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  1. All opinions mate I like Rondon and so will others he scores goals,doubt it would happen anyway,could look in Chinese league they all want out of there
  2. We must have a CB coming in to let Chester go on loan guessing its Vida but would love Axel Tuanzebe back but probably doubtful.As for a forward I’d love Rondon as he has been offered in England but probably not us.
  3. If thats the case we deserve to go down for not having any signings sorted for Jan when we knew we were already short in the area before Wes got injured
  4. What worries me is the next 3 games could define our season and still not got a striker in to have couple of training sessions etc worrying times
  5. Would love Nzonzi class player on his day get it done
  6. Ive seen we are £2mil short for Piatek if it’s right just pay the £2mil and get him!
  7. Now what a statement of intent it would be signing Ben Yedder
  8. We are getting train to Euston from New St at 11am,was thinking of driving but doesnt seem alot of parking round the ground,could always park Watford and get tube/train into London maybe?
  9. Andre Green going out on loan to Preston according to Pete O’Rourke on twitter
  10. midian

    Ticket Info

    I have a feeling there maybe some released at 5pm
  11. midian

    Tom Heaton

    Great signing for decent money,alot better than Butland is.
  12. midian

    Ticket Info

    Very much doubt it as its 9+ today then straight to ST holders isnt it
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