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  1. Now what a statement of intent it would be signing Ben Yedder
  2. We are getting train to Euston from New St at 11am,was thinking of driving but doesnt seem alot of parking round the ground,could always park Watford and get tube/train into London maybe?
  3. Andre Green going out on loan to Preston according to Pete O’Rourke on twitter
  4. midian

    Ticket Info

    I have a feeling there maybe some released at 5pm
  5. midian

    Tom Heaton

    Great signing for decent money,alot better than Butland is.
  6. midian

    Ticket Info

    Very much doubt it as its 9+ today then straight to ST holders isnt it
  7. midian

    Ticket Info

    Anybody know whats been sold of the allocation so far?
  8. This guy is the real deal,he oozes class,loves a forward run and can tackle and put in brilliant crosses,will be player of the season this season I reckon he is brilliant!
  9. midian

    Jed Steer

    Desperate for a new keeper to replace Jed,he just simply isnt good enough for the Prem.Lucky he didnt get caught out today but his distribution is awful aswell you have the beast in Wesley and his kick ends up at smallest player on pitch
  10. midian

    Lovre Kalinić

    He warmed up ok and at HT was still in his kit so not sure why didnt come on?I think he is/will be a much safer option than Steer
  11. midian

    Ticket Info

    Anybody have a clue how many we sold so far?
  12. Thought he was brilliant,wasnt scared of a challenge,pressed forward alot and his final ball was brilliant!
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