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  1. Watkins and Benrahma both not in lineup/squad for Brentfords 1st game in new stadium today
  2. Watkins not in line up/squad for Brentfords 1st game at new stadium today
  3. Tried to ring Saturday but closed apparently,have also messaged on Twitter but no response but hopefully they will today
  4. Not photoshopped it was my lads turned up peeling off and sponsor wasnt even straight,order 1 for me and my other lad and it was fine,just can’t believe they had it out the bag to add a PL badge and still sent it out. I’m going to exchange it but it’s a near 3 hour round trip for me and it’s for his birthday Friday so got to go and return it I think
  5. midian

    Dean Smith

    Get him gone,couldnt care if he’s a Villa fan or whatever,the team looks clueless,we don’t have a Plan B and players look like they don’t want to play for him
  6. Just get Smith gone hes useless patehtic Villa again
  7. 94th mon and Jack shows abit of fight too late!
  8. All guttless,Ive lost patience with Smith but doesnt help the actual team is crap and McGinn and Grealish have been dreadful
  9. Crap no chance of staying up whole team are guttless
  10. Awful and boring,our left side is terrible only a matter of time till Chelsea score
  11. Just seen a great point about the testing theres been well I think it works out about 39 players/staff been tested at each of the 19 teams.That seems awfully low on testing or is that just me?
  12. Seems the R rate has gone up to 0.7-1.0 from 0.5-0.9 minor I know but if rate gets to near 1.0 again players/staff will rebel even more
  13. No this is for the 1st team aswell they expect them to start then and the academies after
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