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  1. midian

    Tyrone Mings

    Seen somehwere 3.7m then with the loan fee of 1m off will only cost 2.7m which could prove an absolute bargain.
  2. midian

    Dean Smith

    Yes I did,stayed till final whistle,yes 1st half dreadful but 2nd half better but in my opinion didnt deserve to win yes more urgency but no clear cut chances. I also think its a shame how Smith has to work with the pile of rubbish Bruce left him with.
  3. midian

    Dean Smith

    So 1 chance and we are unlucky to win?We were crap end of didnt deserve the win,just think if this was Bruce everybody would be shouting bout the performance,I like Dean Smith but sometimes his selection and other things are baffling
  4. Awful today passing was terrible and done nothing apart from the cross for 1st goal needs dropping
  5. Has the touch of a... diabolical today waste of money it seems
  6. midian

    Dean Smith

    Unlucky not to win?We been at the same game mate?Guttless 1st half not a clue what we were doing,2nd half Hull defended for the draw,what clear cut chances can you tell me to win the game?
  7. midian

    Dean Smith

    Worse performances then Bruce
  8. Crap,Hourihane,Bolasie and Bjarnasson were woeful,the defence werent no better,these performances lately are awful and no way we are going up we are crap
  9. midian

    Alan Hutton

    Ive watched him at Port Vale a few times and looked good,shame Villa dont see him ready for the Championship
  10. midian

    Dean Smith

    Why didnt he bring Hogan or Davis on for last 10 and go for it instead of Whelan,did the same at Preston
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