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  1. I dont think im coming off so much unreasonable that you would have an opinion of me that maybe i dont see the diference. So i just want you to confirm are those unreasonable opinions in this thread or match thread? Because i just went to match thread its really not that bad.
  2. So wait are you saying that you actually think its all just an opinion and there is no correct action?? So why the hell are you mad when people express theyr opinions on match thread its just an opinion by your own reasoning.Freedom of expresion and speech they can say whatever they want right?
  3. Doesnt matter who gets to decide it doesnt change the fact that there is correct action and incorect action.
  4. Because it doesnt matter if it went in deans favour you seem not to understand this. Yes you can win by making incorect action and yes you can lose by making correct action. If there is a football match from what is hapening on that football pitch by analizing an seeing events you can decide what is correct action to change things and incorect action. I dont look at that as just an opinion. X player got injured. Action of what are we goying to do is not just opinion i think there is corect action and incorect action. I think you agree correct action is to sub injured player. Dea
  5. This feels like post event rationalization. Fans claim dean sub strategy inactive. Dean didint made subs and won game That means fans opinions invalid and hes actualy proactive. Im sorry but thats not how it works.
  6. I think we should not buy him we saw his very low point. His very low point is so so bad that hes behind 17yo players hes basically unplayable. If he finishes his loan playing like this my opinion wont change that we should not buy him.
  7. So my first thought of attacking my criticism was this idea. Then i felt it was kinda simplistic or lazy because you can demolish it very easy. Our most energetic player in midfield is mcginn and i think everyone agree with that. So If we using presure or attack as defence taking of Barkley and bringing Nakamba and telling John go wild a little higher where Barkley operated quickly demolishes this idea in my opinion. And in attack we still strong Mcginn has a good pass and creativity and can shoot.
  8. So nice win good job manager proud of you.But i think i have a criticism of Smith. . So if im not delusional i would say we had masive holes in the middle in this game. In my opinion luiz and mcginn teamwork was really bad this game. Luiz especialy looked like hes not very aware of opposition players in cdm zone and at times he would seem like hes operating there alone because mcginn would operate higher. So my question or criticism is. Why when we scored we didint bring on our most defensive midfielder Nakamba?????? Nakamba brings energy in problematic area and fixes those holes.
  9. Im sorry im lost are we talking about that 29 yo coutinho from barcelona? For 40 +mil? I thought we building for europe not playing in it.
  10. 40 mil + addons for abraham when we spent 30 for Watkins? Thats crazy and unnecesery 40 mil thats starting money we dont and wont play 2 strikers. As i see we need decend creative backup for grealish. Starting creative midfielder starting right winger and backup left back.
  11. not gonna lie im getting angry watching him.
  12. Oh yah? You remember that situation good like first touch good?? Watkins was near suporting el ghazi why el ghazi didint pass to him? Just dont say he couldnt He choose to driblle my man. Basic pass and watkins has a ball. I mean i can explain what happened if you cant comprehend. 1. Mcginn pases the ball to el ghazi when hes already surounded by 4 players. 2. Mcginn like the smart player slows down and waits for time to defend or stop the counter attack when el ghazi eventualy will loose the ball because hes surounded. I cant believe you blaming our midfield player
  13. Nah no way you are not serious you trolling. Im 100% convinced that you trolling. By the way i searched for el ghazi surounded by 3 situation you talked about i found it. 5:55 i suggest to everyone go look at it and imagine that this guy blames our midfield for not suporting el ghazi in that situation. No one in the right mind would blame el ghazi for losing the ball in that situation. He received the ball surounded by 4 players he couldnt pass the ball to anyone from that situation when they closed him why you blaming other players for not suporting him.
  14. El ghazis first touch 1:05 he passed to watkins. I dont understand are you trolling and lying or you delusioonal.
  15. What game did you watch my man? What spaces? He barely could control the ball did he even got to dribble with ball on the right flank? I really doubt it I dont understand why you defending him all over forum and blaming other players.
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