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  1. Never going to happen, we'd be a last resort for Hart so it's the kind of transfer that would happen near deadline day if it happened and we can't wait that long for a keeper
  2. Anyone can see we need another right back?
  3. Well not recently as that's 5 clean sheets in the last 6 games!!
  4. What about going to the pub before and after?
  5. Think he's been poor of late, caught out a few times today
  6. Hogan could easily still have a change of heart if someone else in the Prem comes in for him
  7. I doubt it, I don't think McCormack has ever played for Everton
  8. How are people saying it's because of divorce? McCormack said he couldn't make it in because he was locked in his house. Has he changed his mind now or are people just guessing?
  9. If I was him there is no chance I'd sign now. He's been hung out to dry by both Bruce and the chairman. He's a kids so don't see why the press had to be told why he wasn't in the squad. So what if he was trying to get as much money as he can. He can't be that good if we have decided to force his hand in this way.
  10. I'm worried he's Nigel Reo Coker but with less passing ability
  11. They say that about masterbation as well and I'm living proof that's bollocks.
  12. Pretty sure Watford did the same with a Liverpool player in the summer so maybe there are offering these youngesters a fair bit of cash
  13. Im sure it was after a penalty shoot out against Sunderland when Gabby missed a pen and MON said he should never be allowed to take another penalty in his life. (Or have I imagined that which is possible)
  14. I'd welcome Delph back with open arms, he might stuggle to get back in our team though
  15. I must say that I've not been impressed with Adomah, no doubt he works hard but he doesn't seem to have enough pace or quality. He reminds me of De La Cruz unfortunately
  16. I didn't hear any boos, I was in the lower holte
  17. I still think Baker can make it as a Premier league centre half if it can stay fit. Until last season someone like Chris Smalling looked shocking but now he's a good centre half, and is about a year older than Baker so fingers crossed he can prove us all wrong, this season and then next season as well
  18. I'm don't get all this hate, I'm completely indifferent to him, if he got back in the team and was scoring goals to win us games I'd be thinking he was great, however it's unlikely and I would be amazed if we see him even near the team again
  19. Gardner, unfortunately I think Westwood has the losing mentality that we have had over the past few year, Gardner should be told he has a run of 5 games to show what he can do
  20. Can you not remember Lescott from last season?
  21. Actually, this is a very good point. Benitez took over Newcastle and they were still relegated, but they have benefited from keeping him. Really, since we have appointed RDM we should be giving him until Christmas at least

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