man who dont even try to score with his head and as i recall never did. Samata smaller cost less and 2nd game he scores with his head because he wasnt lazy to just jump.
  15. I cant believe what im reading Are u saying we cant compare our clubs strikers? So wesley play and samata doesnt so we can express our opinions only on wesley but not samata? Samata play wesley dont so we can only express our opinion on samata. WTF?
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